Summer Wedding Favors

Choosing something seasonal is a great way to create a cohesive celebration. Here are some of our favorite summer wedding favors that your guests will cherish year-round.

By Rachel Varina

Summer Wedding Favors
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The First Look ✨

  • Let love grow by gifting your guests flower seeds. A potted plant is a thoughtful and symbolic summer wedding favor.
  • For summer-themed events, BBQ sauce is a delicious and nostalgic nod to the season.
  • If you and your SO love to travel, luggage tags can be a fun nod toward your hobby.

Having a summer wedding means coordinating hot days, seasonal rainstoms, and spectacular sunsets for a truly special day. Choosing to hand out favors as a thanks to your wedding guests is a fun way to help your guests remember the celebration after the day is done. From flower seeds to BBQ sauce, we’ve rounded up our favorite summer wedding favors that your friends will feel honored to take home.

Honey or Jam

Gifting your guests something edible is sweet and a very unique wedding favor idea, especially if it's local honey or jam. These popular summer wedding favors are a delicious way to help your guests remember your special day and thank them for attending with a sweet treat. You can buy the condiments in bulk and put them in small jars containers of your choosing, such as a mason jar, or you can go with a company who does it all for you. Either way, your guests will appreciate the edible favor and delicious gesture.

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Flower Seeds

If you want to find a way to share your love that’ll last long after your wedding day, consider gifting your guests packs of seeds. Whether you hand out flowers or seasonal fruit and veggie seeds, it’s a symbolic representation of your love. Just like a relationship, seeds need attention, devotion, and tending to thrive, which is why they’re a perfect wedding favor. Choose cute packages in your wedding colors, or adorned with a sweet saying such as “Let Love Grow” and consider placing them in pots so that it’s easy for your guests to plant them after the wedding day.

Potted Plant

If you’re not a fan of seeds, and you don’t want your guests to start from scratch, you can skip the first stage and, instead, gift your guests potted plants such as a succulent. Just like seeds, they take tending to thrive, which is a great message to showcase at your wedding big day. Select something seasonal, or gift succulents—since they thrive year-round—as a summer wedding favor that your guests will cherish.

Olive Oil

Whether you have Italian roots or just love the food, artisanal olive oil is a popular summer wedding favor, and for good reason. Not only is it an easy DIY favor, but it’s elegant and useful, too. If you want to make the favors yourself, order some small, glass bottles, add a sprig of herbs (such as rosemary) to each bottle, fill it up with olive oil, and cork it. Consider adding a recipe tag or a small loaf of French bread on the side for dipping so that your guests can enjoy the delicacy after your wedding day.

Flip Flops

Planning on having a beach wedding? Help your guests out by gifting flip flops. These easy favors will help ensure that your guests can walk comfortably through the terrane at the wedding reception, and will give them a chance to kick up their heels and wiggle their toes in the sand. Customize the shoes in your wedding colors or with the day’s details.

BBQ Sauce

Having a barn wedding or a celebration that leans heavily on summer vibes? Don’t forget the BBQ sauce! This sweet and savory wedding favor is not only a fun way to showcase your personality and tastes, but is something functional that your guests will love. Pick your favorite BBQ sauce or look up a recipe and make your own before adding it on to customized bottles with your wedding details or favorite romantic phrase showcased.

Customized Koozies

Koozies are always a crowd-pleasing wedding favorite, and they're especially beneficial at a summer wedding. Whether or not your event is outside, your guests will appreciate something to keep their drinks cold on a hot day. Order them in bulk with your date and a fun saying on them so that your guests can remember the party post “I dos.”

Hand Fans

Another popular summer wedding favor that will help to make your “fans” feel comfortable, especially if you’re having an outdoor ceremony, are hand fans. Order some in a pretty lace or wood design, or select them in your wedding color, and have them placed at each ceremony seat so that your guests stay comfortable in the summer heat.

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Luggage Tags

If you and your SO are big travelers, personalized luggage tags are a great wedding favor and are a clever way to include your hobbies in the celebration. Select tags that have a romantic quote or gorgeous travel shot on them, and place them at exit points so that your guests pick them up on the way out the door. The next time they travel, they’ll do it in style and think back to your special day.

Bottle Openers

One of the best wedding favors to hand out to your guests are items that they’ll actually use post wedding day. Bottle openers not only easily tie into your summer wedding theme, but they will also be something that your friends and family will be excited to take home after the festivities. Opt for a shell or starfish shaped stopper, and wrap a ribbon in your wedding colors around the favor to pull it all together.

Beach Balls

If you’re planning a beachy wedding and want to add an element of nostalgia and fun, consider personalized beach balls. You can have them come in your wedding colors and even include details such as your names, wedding date, and/or venue. Just make sure to distribute them after the ceremony, unless you’re okay with beach balls being thrown around during your “I dos.”

Selecting the perfect summer wedding favor takes a little bit of creativity and thought, but it’s a gesture that your guests will cherish. Whether you pass out hand fans or get personalized flip flops, as long as your favors tie into the vibe of the event, they’ll surely add to the magic of the momentous occasion.

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