Custom Wedding Favors

Custom wedding favors are a way to add a personal touch to your wedding reception and send guests off in style.

By Jane Chertoff

Custom Wedding Favors
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  • Choose thoughtful favors guests will actually enjoy, like custom masks and hand sanitizer, playing cards, or personalized cozy blankets.
  • Make sure to stay on budget and order the favors well in advance of your big day.

The wedding favors you give your guests are a great chance to offer a personalized touch to your wedding reception. You want the favors to be on-theme, practical, and something guests will enjoy. So make sure you put as much thought into them as you do other aspects of your big day.

Think of custom wedding favors as a thoughtful way to send guests off in style. You may go with monogrammed candles, drinking glasses, or candles. Or, you may choose to hand guests a sweet treat at the end of your wedding day. If you’re crafty, you may even want to DIY custom wedding favors.

When choosing custom favors, be sure to consider your budget, since you may have to pay extra for monogramming—and be sure to order them with plenty of time to spare before the big day.

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1. Custom Face Masks and Hand Sanitizers

Weddings during the COVID era are slightly different than what we’re all used to—but one thing you can count on is customized masks and bottles of hand sanitizer. This timely gift will surely be appreciated and help keep your guests safe and healthy. Order monogrammed masks and hand sanitizer you can print up for guests with your wedding date, initials, or even your names.

2. Candles

For an elegant or rustic-themed reception, a customized candle with your new last initial is a beautiful gift option. Guests can find their candle as part of the place setting as they sit down for dinner, or you can hand them out at the end of the evening. If you want to level up the favor, hand out fun matchbooks, too.

If you’re extra crafty, you could even DIY candles with a custom scent just for your guests. every time they light it, the scent you choose will remind them of your big day.

3. Custom Shot Glasses

The wedding night fun doesn’t have to end when the party does—send your guests off with customized shot glasses, so they can toast to you long after the big day. You can customize shot glasses to your wedding colors or choose clear glasses printed with your wedding date or initials on them.

4. Coffee and Doughnuts

Nothing says thoughtful like making sure your guests have breakfast ready to go the next morning. Print up some custom doughnut bags that say “All you need is love (and doughnuts)” along with your wedding date and names. You can’t have a doughnut without coffee, so pair the favor with a bag of coffee beans that says, “Julia and Lauren: A Perfect Blend.”

5. Personalized Playing Cards

You and your new spouse were already “lucky in love,” and now it’s time to pass along some of that luck to your guests. A custom playing deck that says “Lucky in Love,” plus your names and wedding date is a winning favor sure to get lots of use post-wedding. This favor idea works especially well for Vegas or casino weddings, but could also be used for anyone who enjoys a competitive game of cards now and again.

6. Sweets

Planning to have a sweet, candy, or cookie bar at your reception? Print up bags that say sweets and treats, your names, and the wedding date for an instant customized party favor anyone with a sweet tooth will love. You could do this with a popcorn or doughnut bar, too.

7. Mini Champagne Bottles

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Your guests will pop over this fun favor. Mini champagne bottles are so much fun (not to mention cute), and you can create custom labels with whatever you want on them. You may go for something traditional like “Mr. and Mrs. Campbell, July 2, 2022,” or “Thank you for celebrating with us -- Marla and David, est. 2021.”

8. Personalized Blankets

If you’re having a fall or winter wedding (or just an evening reception where you think it might be chilly), a cozy blanket is a perfect favor. You can put a sign next to the blankets saying, “To have and to hold, and to keep you from getting cold!” You can also customize them with your initials and wedding date for a perfect keepsake from your big day.

9. Sunglasses or Flip-Flops

For a destination or summer wedding, sunglasses or flip-flops (or both) are favors guests will love. Print your names and/or wedding date on the sides to customize this favor even more. Not only will they enjoy wearing their new shades on the dance floor, but they can also sport them the next day when the light seems, ahem, a bit bright. Plus, ladies will gladly trade in their heels for flip-flops at the end of the night.

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