Wedding Website URL Ideas

Wedding websites are the preferred way for couples to organize and distribute information for their big day. Need some wedding website URL ideas?

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Wedding Website URL Ideas
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So you’ve booked the venue, set the date, and now it’s time to debut your wedding plans on the digital stage. And while hopping on Instagram live will keep all your followers in the loop when your reception moves to the brewery downtown, it may not be the best way to convey that message to your guests.

More and more, wedding websites are becoming the preferred way for couples to organize and distribute information for their big day. Convenient, informative, and customizable, websites are an excellent resource for newlyweds and everyone on their guest list.

Considering different wedding website URL ideas and trying to figure out how to set up your own? We’ll walk you through everything you need to know, from:

Wedding Websites 101

Wedding websites are fantastic, because they provide a central place for details on your forthcoming nuptials. All the useful info, such as the date, time, and address, can be kept in one place.

There’s also room on your website to spotlight other fun and helpful tidbits for your wedding. Couples who want a place to share their origin story can do so on a separate page. And, if you’re looking for a way to subtly link your wedding wishlist, Zola makes it easy by integrating your online registry directly into your website.

Before you can set up an online hub for your wedding, the first thing that you need to decide is what the name and URL of your website will be. The name of your website will build the foundation for everything else that comes after.

The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding URLs

While anyone can register a domain, good website names are hard to come by. That’s why we’ve put together this list of dos and don’ts to help you navigate the pitfalls of wedding URLs.


  • Check ahead of time to see if your URL hasn’t already been taken: If you’re registering your own website domain, you’ll need to make sure that the name you want is still available, and then lock it down to get started.

  • Make your URL as brief as possible: When it comes to URLs, try to stick with short and sweet. Long URLs will make your wedding invitations look cluttered and unprofessional.

  • Keep your URL simple: Complicated URLs are difficult to remember. If your friend loses your invitation and can’t remember the name of your website, they won’t have access to all the info they need. Plus, for family members who aren’t tech-savvy, a long and complicated address means more room for error when typing.

  • Use nicknames: Nicknames are a simple and cute workaround if you have an unusual or uniquely spelled name. They’re also a smart option if your actual birth names aren’t available any more.


  • Misspell words on purpose: If the website name you want is unavailable, don’t try to work around it by misspelling words. Chances are that your guests will enter the correct spelling and get sent to the wrong couples’ website.

  • Use special symbols: Non-alphabetical or non-numeric characters will be confusing when sending URLs. Hyphens can often be mistaken for underscores on paper. And, if you tell your mom over the phone that your website is Tina&, chances are that she’ll try or before the ampersand.

  • Use the full date of your wedding in the URL: You may not be the only Darren and Zoe ever to get married, so don’t try to remedy the matter by putting in your wedding date in the URL. is a mouthful and can be incredibly confusing if your international guests are used to a different calendar format.

Websites are more accessible now than ever for anyone to make or use, but don’t fall for common mistakes when registering a domain.

Just stick with these guidelines, and you’ll have a website that makes your life easier, instead of sending your guests straight to the 404 error page.

10 Ideas and Templates for Wedding Website URLs

Coming up with an idea for your wedding website can be a fun and easy activity for you and your partner. If you’re both blanking on where to start, though, we’re here to help.

Use these wedding website ideas and templates as a starting point as you brainstorm your URL:

#1 A “(First Name) and (First Name)” URL

This template is a classic and effortlessly chic option. Many couples prefer a template that uses both of their first names, as it’s effortless and to the point.

This template is also easy to remember and it puts the focus on the two people getting married. You'll be able to quickly rattle off the name of a website when talking to a friend, and they'll have an easier time remembering it. You could always drop the “and” if your names are long or if you prefer the way the URL looks without it.



#2 A “(First Name) plus (First Name)” URL

This template uses the same logic as the previous one, but provides a slightly more playful structure. The equation format is reminiscent of romantic high school crushes doodling hearts around their names in notebooks.



#3 A “The (Last Name)s” URL

If you or your partner is planning on taking the other’s surname, what better time than the pre-wedding period to test out how this sounds and looks? Surnames make short and concise URLs that get straight to the point.


  • The

#4 A “The (Hyphenated Surnames)” URL

For those modern couples who will be combining last names once you’re married, debut your new hyphenated surnames in your wedding website URL. That way you can give your guests a hint of how you’d like to be addressed once you’re married, so as to avoid any awkward toasts at the reception.



#5 Add Your Wedding Year to Your URL

Adding the year of your wedding to your names is a popular option in both wedding websites and hashtags. It’s less cluttered than including the full month and date (a URL faux pas), but still excites anticipation for your upcoming celebration.



#6 Put the “Wedding” in Your Wedding Website

If the above options are a little too plain and bland for your tastes, adding the word “wedding” to your names will make it crystal clear exactly what this website is about. Combine this with your wedding year for a URL that has all the details.


  • *

#7 Use Suffixes in Your Wedding URL

Couples who want to try new forms of address can throw in the appropriate suffixes into their wedding URL.



#8 Set the Scene With Destination Wedding URLs

Jetsetting couples hosting their marital celebrations in destination weddings can make the location a focal point in their URLs. Not only will a destination wedding website URL provide a unique website name, but it’ll immediately signal to your guests that the wedding location might require some travel.



#9 Add Wedding or Love-Themed Phrases

If one or both of you are wordsmiths, you can play around and add some romantic wedding-related words to your website name. Just remember to keep it concise and straightforward.


  • *

#10 Use a Different Domain Extension for Your URL

The most familiar domain extension for websites is “.com,” but you don’t have to stick with that option when it comes to your wedding URL. Couples looking to change things up or navigating around an unavailable ".com" website domain can use a different extension.

Other common extensions include:

  • .org
  • .net
  • .me
  • .online

If you’d like to stick closer to the wedding theme in your website, use an unusual, but on-point extension such as:

  • .love
  • .wedding

Website hosting platforms such as Squarespace can help you check domain availability and suggest alternative combos for your website. Registration on website domains for regular use, such as weddings, usually won’t cost more than $20/year, so it’s an affordable option for couples who want to go the extra mile.



If you don’t want to fuss around with registering and paying for your own wedding domain, Zola can help you with our free and customizable website builder tools. Those who decide on this option won’t need a custom domain name, but, if you want, you can add one to your Zola site for as low as $14.95.

With hundreds of gorgeous designs, Zola makes it simple to set up a website that still feels like “you.”

How to Set Up a Wedding Website

Now that you’ve landed on the perfect URL for your big day, you can start setting up your website. First, you’ll want to make sure that you highlight all the essential details about your wedding for your guests.

You’ll want to prominently spotlight:

  • The names of you and your partner
  • The date of the wedding
  • The location of the wedding venue and directions
  • If there are separate locations for the ceremony and the reception
  • What time your wedding will start
  • The deadline for RSVPs

Put all of this information in a location on your website that’s noticeable and easy to find. Keep in mind that there may be guests who struggle with technology.

It’s also essential to make sure that you include password protection on any private or sensitive information, so that you don’t have any uninvited guests crashing your special day. The last thing you want is strangers on the internet to have access to your mailing address.

Create a Section for Additional Information

Wedding websites are fantastic because of all the extra space you'll have for the information that didn't fit in your invitations. A section for additional info comes in handy if there are special conditions or elements to your ceremony or reception that you want your guests to know.

For example, if you're planning on having an unplugged ceremony, include a section explaining to your guests that you'd rather see their happy faces than a sea of cellphones as you walk down the aisle. Or, if you're planning to include a special cultural ritual in your ceremony, this would be the perfect place to put an itinerary.

Couples hosting a destination wedding or multi-day celebration should make sure to indicate on their website whether there are hotel accommodations available for booking. A list of recommendations for local restaurants or attractions to check out after the festivities can also be valuable.

Include a FAQ Page

Your guests are bound to have lots of questions in the days leading up to your wedding, but that doesn’t mean that you need to take time out of your busy schedule to answer every one of them. That’s where the “Frequently Asked Questions” section comes in.

Anticipate queries that may come up, such as:

  • Will there be a dress code?
  • Can I bring a plus one?
  • Are children allowed?
  • Will there be a cocktail hour?
  • Will this be an outdoor or indoor wedding?
  • Are there options for guests with dietary restrictions?
  • Is there valet parking?

Setting up a comprehensive FAQ page will help cut down the number of times that you’ll need to pick up the phone to answer a question. And, if your cousin texts asking about whether there’ll be an open bar, you can link him to your website.

Integrate Functions That Will Make It Easier to Organize Your Wedding

One of the most significant advantages of having a website is that it can serve as a central hub to digitally organizing all the other details of your wedding. After all, if you can make the wedding planning process (and your life) simpler by using time-saving technology, why wouldn't you?

Integrate the following functions into your website:

  • Online RSVPs: Digital invites are a budget- and eco-friendly option for the conscientious couple. They’re also much more efficient, since you can automatically keep track of your headcount and follow up on invitees who haven’t responded yet.

If your caterers are offering different food options, guests can select their choices when they RVSP. Include a section for guests with any special dietary restrictions. Check out Zola’s Guest List Manager to oversee all your RSVP needs.

  • Registry: Linking to your wedding registry on your website is a subtle way to nudge your guests towards gifts that you’ll use and love. If you’d prefer that they donate to a charitable foundation of your choice, you can include that here, too.

  • Creating a social wall on your website that you can stream at your wedding: Your photographer can’t be everywhere on your big day, but with the ubiquity of camera phones, your guests can capture all the special candid moments for you.

Encourage guests to post their pictures on social media using your wedding hashtag or a photo-sharing app. You'll be able to easily access all the photos and clips from your special day. Then use a projector or screen to live stream updates to your hashtag so that no one will miss a single moment at your wedding.

Select a Design for Your Wedding Website

The design you choose for your wedding website will set the tone of people’s expectations for the celebration. Polished, professional wedding website designs will match the aesthetic and theme of your wedding, instead of clashing with it.

That means that if you’re having a destination wedding in Honolulu, deck out your website in colorful tropical designs. If you’re having an outdoor, relaxed, bohemian wedding, a website with floral graphics and handwritten fonts would be the perfect match.

For those couples who can’t (or are too busy to) design their wedding website from scratch, Zola makes it easy with hundreds of website design options. Select a design that matches your aesthetic, and then customize it with easy-to-use tools that will help you change the color, fonts, and images so that they’re just right.

Customizing Your Wedding Website to Match Your Custom URL

So, you’ve got a lock on a custom website URL and an outline of the kind of website that you want. But how can you take it one step farther and make your wedding website something that reflects who you are as a couple?

Using templates from website builder programs doesn’t mean that you’ll end up with a wedding page that looks like everyone else’s. With minimal effort and work, you can transform your website into a stunning and unique portal for your special day.

Include an “About Us” Section

The best way to personalize a wedding website is to get a little personal—so tell us a little about yourselves with a wedding website bio. Couples with adorable meet-cutes or first-date stories should feel free to share the details here.

If you have trouble talking about yourself, ask your partner to write a little bio about you (and vice versa)—this can be a sweet and romantic activity for both of you. Think about little habits or quirks that you love about your SO and small jokes that make both of you laugh.

Introduce the Wedding Party

Take advantage of your digital space to dedicate a page to your wedding party. Write short bios for each attendant that include their role in the party and why they’re special to you.

Tell the story of how your cousin made you pinky swear that you’d make him your person of honor when you were 10 in this space, or share the time that you met your best friend rock climbing. This section can be a thoughtful way to acknowledge and thank the people who will be standing by you as you enter a new chapter of your lives.

Decorate Your Website With Pictures

Pictures are a fantastic way to make your website all about you. If you have albums of film from a romantic vacation abroad or beautiful shots from your engagement photos, now’s the time to put them to use.

Here are some creative ways to utilize photos on the website:

  • Feature your favorite shots from your engagement on the landing page.

  • Use different pictures on the headers for each page of your website.

  • Break up chunks of text with images of the two of you.

  • Include side-by-side photos of you two as babies.

  • Create an interactive page for guests to upload pictures and videos they take on the wedding day so that you can look back on your website after the honeymoon.

Customizing your wedding website with personal details and images will help your website stand out and feel unique to you. You can be as creative as you want, even when you’re using a designed template.

Use Zola for All Your Wedding Website Needs

Now that you’ve got everything you need to create the ultimate wedding website, you can start organizing all the details of your big day online. Keep track of your guest list and upcoming booking deadlines by using Zola’s online RSVPs and wedding checklist, so that you have everything on one platform.

Found a website template you love, but are still undecided on which paper options to use for everything else? Zola pairs our free website designs with matching paper products so that your wedding aesthetic is the same both on- and offline.

Order a free sample invite to see your dream design brought to life on the paper. With Zola’s premium paper suite collections, you’ll never have to worry about mismatched fonts or clashing color palettes.

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