Chocolate Wedding Favors to Satisfy Your Guests' Sweet Tooth

Send your wedding guests off with a little something sweet.

By Jane Chertoff

Chocolate Wedding Favors
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The First Look ✨

  • Chocolate wedding favors are a delicious idea for sending guests off with a sweet treat at the end of a fun evening.
  • Choose seasonally appropriate chocolates, like S’mores, for a summer wedding or hot chocolate mix for winter nuptials.
  • You can choose elegant chocolate favors, like geometric truffles, or even put your faces on M&M’s.

Chocolate wedding favors are sure to be appreciated by wedding guests with a sweet tooth. It’s also a sneaky way to give them a bonus dessert to enjoy at the end of the night.

From decorative chocolate favors, like boxes of truffles that double as artwork, to personalized chocolates with you and your fiance's faces on them, to s’mores, there are so many great options out there for chocolate wedding favors.

Try to choose chocolate favors that fit in well with your wedding style and aesthetic (hot chocolate screams winter wedding, for example.) Also, make sure to stay on budget and make sure the chocolates can be delivered on time for your big day—but not too soon before if they need to be enjoyed fresh.


As if there wasn’t enough love at your big day--send guests off with “S’more love!” Include a cute packet of s’more ingredients—a marshmallow, graham cracker, and bar of chocolate, of course. S’mores make an especially great favor for summer, outdoor, or rustic weddings. This DIY favor is budget-friendly, too.

Hot Chocolate

For a winter, Christmas, or Valentine's Day wedding, consider giving hot chocolate mix as a favor. You can order gourmet hot chocolate mix or even DIY your cocoa packets. You can also set up a hot chocolate bar with toppings like candy canes and order bags guests can take to-go. Bonus points if your HOCHO favor includes marshmallows!

Mini Nutella Jars

Chocolate Wedding Favors to Satisfy Your Guest's Sweet Tooth Photo Credit // Shutterstock

Nutella might not be your first thought when it comes to a wedding favor, but these personalized mini jars that you can customize with your and your fiance’s names will win everyone over. If you are having a Parisian themed wedding or are just fans of the yummy hazelnut spread, this is a cute favor idea that guests can put on their toast the next morning (or just enjoy with a spoon.)

Modern Truffles

Looking for an elevated favor for an elegant or modern wedding? Give guests a box of handcrafted truffles. These little chocolates practically double as artwork; they are so beautiful (almost too beautiful to eat—almost!) You can give out the chocolates as part of the table setting or hand them out at the end of the evening as guests leave.

Chocolate Wedding Favors to Satisfy Your Guest's Sweet Tooth Photo Credit // Shutterstock

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The cake is one thing, but handing out chocolate chip cookies at the end of the night will put your wedding over-the-top. You can make the cookies yourself, order some from your favorite local bakery, or ask your caterer to make them for you. You can also order custom cookie bags to thank your guests. You don’t have to serve your cookies with mini jars of milk, but it’s highly recommended.

Customized M&M’s

M&M’s with your faces printed on them? It’s your wedding day, so yes, it can be done! Just place an order through the M&M's official website and submit any photo you like. (You can also order text only candies with your initials or wedding date instead.) Note that at $5 for 20 packets, it’s not the most economical favor, but it sure is cute.

Chocolate Covered Oreos

Want to celebrate the new Mr. and Mr. or Mr. and Mrs. with a little dunk in milk? Order customizable bride and/or groom chocolate covered oreos to pass out to all the guests. You can even pick out the groom’s bowtie color and the color of the bride’s flowers to match yours. Hand out this delicious favor at the end of the night or even put it in guest’s hotel rooms for a welcome surprise.

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