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36 Wedding Send-Off Ideas To Say Goodbye in Style

The end of your wedding day means the beginning of your new life together. These 36 wedding send-off ideas let you celebrate in style with an exit worth of your everlasting love.

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The end of your wedding day means the beginning of your new life together. Celebrate in style with a grand exit worthy of your everlasting love. We’ve compiled a list of fun and creative wedding send-off ideas so you and your guests can say goodbye in style. For couples interested in eco-friendly wedding exit ideas, we’ve also included sustainability ratings next to each suggestion.

The wedding send-off is a time-honored tradition that dates back centuries. In the present day, it’s a magical moment at the end of the wedding reception where the couple says goodbye to guests and hello to their new life together.

The send-off is also likely the last time the couple will have all their wedding guests in one place, so it’s a moment worth celebrating. Keep reading for our list of 36 wedding send-offs, or jump to one of our inspiration boards below to find one that best matches your wedding theme:

Natural Wedding Send-Off Ideas

Whimsical Wedding Send-Off Ideas

Festive Wedding Send-Off Ideas

Colorful Wedding Send-Off Ideas

Natural Wedding Send-Off Ideas

Couples looking to add organic elements to their wedding day will love these send off-ideas that leave little (or no) trace behind. Natural send-offs incorporate sustainable and raw elements and are perfect for rustic or bohemian wedding themes. These ideas are also more likely to be venue-approved, as cleanup and impact are minimal.

Here are some of our favorite natural wedding send-off ideas:

1. Olive leaves: Start your matrimony with a Mediterannean style send-off. Olive branches have symbolized peace and victory since ancient Greece.

2. Petal pops: You can create these DIY floral push pops for a send-off full of flowers and seeds. Have your photographer snap a picture of guests waving their push pops and then releasing the contents onto you and your partner as you head for the getaway car.

3. Dried flowers: This organic wedding exit doubles as a fun craft. In the months leading up to your wedding, dry out your favorite flowers and fill cones with the petals for your guests to toss. Use recycled paper to make your cones and recycle again after use.

4. Lavender: Fill your wedding with the lovely scent of lavender with this romantic exit inspired by the Provence region of France.

5. Biodegradable confetti: Replace a traditional confetti toss with a biodegradable version so the natural landscape surrounding your venue won’t suffer.

6. Fall foliage: If you’re getting married in fall, create a picture-perfect moment with a leaf toss full of the warm tones of autumn.

7. Rose petals: As a universal symbol of love, roses are classic wedding flowers. A send-off full of rose petals will be soft, delicate, and timeless.

8. Birdseed: Leave something sweet for the birds to eat. A birdseed toss is a perfect way to send-off love birds, and there’s no cleanup involved.

9. Dove release: Release white doves as a symbol of prosperity and new beginnings as you exit your wedding venue. This tradition will create a magical and touching moment your guests will never forget.

natural-wedding-ideas-moodboard Sources: Magda K Photography | Emily Nicole Photo | Kirsten Nunez at Wild Amor | KT Merry

Whimsical Wedding Send-Off Ideas

If your love story is straight out of a fairytale, then you need a wedding send-off idea worthy of your storybook ending. A fanciful wedding exit will leave your guests in awe as the evening comes to a close. Utilize dazzling textures and elegant elements to create an unforgettable wedding moment.

These whimsical ideas will leave your guests enchanted:

10. Sparklers: Let the sparks fly with a sparkler exit. This popular send-off idea lets guests wave beautiful wands of sparks around you as you exit, creating the picture-perfect moment.

11. Confetti: Add some creativity to your confetti toss by mixing in an array of colors that match your wedding palette. You can also mix different confetti sizes and textures.

12. Feathers: This art-deco-themed exit is equal parts delicate and glamorous, inspired by the roaring 1920s Gatsby era.

13. Sky lanterns: If your venue allows it, consider releasing lanterns into the night sky for a dreamy aerial send-off that’s sure to wow your guests.

14. Ribbon wands: You can DIY ribbon wedding wands for an elegant exit with no cleanup. The wands can come in any color you want, and you can even add bells to the tip so the wands stream and ring!

15. Butterfly release: Create a moment as fluttering as your heart by releasing butterflies during your send-off. This is also a great way to honor lost loved ones.

16. LED balloons: Incorporating LED balloons into your exit is a nice twist on a party staple, as it creates a floating display that glows in the dark.

17. Paper airplanes: If you and your partner are adventurers, having guests toss paper airplanes during your exit can be a creative and symbolic way to start your newlywed journey together.

18. Bubbles: This ethereal wedding send-off display has your guests blow bubbles full of love and well wishes as you and your partner ride off into the sunset.

whimsical-wedding-ideas-moodboard Sources: Glasser Images | Marlie Koen Photography | Beyond the Darkroom

Festive Wedding Send-Off Ideas

Celebrate your joyous matrimony with a spirited send-off. Incorporating noise, traditional elements, and seasonal touches are three ways to end your wedding on a gleeful note.

Your guests will love these joyous and festive wedding send-off ideas:

19. Cowbells: In the immortal words of Will Ferrell: “More cowbell!” Noise is a jubilant (and eco-friendly) way to send off the happy couple, so have your guests ring cowbells as you exit and seal each ring with a kiss.

20. Tambourines: Another noise-making send-off idea with a bohemian twist is a tambourine exit. You can even DIY your tambourines with this craft that has you attach bells to delicate white lace.

21. Vidaii: This Hindu wedding tradition is an emotional moment between the bride and her family. Right before the newlyweds leave the wedding, the bride tosses rice and coins behind her head to repay her parents for a lifetime full of love and support.

22. Lightsabers: Start your newlywed life with the power of the force by having a lightsaber send-off. This is perfect for Star Wars fanatics or anyone getting married on May the fourth.

23. Fireworks: Have your wedding go out with a bang by setting off fireworks at the end of the evening. This grand exit will light up the night sky full of pyrotechnics—just make sure safety comes first.

24. Faux snow: Let it snow at your winter wedding by having guests toss dried mashed potato flakes into the air—it looks just like the real stuff.

25. Second-line parade: This New Orleans wedding tradition sees a brass band perform through the streets as the wedding guests dance around them. Typically, the bride and groom lead the charge holding umbrellas.

26. Wedding flags: Flags are a great way to show off your pride, whether it be a city, state, country, sports team, or college flag. A flag send-off is perfect for couples who met at school or are from the same place, as it allows guests to wave you through with a united message.

27. Jingle bells: Make your winter wedding merry and bright with a jingle bell send-off to end the night. This exit is full of all the bells and whistles.

festive-wedding-ideas-moodboard Sources: Graeme Passmore | Jen Rodriguez | Alba Rose Photography | Brian Dorsey Studios

Colorful Wedding Send Send-Off Ideas

You can make your wedding more fun by adding splashes of color throughout your ceremony and reception. These pops of color help show off your personality and entertain your guests. Your wedding send-off is a great place to incorporate vibrant hues in both your photographs and memories.

Here are some of our favorite ways to add color to your wedding send-off:

28. Sprinkles: Let your guests shower you in rainbow sprinkles. This wedding exit is perfect for anyone who loves all the colors of the rainbow.

29. Beach balls: If you’re hosting your wedding in or near the sand, a beach ball toss is a playful way to exit your ceremony or reception.

30. Glow sticks: Rave your way into marriage with a send-off that lets love glow. Your guests will love waving neon glow sticks in the night sky as you say goodbye.

31. Smoke bombs: Create a show-stopping display and mystical ambiance by having guests set off smoke bombs as you and your partner head off to your happily-ever-after.

32. Paper streamers: This send-off idea is bright, bold, and easy to clean up. Your guests will love waving colorful streamers in the air as you make your exit.

33. Balloons: Love lifts us up where we belong. Celebrate that floating sensation with a ceremonial balloon release—just check your local laws before you unleash.

34. Silly string: Let your guests bring out their inner child by handing out cans of silly string for them to shoot off as you leave your reception.

35. LED wands: This send off idea lets guests illuminate your exit path fire-free. These wands are likely to be venue-approved as there is little risk and cleaup involved.

36. Glitter: Shimmer and sparkle your way into newlywed life with a glitter toss wedding send-off! While this isn’t exactly an environmentally approved wedding exit idea, using larger glitter specks does make clean up easier.

colorful-wedding-ideas-moodboard Sources: Jenny Clair Photography | Elaine Palladino | Samuel Box Photography

Sadly, your wedding must come to an end—but that doesn’t mean your wedding send-off isn’t something to celebrate. Now that you’ve decided how to close this chapter in style, you can start preparing for your newlywed life.

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