The Best Outdoor NYC Wedding Venues for Your Big Day

Here’s our guide to the best outdoor NYC wedding venues, from rooftops and gardens to parks and cemeteries.

By Jennifer Prince

The Best Outdoor NYC Wedding Venues for Your Big Day, The Sanctuary RI
Photo by Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The First Look ✨

Many people head to New York City to take in the sights, gaze up at skyscrapers of exceptional height, and marvel at turn of the century architecture. However, with all the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle, you may be surprised to find that NYC has some amazing outdoor wedding venues.

It’s a bit of a secret that these event spaces exist, but Zola is clueing couples in on the details. By utilizing roof spaces, parks, and historic estates to host open-air events, the city has created many gems hidden amongst stately high rises. From intimate gardens to working farms on rooftops, you’ll discover the unexpected on this ultimate list.

When it comes to choosing your wedding vendors, Zola has you covered. Whether you’re trying to find a florist for a large-scale wedding or need the perfect space to hold your micro-wedding, search Zola’s vendor list first. Although the suggestions below aren’t exhaustive, here’s Zola’s guide to the best outdoor NYC wedding venues. Narrowing them down will be the hardest part.

Top Outdoor NYC Wedding Venues

1. Brooklyn Grange

Brooklyn Grange Photo from Brooklyn Grange's listing

As the perfect juxtaposition between urban and rural, Brooklyn Grange offers not one, but two of NYC’s most unique outdoor wedding experiences. Their 1.5 acre farm at the Brooklyn Navy Yard sits on a rooftop, and it provides unforgettable memories for the couple who wants a garden wedding against the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline. Another option is their Sunset Park location, which features two patios and 3,000 feet of indoor space. Both areas can hold a maximum of 100 to 150 guests, plus, they’re both the perfect locations for hosting a respite in the middle of a bustling city.

2. The Sanctuary RI

The Sanctuary RI Photo from The Sanctuary RI's listing

For a waterfront wedding in the heart of NYC, choose The Sanctuary RI. This converted church still has the original stained-glass windows and offers views of both Manhattan and the East River. The venue can handle up to 300 seated guests and has both indoor and outdoor spaces. Although their multiple open-air areas are ideal for a wedding ceremony, don’t miss out on utilizing the inside for your reception. The 40-foot ceilings and 30-foot marble bar are nothing short of breathtaking, and they add to the magical ambiance.

3. Bryant Park Grill

Bryant Park Grill Photo from Bryant Park Grill's listing

As the name indicates, Bryant Park Grill is known for their cuisine, so prepare your tastebuds for a wonderful reception experience. Beyond their catering expertise, this venue is an oasis in the city. Peppered with stunning, Parisian-inspired London Planetrees, the restaurant has event spaces both inside and outside. So, host a chic, luxurious wedding on site, and then stage your photos by the carousel, library, or Bryant Park, all of which are nearby. One perk about this NYC wedding venue is that you can host a large event of up to 300 guests. Conversely, choose their private dining space that holds up to 44 for a more intimate affair.

4. Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum

Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum

Photo from Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum's listing

By choosing the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum for your wedding day, you’ll feel like you own an estate for the day. This mid-19th-century home is located in Pelham Bay Park and allows you to use both the house and grounds. Utilize the interior of the mansion for getting ready, drinking mimosas, and taking wedding photos. Then, have your wedding in the serene garden followed by a reception in the conservatory. Another option is to invite up to 300 guests for an event on the lawn. Ample outdoor space to roam is a plus, especially if you invite children or have an active flower girl.

5. Wave Hill

Wave Hill Photo from Wave Hill's listing

Having an outdoor wedding on the property of Wave Hill sounds like a dream come true. Take in the views of the New Jersey Palisades and the Hudson River as you say “I do” under the pergola on the Great Lawn. For your cocktail hour, you can utilize their smaller lawn area or the terrace. Then, plan to host your reception meal in Armor Hall. Avid readers and history buffs will also appreciate spending time dancing in the Mark Twain Room. Weddings are limited to the evenings and cap off with 180 guests at this gorgeous property overlooking the water.

6. Van Cortlandt Golf Lake House

Van Cortlandt Golf Lake House Photo from Van Cortlandt Golf Lake House's listing

The Zola couples that reviewed the Van Cortlandt Golf Lake House spoke of how dreamy and beautiful it is, and it’s hard to disagree. Located in the northwest corner of the Bronx, the 2,500 square-foot deck overlooks the lake, offering the ultimate peaceful view. This venue can host up to 150 guests and also has on-site catering. If you need to make use of interior space, there is a 2,000-square-foot clubhouse available. Bonus: the venue is on the oldest public golf course in the United States.

7. New York Marble Cemetery

New York Marble Cemetery Photo from New York Marble Cemetery's listing

Although a cemetery may not be the first NYC wedding venue that comes to mind, it’s something you should consider. One visit to New York Marble Cemetery will prove that this venue takes the cake. Host your intimate ceremony in their historic garden area. The stately walls will take your breath away and make the perfect wedding backdrop. One unique aspect of this event space is that it’s free of monuments, so it’s almost difficult for guests to notice that they’re inside a cemetery. This outdoor wedding venue can hold up to 150 seated guests, yet is also ideal for micro weddings and elopements.

8. Prospect Park Picnic House

Prospect Park Picnic House Photo from Prospect Park Picnic House's listing

With the ability to hold 240 standing guests, the Prospect Park Picnic House is an ideal venue to say your wedding vows. Get married with a view of the 90-acre meadow area, and then use the house’s interior for your wedding reception. Additionally, don’t miss the opportunity to have a memorable photo of your wedding party lined up on the outdoor stairway. This NYC venue can also provide tables and chairs, and the proceeds from event rentals go directly toward the Prospect Park Alliance, which maintains the park.

9. Milk and Roses

Milk & Roses Photo from Milk and Roses's listing

For an intimate event tailored specifically for the needs of your special day, head to Milk and Roses. This outdoor NYC wedding venue has 2,500 square feet of space, which you are free to use however you wish. Host a micro wedding and reception, or use the garden for your rehearsal dinner. Either way, up to 90 wedding guests can rave about this cozy, warm wedding venue. No matter what you choose, their entire backyard provides a respite for those searching for a small space in Brooklyn.

10. Purslane at the Prospect Park Boathouse

New York City is filled with high-rise buildings with gorgeous architecture. Therefore, channel that beauty for your wedding day in a different way by hosting your wedding against the backdrop of a lovely boathouse. Purslane at the Prospect Park Boathouse is a circa 1905, Beaux-Arts style building overlooking scenic Lullwater and Lullwater Bridge. Up to 150 seated or 225 standing guests can enjoy a step back in time by roaming the property. Another perk is that this venue offers a plethora of spaces for the couple to sneak away and get photos.

11. Brooklyn Botanic Garden: The Palm House

You probably don’t need Zola to tell you that botanical gardens are some of the most beautiful places on earth; however, inviting your guests to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden: The Palm House will confirm this fact. Not only can they admire stunning plants, but guests can enjoy one of the most unique experiences in NYC. Four different areas, including the Lily Pool Terrace and Cherry Esplanade, are available for up to 250 seated guests. Perhaps the most challenging choice at this NYC outdoor reception venue is settling on which spot to hold your wedding.

12. My Kitchen Banquet Space

My Kitchen Banquet Space 3

Photo from My Kitchen Banquet Space's listing

Another ideal spot for an intimate event, My Kitchen Banquet Space, is a secluded spot for your special day. Their garden area is suitable for your wedding ceremony, and then you can move inside to host your cocktail hour and reception. Due to the venue’s small size, the staff is excellent at crafting events specifically for each couple. The Banquet Hall seats up to 75 guests and overlooks the patio, but if you plan on hosting more guests, this venue is ideal for your rehearsal dinner or bridesmaids’ luncheon.

13. Carroll Hall

Carroll Hall Photo from Carroll Hall's listing

Carroll Hall fits the bill nicely if you and your partner crave an urban vibe. Billed as an industrial-event wonderland, this NYC outdoor wedding venue boasts a creative variety of spaces. Sneak up to The Treehouse, which holds six guests, or get married in The Garden, which holds up to 130 guests. Their indoor Warehouse space is ideal for a reception, and Rose’s Room is a tiny, private area perfect for a wedding shower or rehearsal dinner. Not many venues in New York City match the variety that Carroll Hall offers.

14. Brooklyn Botanic Garden: The Atrium

If Brooklyn Botanic Garden sounds familiar, you’re right; however, this time Zola is focusing on The Atrium space. Able to host 125 seated and 200 standing, this NYC venue offers a lovely oasis with sprawling lawns, colorful flowers, and idyllic trees. This venue is the perfect backdrop for your outdoor wedding. The Lillian and Amy Goldman Atrium is ideal for eco-friendly couples as the space is ecologically sustainable, with a living roof of grasses and wildflowers. Plus, the experienced Patina Restaurant Group is responsible for catering, so both the sights and savories will be delicious.

15. 620 Loft & Garden

620 Loft & Garden Photo from 620 Loft & Garden's listing

Although some roofs feature views of the skyline, 620 Loft & Garden highlights the surrounding buildings, which are gorgeous. Get married in a beautifully curated, historic garden complete with a reflecting pool. And, get ready, as the architecturally stunning St. Patrick’s Cathedral is right next door, creating the perfect sight wall. You can also see Fifth Avenue from the top of the venue, giving your guests something to chat about while you sneak off with your photographer. This NYC wedding venue holds up to 165 guests standing, and would be stunning for a sunset wedding.

Zola: Here for Your Wedding Venue Needs

Whether you live in New York City or want to plan a destination wedding, use Zola to find your wedding professionals. Additionally, Zola has recommended vendors all over the country, so you can easily search for quality wedding professionals no matter where you live. It doesn’t stop there, as you can use Zola to find advice for wedding planning every step of the way. From before your engagement to long after the big day, Zola is the ultimate resource in helping you have the wedding—and newlywed life—of your dreams.

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