February Wedding? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Falling in love with the idea of a February wedding? Here's all you need to know about celebrating this time of year.

By Monica Mercuri

February Wedding? Here’s Everything You Need to Know
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What better time to celebrate your love than in the month that celebrates it right back? February is a time filled with passion and heartwarming gestures big and small, a perfect backdrop to start your future together in marriage. It’s also a time dedicated to celebrating the milestones, culture, and richness of Black history in America. For so many this month holds great significance in shaping the way they live and love in the world around them. There may be fewer days to choose from, there’s no shortage of ways you can make the most of February as your wedding month. Look no further for all the fun facts and tips you’d ever need to plan your celebration.

The Basics

History And Culture

  • February is most known for Valentine’s Day, but did you know it’s also National Wedding Month? Given that Saint Valentine was a priest who conducted marriage ceremonies in third-century Rome, it’s understandable why this month gets all the love.
  • Ever wonder how white gowns become the norm for brides? Until the 1800s, brides used to wear colorful dresses, including off-white and ivory. But in February 1840, Queen Victoria wore a white dress at her wedding, setting the trend for generations to come.
  • According to some superstitions, couples should avoid getting married on February 29th as it’s said to bring bad luck! Luckily, that day comes only once in four years.

Ideas And Inspiration

What’s In Season?

The end of the winter season brings food and florals fit for warming our hearts and our plates.

  • They say the quickest way to the heart is through the stomach. So, fill your menu with dishes everyone loves like mac n’ cheese, brisket or baked chicken, and sweet greens!
  • For the drinks, play with winter flavors like apple, cranberry, cinnamon, and vanilla. You can ever break out a cider station and serve them hot or cold depending on the weather.
  • Love runs deep in February, so pick flowers to match. Deep-colored florals like poinsettias, roses, violets, and daffodils liven up any arrangement.


The winter months are about to bid farewell, but the season’s not over quite yet. Check out these weather tips to plan your wedding accordingly!

  • February brings diverse weather across the nation. Northeast and Midwestern regions may experience sporadic temperatures shifts, while Southern states may see their first signs of spring sunshine.
  • Winters is coming to an end, so catching snow on your wedding day would be a little more challenging. If snow is essential on your big day, stay updated with the weather forecasts.
  • Be prepared with umbrellas to fight off a rainy day. Depending on the weather in your regions, also consider factoring in delayed guest arrivals due to out-of-the-blue storms.


February is not packed with holidays, but you can look forward to a guaranteed long weekend every year, a great time to schedule your nuptials.

  • February 2nd: Groundhog Day
  • February 14th: Valentine’s Day
  • February 21st: President’s Day
  • February 28th: Lailat Al Miraj

President’s Day is celebrated every third Monday of February, giving you a whole weekend for your wedding parties.

Theme Ideas

All weddings can be romantic, but there are a few wedding themes that can help your wedding stand out.

  • Create an old Hollywood themed wedding where you two are truly the stars of the show. Make your wedding a black-tie event fit for the big screen.
  • Embrace bold red and white decor with a Valentine’s Day-themed wedding. Or if you’re aiming for something a bit more subtle, opt for chic pastels and muted pinks.
  • For a more refined affair, consider a theme that commemorates art history throughout its decor and design. A museum or small art gallery is the perfect setting.

Clothing Ideas

Don’t compromise on comfort or fashion when it comes to your wedding looks.

  • Ready to toss the layers? Opt for wool or corduroy outfits that look as cozy as they feel. Mix and match textured bottoms with silk or satin tops.
  • Denim at a wedding? Why not! Denim pieces come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and weights, making it perfect for a laid-back ceremony with a flexible dress code.

Quick color tip: Warm neutrals paired with bright festive colors make for perfect late winter color schemes.

Zola Facts

Curious how other couples are planning their February weddings? Here are some fun facts from Zola about weddings kicking off the new year.

Couples’ Favorite February Wedding Invites + Paper Designs

February’s most popular Invites + Paper designs on Zola that couples can’t stop falling in love with.

  • Eastwick Wreath - This botanical design features beautiful leafy vines that encircle your own custom photo for a personal touch.
  • Arthur Type - This classic design features large, dramatic script typeface to highlight your big day.
  • Gardner Bloom - This floral design features lovely hand-painted blooms next to a savvy mix of timeless typography.

Average Guest Count for February Weddings

The average number of wedding guests on the guestlist for a February wedding is 120.

Popular Registry Adds for February Weddings

Couples getting married in February have these top three must-adds on their wedding registries:

Things To Consider


Look forward to being the highlight of your loved ones’ schedules this month.

  • February may not be a top wedding month, but it is among the top for engagements! If you got engaged this month, consider planning a wedding in a year’s time for a full month of anniversary celebrations (and gifts).


Good news! Couples can save on venues and vendors by picking a date this month ahead of the spring/summer wedding season.

  • Many venues set up decorations for Valentine’s Day. So, if you’re thinking of an early February wedding, consider tailoring your theme save a few bucks on decor.
  • If you’ve got extra room in your budget, consider spreading extra love with personalized favors your guests will love like custom candles, hot cocoa kits, or picture frames.

So, all set for your February wedding? Trust us, you chose the right time to start a journey of a lifetime. Whether you’re all about the hearts and roses or prefer a chill, pared-back ceremony, this month is truly one where you can embrace all the possibilities. Learn more about how you can create the winter wedding of your dreams through more of our expert advice here on Zola!

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