Spring-Inspired Wedding Favors

If you can’t imagine your springtime wedding without favors, but are stuck on what to choose, we’re here to help. We’ve picked our eight favorite spring-inspired wedding favors to help your guests remember your special day.

By Rachel Varina

Spring Wedding Favors
Photo by Zola

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Spring is the season of fresh flowers, sunny breezes, fluttering butterflies, and whimsical romance. The wonderful weather and feel of fresh beginnings make it the perfect time to say “I do.” If you’re looking for spring-inspired wedding favors that will feel seasonally appropriate, you’re in luck! Here are some of our favorite springtime favors that your guests will be thrilled to receive.

Sunflower Seeds

Spring-Inspired Wedding Favors Photo Credit // Lifetolens Photography

If you want a favor that’ll last long after your wedding day, packs of sunflower seeds are a surefire way to make your guests smile. Just like a relationship, seedlings need plenty of nurturing to grow, which is why they’re a perfect (and symbolic) wedding favor. Select packages that match your wedding theme, and consider placing them in pots so that your guests can easily plant them after the wedding day. If you’re not a fan of sunflowers, opt for wildflowers, herbs, or products that can be grown nationally.


One of the best favors to gift wedding guests are items that they can use or eat after the special day. Yummy jam in a cute little mason jar is a sweet way to help your guests remember the party. Select a flavor you love or grab a few different ones so that guests can pick their preference. You can make the jam yourself or buy it in bulk and put it in small jars of your choosing, or go with a company that does it all for you. Either way, your guests will appreciate the delicious gesture.


Succulents are one of the most popular live plant wedding favors because they’re easy to care for, have unique appearances, and come in a variety of colors. While they’re a little easier to tend than seeds, they still take some love and attention, which makes them symplic for a spring event. Additionally, they can easily match your theme, if you include succulents in your bouquet, boutineers, or centerpieces. Select an assortment of variations or pick the one that fits your venue the best, so that the excitement of your day can live on for your guests long after the cake is cut.


Nothing celebrates the birds and the bees quite like delicious honey. The scrumptious topping goes great on pretty much everything, from ice cream to pizza, and your guests will appreciate the sweet gesture. Order some honey in small jars or select different flavors in straws, so guests can take an assortment home to try. Search around for local suppliers (to help support town businesses) and be sure to include little cards with the vendor’s information, so that guests can order more if they love the sweet treat.

Mini Champagne

Spring-Inspired Wedding Favors Photo Credit // Fairytale Photography

There’s never a wrong reason to pop some bubbly, so why not gift your guests some mini bottles so that they can celebrate post-wedding? Get some custom labels made with your wedding details displayed and stick them onto each bottle for a thoughtful keepsake. You can even get some bottles of sparkling cider so that the underage guests or non-drinkers can take a gift home, too. Just make sure that both options are separate, so that party goers don’t get confused.

Herbed Olive Oil

Herbed olive oil is a popular summer wedding favor, thanks to its attractive look and functionality. Since it’s an easy DIY, you can make the gifts and favors yourself to personalize them for your celebration. Order some small, glass bottles, add a sprig of herbs (such as rosemary) or basil flowers to each bottle, fill it up with warm olive oil, and cork it. Consider adding a recipe tag or a small loaf of French bread on the side for dipping, so that guests can give in if they feel hungry post-reception.

Wicker Hand Fans

If you’re having a boho celebration or an outdoor ceremony, wicker hand fans are a chic favor for your guests. Not only will they help your guests stay cool, but they make for an amazing photo op, as well. Select designs that include your wedding colors intertwined to pull in the rest of your theme, and place the fans on each ceremony seat. That way, guests will know that the fans are theirs to keep, and they’ll double as decoration.

Mini Vases

Having a romantic, floral-filled event? Consider including your guests’ favors in the flower decor. Select small, single flower vases in one or more of your wedding colors, and place a flower in each one. Have the floral arrangements them waiting for your guests as their place settings or at an exit table when they leave after the reception. If you want to get extra fancy, you could even have your wedding date and location etched or written on the underside.

Finding your dream spring-inspired wedding favor might take a bit of work, but it’s a gesture that your guests will appreciate. Whether you pass out honey straws or spread the love with sunflower seeds, as long as it feels true to your celebration and makes your guests smile, it’ll be a gift that they’re honored to receive.

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