How to Source Black-Owned Wedding Vendors

Looking to hire Black-owned wedding vendors for your special day? We can help. Read on for our top tips and advice.

By Nilina Mason-Campbell

Source Black-Owned Wedding Vendors
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Whether your goal is to host a wedding featuring exclusively Black-owned vendors or you simply want to widen your vendor search net, we got you. Where and how you spend your money matters, as it can enable growth and prosperity. Whether sourcing stationery, bridal gowns, tailoring, or catering, there are plenty of Black-owned wedding vendors that fit the bill. Here’s how to find them.

Word of Mouth

There is simply no beating the recommendations of trusted friends and family members. Ask your loved ones for their favorite Black-owned vendor recs. Every couple goes through a lot of potential vendor options so it's a great place to start.

Local Press

Look for local profiles. Many cities and towns have minority-focused community newspapers that cast a spotlight on local Black-owned wedding vendors. Peruse their archives if you prefer to scour on your own and would like an in-depth profile and background to back up whatever businesses you find.

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Online Press

Many publications have compiled in-depth lists detailing Black-owned vendors. Whether your daily online reading includes wedding-specific websites or even general celebrity gossip sites, odds are there’s gonna be a guide that highlights black-owned business. Bonus points if you regularly read the website, since you’ll already be familiar with their types of recommendations.

Retail Marketplace Websites

Many websites that host makers large and small now have created devoted sections for Black-owned businesses. These are typically located via dropdown menus, website search bars, or even splashed across the front page of the site. Some sites, like Etsy, even let sellers band together in self-established teams, including ones dedicated to black makers. It’s worth strolling around and checking out team members—you might just come across the black wedding vendor of your dreams.

Social Media and Search

Search is always your friend. With the right keywords you can find pretty much anything you want or need online. You can search the whole web by typing “Black-owned” in quotation marks to make sure neither term is separated. Then tack on the word wedding outside of the quotation marks, followed by whatever fits your fancy. Think venues, florists, stationery, etc. The sky’s the limit. A variety of guides dedicated to Black-owned vendors will likely pop up that fit your criteria.

You can further hone that search by adding a geographical element, such as the city name where you live or where you’re planning to be married to narrow the search more. This will help bring up a variety of publications and sites, wedding-specific and otherwise, that you might not have come across otherwise.

In addition to unearthing further guides, you’re likely to find individual businesses that have added “Black-owned” to their website text or code to pop up in the result when someone does a related keyword search. When on specific wedding vendor websites, you can then navigate to their bio or about page to confirm their status.

Social Media

If you’re ready to go down the rabbit hole, but with incredible photographic evidence along the way, head to social media to plan out your wedding day. You can search the “Black-owned” or Black-owned business” hashtags on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

There will be millions of results as the net is a bit wide, but there are other related hashtags that can help narrow the focus and better fall within the wedding-related realm, like “black-owned restaurant,” “blackownedcomestics,” “blackownedjewelry,” “blackownedweddingbusiness,” and so on. You can find various products, nail salons, venues, and more this way.

An added step is to cross-reference with the Better Business Bureau in your city. Many makers and businesses displaying their abilities on social media might not appear, but it’s always worth looking for extra credentials.

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Black Business Associations

Many cities have black business associations where Black-owned businesses come together under the umbrella of the association to further their business collectively. You can find a local black business association by searching for just that along with the name of your city. If your city doesn’t have one, it may have a more general minority business association that you can search within.

Whether you are looking for a makeup artist, a floral designer, a wedding photographer, or an event planner, there are several ways to find a Black-owned business for your special event. It’s a worthwhile endeavor trying to find Black-owned businesses to help bring your wedding to life. It requires effort to seek and find, but there is a wide array of resources available to assist in the task.

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