5 Lovely Wedding Website Bio Examples

Let your guests get to know your bridal party by sharing their bios on your wedding website. Read on for examples, tips, and ideas to help you get started!

By Emily Forrest

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Your wedding website serves two purposes. For starters, it provide your guests a place to revisit wedding details, including all of the information they’ll need to attend the reception and ceremony. Secondly, it provides them with personal insight into who you are as a couple your love story, and the people you’ve invited to be part of your wedding party. Crafting wedding website bios deserves thoughtful consideration.

The wedding party is made up of those who mean the most to you. They’re who you asked to stand up with you at your wedding ceremony. Naturally, your guests will want to get to know a little bit about them. Under the wedding party section of the design template of your choice, there are a couple of examples to spark your creativity and get the writing juices flowing. Here is a preview of two different examples from the collection of wedding website designs.

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1. Brief Bio Example

In just a short sentence or two, each of these wedding party bios shows the relation of the wedding guest to the couple as well as an anecdotal detail that illustrates the bond.

  • Maid of Honor - Sure, she’s just two years older than us, but she’s the mama bear of the group forever.

  • Best Man - Rec frisbee teammate in college. Friz for life!

  • Bridesmaid - We shared a cubby in preschool.e were neat freaks then, and neat freaks now!

  • Groomsman - Yes, he introduced the happy couple. He gets a seat at the table.

2. Poetry Bio Example

These wdding bio examples put a twist on the first version with added humor and details. When writing your own wedding website bios, inject your own personal flair into the words.

  • Maid of Honor - Sure, she’s two years older than the bride, but she might as well have been a twin.

  • Best Man - Lacrosse teammate in high school throughout college. You could say it’s a bromance, but it might be more than that (and Kate’s trying not to be jealous).

  • Bridesmaid - We shared a cubby in preschool. We were neat freaks then and neat freaks now, as evidenced by the spotless apartment we shared until my engagement!

  • Groomsman - Yes, he introduced the happy couple. He gets a seat at the table.

The goal of writing these bios is for your friends and family to feel as if they know a little something about your groomsmen and bridal party before the big day. While your wedding site will include practical details, such as accommodations and directions to the ceremony, the bios section makes your website fun and engaging.

Other wedding website bio examples may include how long you’ve known the different members of your wedding party, where you met, and why you’ve decided to include them in your wedding celebration.

3. How Long You’ve Known Each Other Bio Examples

  • Maid of Honor - Seeing as she’s my sister, I’ve known her my whole life and couldn’t imagine having anyone else standing by my side on my wedding day.

  • Best Man - Mark and I have been friends since Miss Elaine’s kindergarten class and have shared many of life’s big moments. It means the world to me to have him there on the day I get married.

  • Bridesmaid - Whitney and I were neighbors growing up and our parents have been friends forever. She’s like another member of the family.

  • Groomsman - Matt and I were college roommates and our annual fishing trip is still going strong 10 years later.

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4. Where You Met Bio Examples

  • Maid of Honor - Five years ago, Candice and I met at a party we both wanted to leave. We headed to a bar close by and laughed over martinis. We’ve still been doing our own thing as besties ever since.

  • Best Man - Who knew my marathon training partner would turn out to be one of my best friends getting ready to stand by me on my wedding day?

  • Bridesmaid - Rachel and I met in Mr. Gilmore’s homeroom sophomore year where we got in trouble frequently for passing notes.

  • Groomsman - I met John on my first day on the job at Qualcomm 10 years ago. Our friendship has outlasted that job and many others since then.

5. Why You’ve Decided to Include Them Bio Examples

  • Maid of Honor - Candice is my loving, spirited sister who has my back no matter what, so of course, I’d want her to hold my bouquet and be by my side as my MoH.

  • Best Man - Mark and I are “thick as thieves” as our parents used to say. We fought as brothers do, but he’s my best friend and the obvious choice for my Best Man.

  • Bridesmaid - As a longtime family neighbor, Rachel and I have known each other since the day we were born. She’s been with me through all of my big life moments.

  • Groomsman - John and I haven’t lived in the same city since college, but we’re always able to pick up right where we left off whenever we’re together.

You can tell the story in a number of ways. Wedding party bios will depend on which direction you want to go when sharing details and personal glimpses into the lives of your wedding party members and what they mean to you.. The only challenging part is likely how to simplify a lifetime of knowing each other into only a few sentences.

How to Get Started With Writing Wedding Party Bios

If you’re having a tough time knowing where to begin, take it step by step. Act like you’re talking to a friend, which is ultimately what you’re doing through your website. With the structure of the design templates to help guide you, it makes it easier to know which bios go where and how much information to include. A few tips to keep in mind when writing website bios are:

  • Keep the bios short, sweet, and reflective of your personality
  • Add humor, but keep the inside jokes and potentially - embarrassing details private
  • Maintain a light tone throughout
  • Use proper names so wedding guests are clear about who you are talking about

You’re sharing an introduction to some of the most important people in your wedding celebration. While some of your guests may be familiar with who they are, there are others who will be meeting them for the first time. Give off a good impression as you write the bios for your wedding party.

As for who to include on your website, this can be limited to your wedding party. However, the bios can extend to include parents, flower girl, ring bearer, wedding officiant, and any other person who has a significant role in the ceremony.

Ideas for Wedding Website Bios

In addition to thinking about how long you’ve known each other and where you met, there are other ways to come up with your website bios. One first idea is to put the work on your party, so to speak. Send out a quick questionnaire to the members of your wedding party that asks them to share a favorite memory or activity they like doing with you. This will jumpstart your memory and inspiration of what to include for each person.

Another idea is to pinpoint a significant event you’ve shared together. Examples might be college, sharing an apartment, attending a concert, or traveling to a different country. Think of a short list of big moments that you have shared and what kind of stories came out of those experiences. These anecdotal moments are fun to reminisce about and will set the scene for those who are reading about them on your website.

You can also think of icebreakers guests can ask members of your wedding party or ways to get to know them better. For example, if your maid of honor is a travel enthusiast, guests can ask her about her most recent trip. If your best man is a marathon runner, guests can ask about what his favorite race has been.

While the focus of the celebration will land squarely on you as a couple, there will be loved ones from both sides who may be intermingling for the first time. Since you won’t likely have time for one-to-one introductions for your entire guest list, bios are a way to give a virtual wedding party introduction and a place to spark a conversation.

Sentiment Matters Most When It Comes to Wedding Bios

Even if you feel like you can’t come up with the perfect words to describe what your wedding party means to you, as long as you come from an authentic place, the sentiment will be there. Be intentional with your wording, and it’ll be clear their importance in your life as individuals and as a couple. If all else fails, use the bio as a way to thank them for being part of your celebration and your journey as a couple.

Take the examples we’ve shared and make them your own. Your family and friends are excited to be a part of your wedding moments with you, so no need to put too much pressure on crafting bios. Simply give them an idea of who the people are who you've chosen to stand up for on your wedding day. Keep them lighthearted and fun, sentimental and short, and you’ll be all set. You have this!

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