Is Rain on Your Wedding Day Good Luck?

You may have heard that rain on your wedding day brings good luck. Is it true? Here’s what you need to know.

By Monica Mercuri

is rain on your wedding day good luck
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The First Look ✨

  • Superstitions point to rain as being good luck for a marriage, signifying fertility, a clean slate, renewal, and unity.
  • Focus on the many positives that come with rain on your wedding day, including spectacular photos, a sense of camaraderie among your guests, and a romantic atmosphere.
  • What’s most important is that you’re prepared with a backup plan for your outdoor ceremony or reception.

There’s so much to fret about when it comes to planning a wedding, and one of the biggest worries is often the weather on your wedding day—especially if you’re having an outdoor celebration. Rainy weather can put a damper on your special day, making the photos less vibrant, dirtying shoes and dresses, or even forcing you to change locations entirely.

But umbrellas and logistics aside, you may have heard some say that rain on one’s wedding day brings good luck. Is it true? Here’s what you need to know about whether rain on your wedding day is considered good fortune.

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Is Rain on Your Wedding Day Good Luck?

Many say that rain on your wedding day brings good luck, with some cultures viewing it as a symbol of fertility. Since rain brings forth crops from the ground, they believe this type of weather means you’ll be blessed with children. In Hindu traditions, rain on the day of a wedding is said to make the unit even stronger and longer-lasting, since a wet knot is very difficult to untie. Others see a rainy wedding as a sort of cleansing or renewal, wiping away difficulties from your past. And still, others say that rain on your big day signifies the last tears a bride will shed.

Rain is one of the many superstitions that surround weddings. While some believe that rain on your wedding day brings good luck, others argue the opposite. Those who think rain is bad luck say it portends sadness, with each raindrop standing for the number of tears a bride will shed during her marriage. Cloudy skies and thunder imply the tumult of the marriage. But keep in mind that while many superstitions persist in modern weddings (something old, new, borrowed, and blue, for example, symbolizes the past, the future, good fortune from someone else’s a happy marriage, and fidelity, respectively), today many couples decide to shake off old superstitions—among them, wearing a veil down the aisle to disguise the bride from evil spirits jealous of her happiness.

Benefits of Rain on Your Wedding Day

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Not convinced that rain brings good luck to your wedding? Think about the many positive benefits of a rainy wedding. With a rainy wedding:

  • You can take some spectacular wedding photos—especially if a rainbow shines through.
  • You’ll see your vendors at the top of their game and in their peak creative, problem-solving mindsets.
  • Flowers are less likely to wilt in the rain.
  • Your guests will probably be more comfortable in an indoor, climate-controlled space, which means they can better focus on you and the special celebration you planned for them. It’ll give them something to talk about and inspire camaraderie.

Cuddle up under an umbrella, embrace the romance of a rainy day, and enjoy a long kiss in the rain. And remember: Your rainy wedding day will make a great story for your grandchildren someday.

Whatever Happens Weatherwise, Be Prepared

Regardless of whether you believe a rainy wedding brings good luck or not, it’s impossible to control the weather or predict the forecast with total accuracy. What’s most important is that you work in consultation with your planner and vendors to prepare a rainy day backup plan for your outdoor ceremony or reception. Besides a plan B for the venue, think heat lamps, throws and pashminas, and warm beverages for guests. Make sure there are enough umbrellas for everyone and procure cute rain boots and colorful umbrellas for the photos.

Keep in mind that years from now the weather will likely be the last thing you remember when you think of your wedding day. Focus on the fact that you’re marrying the love of your life, and look at the bigger picture. Although it may be disappointing at the time, a spot of rain during your wedding is likely among the least significant challenges you two will face as a couple. Ultimately, it will show that you and your partner can weather anything together.

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