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About wedding bands & djs in Buzzards Bay, MA

How much do couples usually pay for wedding music in Buzzards Bay, MA?

Live bands typically range from $300 to $18,500, averaging at $4,500. DJs range from $200 to $4,000 and average at $1,500. You can also book music for your ceremony only, starting at $100!

Ultimately, the cost will depend on the number of hours booked, and in the case of live bands, how many musicians are in the band.

Do bands and DJs typically play the entire party from start to finish?

It depends! 83% of bands and DJs in Buzzards Bay, MA cover cocktail hour and 78% will play for the ceremony, in addition to the reception. 68% offer services for the after party if you’re having one!

Do most bands learn new songs if you ask them to?

62% of bands in Buzzards Bay, MA will learn new songs! Make sure you ask about the lead time they need to learn and rehearse something new.

What are the most popular bands & DJs in Buzzards Bay, MA?

The most popular bands in Buzzards Bay, MA are Silver Arrow Band, Louis Pettinelli Entertainment and The Creswell Club. The most popular DJs are Dj Thrilla, Get Down Tonight Entertainment, Inc. and Go Event Group - Go DJ.

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