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Wedding Website Bio/Couple Story Templates

Our top tips to writing a wedding website bio to remember.

By Ruksana Hussain

Wedding Website Bio/Couple Story Templates
Photo by Zola

It’s always harder to write about yourself than about others, and that’s made twice as difficult when two people are involved and want to share the story of their union in a personal way. Writing your wedding website’s bio or couple story section can pose a bit of a conundrum if you are both not aligned in what you’d like to share so here are a few ways to approach the topic.

Keep it Brief

This is a good strategy if you prefer to not get too personal with the insider details of your love story. A good rule of thumb is 1-2 lines on the facts of the situation. Get to the point.

  • Who are you?
  • What is the occasion?
  • How did you meet?
  • When did it happen?
  • Where was the location?
  • Why did you decide to marry?

Short and sweet, and not too demanding of your creative juices. This is a practical take on the couple story and works well if wordsmithing isn’t one of your strengths.

Give Them Details

On the other hand, if you like sharing every detail possible about your journey to this point in your life, then consider about 5-6 lines for a short paragraph on each of these points.

  • How you met and where you were in your respective personal paths at that time.
  • Why you got along and when your relationship took shape.
  • What is it that attracted you to each other?
  • And introducing who you are marrying to your friends and extended family.

This allows you to give your wedding guests an insider view into how your couple story came to be and truly share in this journey forward. A great way to truly personalize your piece.

Manage the Mix

If you are private about some details of your upcoming wedding but like to share more than just the facts, then you can pick and choose certain points to spotlight.

  • Give your guests some more insight into what you are both most looking forward to and your plans for the future.
  • Talk about how your backgrounds and life experiences are similar and why that attracted you to each other.
  • Explain if you are complete opposites and why that attracted you to each other when you first met.

Your guests will appreciate learning more about the couple they are supporting so there really is no wrong way to go about sharing your couple story.

Try to be your authentic self in your words and expressions. That sets the tone for the rest of your wedding website so if you are formal, casual, funny, or punny in your choice of phrases then you preferably want to keep that vibe flowing through the rest of your wedding website.

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