Unique Wedding Favors for Every Budget

From DIY pieces to more fanciful options, you can find creative wedding favors for almost any budget.

By Maggy Lehmicke

Unique Wedding Favors for Every Budget
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When it comes to wedding favors, everyone wants to find something that feels both personal and unique. So, where do you even start? To help, we’ve created a list of clever favor ideas to get your creativity flowing, no matter what your budget is.


If there’s a favorite recipe that’s been passed down for generations, why not share that sentimental treasure with your guests? With some ornamental ribbon or a stamped label, a simple recipe book or card is both uniquely personal and likely to be put to good use. If you want to add a little extra something, pair it with some measuring spoons.

Vintage Postcards

If you and your partner are big travelers, giving out vintage postcards with sweet quotes or messages is a great way to thank your guests and provide a memorable token from your big day. You can either purchase them in bulk or hand select postcards from places you’ve been (or places you yearn to go). The postcards are also a great way to offer a glimpse into your honeymoon destination.


Like the recipe cards, providing your friends and family with jars of homemade granola or scones with jam is a super sweet way to send them off. Donuts, muffins, biscuits, or even pancake mixes are all great options to consider, too.

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If you and your partner are avid readers, a stylish bookmark makes a great, unexpected wedding favor. They also make for a great display on the big day. For the DIY guru, simply purchase some plain white bookmarks and dip-dye them in colors that fit your theme. If your wedding budget is on the higher end, consider getting faux leather bookmarks custom stamped with your initials or wedding date.


For coffee lovers, a bag of beans with a custom label is a creative wedding gift to thank your guests and acknowledge your big day. While you can find bulk bags on Etsy, consider hitting up a local roaster and asking them if they can make a “special” blend for you and your partner. If you like the idea of making something yourself instead, a homemade mini bottle of cold brew is another great party favor.


For foodies, pink Himalayan sea salt is a hard favor to beat. Not only is it something that your guests will use, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing (especially if you’re planning an oceanfront soiree). A special spice mix that fits your theme, or a bottle of your favorite hot sauce are other great send-off gift ideas.

Custom Deck of Cards

Big or small, games are always a welcome addition to any wedding celebration. If you’re the type of couple with cornhole or croquet set up at your reception, consider gifting your guests a custom-labeled card deck. Not only is the label a nice commemoration of your big day, but cards are also a lighthearted and welcome alternative to some of the more traditional favors. If you’re hosting a bohemian-inspired event, tarot cards are another great option.


More and more couples are opting to donate to a charity of their choice in lieu of more traditional wedding favors. If you’re someone who strays away from material items, or is extremely passionate about a specific cause, this could be the way to go. Simply pick an organization, make your donation, and create a sweet sign that lets your guests know.

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Luggage Tags

Though these might be a somewhat pricey option, leather luggage tags are extremely practical and can make a great display on your wedding day. Like the postcards, they work well for couples who love to travel (though leather keychains are a great alternative if you’re homebodies). Luckily there are many places where you can purchase these in bulk, whether you decide to add a sentimental quote or leave them as-is.

Wine With Personalized Labels

Though one of the most expensive of all the unique wedding favor options, wine bottles with custom labels are perfect for black-tie affairs or upscale events. They also work well if you’re having an intimate gathering with only a few close friends and family, making it a slightly more affordable option. Instead of purchasing from a grocery or liquor store, consider talking to a few local wineries and see what they’d be able to offer (particularly if they don’t have to provide the labels).

No matter the theme, dress code, or season, there is a perfect wedding favor for every price point that your guests are sure to appreciate. So, whether you choose something edible, DIY-friendly, or somewhat lavish, be sure that the gifts and favors are something you’re comfortable with and excited about. In the end, the memories always outweigh the favors.