Elegant Wedding Favors for the Classy Couple

Here's a list of elegant and luxurious wedding favors that will elicit “oohs and ahhs” from your wedding guests.

By Alanna Nuñez

Elegant Wedding Favors
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The First Look ✨

  • Choose high-end favors like mini bottles of Dom Perignon or luxurious pashmina scarves.
  • Delicious favors like prosecco cordials or boxes of macarons, are elegant choices, too.

Wedding gifts and favors for an elegant wedding can range from boxes of macarons, to monogrammed candles, to beautiful boxes of cordials. Whichever direction you go in, you’ll want to choose a favor that looks classy amongst your wedding theme and decor.

Here, a list of elegant and luxurious wedding favors that will elicit “oohs and ahhs” from your wedding guests.

Boxes of Macarons

Treat your wedding guests to gorgeous boxes of macarons. These beautiful pastries may be petite, but they are always elegant and delicious. Choose macarons in your wedding colors, or choose seasonal flavors like pumpkin, maple, lemon, or lavender. You can order macarons from your favorite local bakery or have your caterer make them.

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Mini Champagne Bottles

Let the party continue on by giving your guests mini bottles of Champagne at the end of the evening. Choose high-end brands/types of Champagne, like Krug Brut or Dom Perignon, to make this favor even more special. You can also opt for personalized favors and customize the bottles with labels or tags with your names and wedding date if you’d like.

Pashmina Scarves

For outdoor or winter weddings, a pashmina scarf is a unique wedding favor to keep your guests warm. Order oversized scarves that double as blankets and are more gender-neutral. Guests will love having them for the plane or car ride home, too. You can choose scarves in your wedding colors or have them personalized with your initials and wedding date. Feel free to hand these out before cocktail hour (if it takes place outdoors) or at the end of the evening.

Monogram Candles

For an elegant wedding reception, a customized candle with your new last initial is a beautiful gift option. Guests can find their candle as part of the place setting as they sit down for dinner or you can hand them out at the end of the evening. If you want to level up the favor, hand out fun matchbooks, too.

Prosecco Cordials

No one will say no to chocolate. Don’t just give guests any old chocolate bars, though. These yummy and alcoholic prosecco cordials are covered in edible gold, making them almost too pretty to eat. You can give out the chocolates as part of the table setting or hand them out at the end of the evening as guests leave.

Candy Bar

A candy bar is a wonderful way to cater to any guest with a sweet tooth. And a bag of sweets and treats doubles as a wedding favor, too. If you want to elevate your candy bar, consider the presentation. Maybe choose candy in a single color or two, like white or silver or gold. Include bags that guests can take home with them or up your game with personalized boxes.

Heart-Shaped Favor Boxes

Anyone can give favors out in bags, but if you’re looking for a more elegant choice, go with these gorgeous heart-shaped favor boxes instead. Leave them on every place setting and fill them with a little treat like table mints or Jordan almonds.

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The best gift of all is giving, right? In lieu of favors, you may want to consider donating to a charity or cause important to you and your partner. Write a small note to guests at each of the tables or on their place setting explaining that you will be making a donation instead of handing out favors. It doesn’t get more classy than this.

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