The Pinterest x Zola 2023 Wedding Trends Report: The Hottest Trends Predicted

Pinterest and Zola have teamed up to reveal the biggest emerging wedding trends of 2023.

The First Look ✨

With more than 2 billion useful wedding ideas on Pinterest and well over  2 million couples who’ve chosen Zola as their trusted partner in wedding planning, Pinterest and Zola have teamed up to reveal the biggest wedding trends of 2023. The Pinterest x Zola 2023 Wedding Trends Report marries Pinterest trends with Zola expert insights to highlight how couples can bring inspiration to realization throughout their entire planning process from engagement to newlywed life. 

According to Zola's First Look Report 2023, today’s go-to wedding planning platform, supporting all couples in bringing their unique and authentic wedding visions to life, Pinterest is the #1 source of initial wedding inspiration for its community.  Even in a sea of social media options, 75% of Zola couples said Pinterest is a major source of inspiration for them, with both platforms supporting couples as they seek to plan weddings that feel personalized to who they are, and reflect their individuality.  

From trending themes and top-shopped: wedding dresses to sustainable ideas and incredible venues, Pinterest and Zola have identified the biggest wedding trends of the year based on what Pinners are searching and saving to their boards and Zola couples are planning.

The Pinterest x Zola 2023 Wedding Trends Report 1 Photo Credit // Kirsten Alexandria Photography, Palm to Pine Photography

Eco-friendly and Non-traditional Wedding Themes and Decor

Gen Z is redefining tradition and challenging the norm, looking for ways to celebrate every day along the planning journey without the added stress that often comes with wedding planning. Pinterest insights show Pinners are searching for non-traditional and unique wedding ideas that reflect their wallets and their values, and given the current economic climate, couples are specifically looking for budget and earth-conscious ways to plan their wedding day.

According to Zola, the average cost of weddings in 2023 is expected to be approximately $29,000, with 19% of couples incorporating thrifted elements into their wedding looks and/or decor. On Pinterest, searches for ‘leaf confetti’ and ‘eco-friendly wedding decor’ increased by  105% and 230%, respectively, signaling a rising trend towards sustainably focused weddings in 2023. 

And weddings are going green in every sense, with the trend taking on new meaning for couples selecting their wedding colors, invites and gifts. On Zola, searches for green wedding invitations have increased 81%, with the Galata theme being not only the most popular wedding website theme, but also the top-selling Zola wedding invitation of 2023 and of all time, featuring leafy eucalyptus leaves. Sales for sage green registry gifts on Zola are also up 31%, and eucalyptus colored gifts up 26%. 

Zola Expert Tip: Going green can also lead to savings. Zola couples are not only sending free digital save-the-dates and collecting RSVPs through their wedding websites, but they are also shopping for affordable, eco-friendly options such as wedding paper printed on Zola’s recycled paper. And, couples are also taking advantage of Zola’s budget tool to track their budget at every stage in the process.

Shop the Trends

Maximalist weddings

While some couples like to keep their weddings laid-back and low key (think micro wedding), others like to go all out—and embrace a full-blown maximalist approach to wedding planning. Whether opting for bright, vibrant color palettes and florals or embracing an extravagant theme, couples in 2023 are looking to turn the volume up on their wedding design.

Searches for ‘maximalist wedding’ increased 1900% along with:

  • Hot pink wedding colors +465%
  • Barbie wedding theme: +140%
  • Disco wedding theme: +110%
Pinterest x Zola Wedding Report 2 Photo Credit // K1 Tx Productions

Non-traditional weddings

While many couples opt for a traditional ceremony and reception, in 2023, more Pinners are opting to think completely out of the box for their big day, searching for unique, unexpected wedding themes (like having an underwater elopement!) that create truly one-of-a-kind experiences.

Searches for ‘underwater wedding’ increased 305% along with:

  • Skiing wedding +75%
  • Airplane hangar wedding +40%
  • Modern western wedding +435%

"Rust" married

The non-traditional trend is also expanding to wedding color palettes. Rust, a shade of copper, is one of the hottest trends in wedding colors in 2023—particularly when it’s paired with shades of green, like emerald or eucalyptus.

Searches for ‘emerald green and rust wedding’ increased +1050% along with:

  • Terracotta mens suit wedding +175%
  • Rust and eucalyptus wedding +140%
  • Copper ties groomsmen +30%

Gen Z: Rise of the Alt Wedding

More Gen Z-ers are saying their “I do’s”—and many of them are bucking traditional nuptials in favor of more alternative weddings. Whether that’s exploring unconventional wedding dress ideas and opting for alternative wedding dresses (or other non traditional wedding attire), searching for unique wedding vows examples on Pinterest to give their vows extra flair, or purposefully going as far as traditional as possible and going with an ugly or anti-bride wedding theme, Gen Z is full of alternative brides and grooms looking to plan an anything but typical event. 

Searches for ‘anti bride wedding’ increased +490% along with:

  • Non traditional wedding vows +205%
  • Non traditional wedding dresses +110%
  • Ugly wedding +110%

Cost effective and Sustainable Weddings

Given the current economic and climate challenges facing the world, many couples today are looking for ideas for planning a wedding on budget—and making sure their wedding on a budget isn’t just affordable, but sustainable. This includes using used wedding decor/used wedding decorations instead of buying things new, looking for ways to save on on vendor costs (like finding photography and wedding flowers on a budget), and sticking to a strict budget (thanks to tools like a wedding budget planner, wedding budget calculator, or wedding budget template).

It also means looking for more environmentally conscious wedding dress alternatives, and looking for costly (and green!) ways to take care of their wedding attire after the big day—include wedding dress cleaning and wedding dress preservation.

Searches for ‘Eco friendly wedding decor’ increased 230% along with:

  • Leaf confetti +105%
  • Wedding gown preservation +135%
  • Upcycle wedding dress: +50%

Zola Expert Tip: Going green can also lead to savings. Zola couples are not only sending free digital save-the-dates and collecting RSVPs through their wedding websites, but they are also shopping for affordable, eco-friendly options such as wedding paper printed on Zola’s recycled paper. And, couples are also taking advantage of Zola’s budget tool to track their budget at every stage in the process. 

Wedding Style & Beauty

Pinners come with the intention to discover what they want to shop from their favorite wedding dress designers/wedding gown designers - Products are added daily from merchants and the number of products saved to boards by users has increased 50% over the last year. Below you can see the top saved wedding dresses that Pinners are shopping from Verified Merchants on Pinterest.

Pinterest x Zola Dresses

Top Shopped Wedding Dresses on Pinterest

Non-traditional veils

Pinners are searching for non-traditional veils or veil alternatives to complete their look. While the wedding dress or suit is undeniably the most important piece of the wedding day look, accessories have the power to pull the whole ensemble together. 

Searches for ‘Veil alternative’ increased 220% along with:

  • 3D flower veil +65%
  • Headpiece jewelry +175%
  • Colorful wedding veil +260%

Beauty trends

With the most useful inspirational content and inclusive beauty features, Pinterest is the best place for planning the wedding look—from wedding hairstyles for long hair/medium hair/short hair or the perfect natural bridal makeup look—that brings out the beauty of the individuals. Pinners are searching for   and saving makeup inspiration to their boards that match their skin tones using the first-of-its-kind skin tone ranges feature and discovering  hair style inspiration for their hair textures with the hair pattern search feature for their special day.

Boards titled “Ethereal makeup” increased 845% along with:

  • glam wedding makeup +120%
  • Long hair wedding styles +50%
  • Engagement hairstyles: 60%

Pinterest Tip: Want to try on new makeup without having to leave your home? Try Pinterest’s AR Try On Tool by tapping “Try On” in the Pinterest camera or check search results, where items that are available in AR show up with a “Try It” button. You can save the looks for later reference or purchase, or explore different looks with similar lip shades and eyeshadow colors. 

Pinterest x Zola report 4 Photo Credit // J. Guthrie Photo

Guests, Wedding Party and Bouquets

Pinterest 2023 trends show that mismatched bridesmaid dresses and re-imagined monochromatic themes for the wedding parties are on the rise. Wedding guest outfits are also a major focus for Pinners. Searches for “wedding guest outfit inspiration” is up a whopping 3800% year over year. Pinners on the guest list are also saving their inspiration for their best wedding guest dresses to their boards to shop for the best outfits for the upcoming wedding they are attending this year -  boards titled “wedding guest dress”—filled with plenty of unique best dresses for wedding guests—have doubled since last year. 

According to Zola, more than two-thirds of couples (69%) are mixing wedding party attire with non-traditional mix-and-match outfits.

Searches for ‘mismatched black bridesmaid dresses’ increased 535% along with:

  • “All different bridesmaids dresses” +520%.
  • Dark blue bridesmaid dresses mismatched +110%
  • Dusty pink bridesmaid dresses mismatched +85%

Searches for ‘Hijabi dresses for wedding guests’ increased 265% along with:

  • Garden wedding guest attire +110%
  • Androgynous wedding outfit +85%
  • Queer wedding outfit guest +315%

Cost effective and creative bouquets

Pinners are searching for cost effective and creative ways to bring their ideal wedding bouquets to life. Butterfly bouquets and ribbon flowers add a trendy Y2K flare while the top rising flower by Gen Z Pinners is a timeless classic - Baby’s Breath (+610%).

Searches for ‘pearl wedding bouquet’ increased 95% along with:

  • Antler bouquet +80%
  • Butterfly bouquet + 5535% (Gen Z)
  • Ribbon flowers bouquet +515% (Gen Z)
  • Baby’s breath bouquet aesthetic +240% (Gen Z)
Pinterest X Zola report 5 Photo Credit // Adventure Amore

Wedding Destinations, Dream venues & Travels

Following years of travel restrictions, Pinners and Zola couples are eager to travel the world to find the most unique wedding venues and honey spots for their destination weddings and honeymoons, as well as bring their favorite destinations to life close to home. Pinterest boards titled ‘dream wedding venues’ have increased 190% and searches for ‘best honeymoon places’ went up 325% over the last year, with top honeymoon destinations across Africa, Europe, as well as in the US.

For many couples, their vision to find the most unique places to get married  can fly  international, but they may also select a venue  very close to home. According to Zola, 55% of couples are choosing a venue local to where they live and 18% are choosing a venue local to their hometown, while 6% are choosing something overseas. With Zola’s vast selection of local wedding venues, it's never been easier for couples to search for and book the perfect place that brings their online inspiration into reality and fits every key requirement from budget to style.  

Top International Themed Weddings

While couples can find a number of unique wedding locations across the globe to say “I do’s,” in 2023, Italy, France, Spain, and Greek were among the most searched for couples planning a destination wedding internationally.

Searches for ‘italian wedding themes’ increased 640% along with:

  • Mariage theme provence +480%
  • Spanish wedding theme +170%
  • Grecian wedding theme +85%

Top International Honeymoon Destinations

While it might not make the most sense for people searching for the best honeymoon destinations on a budget, couples with some extra cash to spend are exploring the best honeymoon destinations in some of the most romantic, adventurous, and chicest places across the globe, including Morocco, Croatia, and Cape Town.

Searches for ‘Morocco honeymoon’ increased 75% along with:

  • Honeymoon in Croatia +190%
  • Azores honeymoon +135%
  • Cape town honeymoon +60%

Top Wedding Venues on Zola

According to Zola, some of the most popular wedding venues (and most unique wedding venues!) include event spaces in Brooklyn, NY; Miami, FL; and Temecula, CA.

Top US Honeymoon Destinations

While many couples are searching for international honeymoon locations, many are also searching for the best honeymoon destinations in USA—which, according to Pinners, include Charleston, SC; Asheville, NC; and the white sand beaches of Florida.

Searches for ‘cheap honeymoon destinations in the us’ increased 105% along with:

  • Charleston honeymoon +70%
  • Honeymoon beach florida +85%
  • Asheville honeymoon +75%

Zola x Pinterest: Your Experts on All Things Weddings and Inspiration

Zola and Pinterest are the ultimate experts on helping couples bring their dream weddings to life. With more than 2 billion useful wedding ideas on Pinterest and well over 2 million couples who’ve chosen Zola as their trusted partner in wedding planning, The Pinterest x Zola 2023 Wedding Trends Report marries trends with expert insights to highlight how couples can bring inspiration to realization throughout their entire planning process.

For the full report please reach out to the Pinterest press team or read more at

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