Bach Party Website Ideas

If you’re planning a bach party, continue reading to find out how a bachelor or bachelorette website can come in handy.

By Maggy Lehmicke

Bach Party Website Ideas
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Your wedding website can serve countless uses, often providing your guests with critical info on the big day and any correlated events. From the engagement photos to the website design, it’s also an opportunity for you and your fiance to get creative and show off your style.

However, what many couples overlook is how to best utilize their website… particularly when it comes to events outside of the big day. If you’re planning a bach party, stay tuned to find out how your bachelor or bachelorette website can come in handy.

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What Does a Wedding Website Have to Do With a Bach Party?

One of the best parts of creating a wedding website is maximizing its many uses, and having a single location for all your event info is crucial for streamlining the planning process. Though many newlyweds choose to go the traditional route with invites and email chains, it’s worth noting that those aren’t your only options.

Part 1: Maximizing Your Wedding Website

Your wedding website is one of the most useful (and often under-utilized) tools you have as you plan your big day. Not only is it a great way to have all the important information in one place, but it also serves as a point of communication between you and your guests throughout the planning process. Your time and energy are especially valuable when the clock starts ticking, so finding tools and tricks that simplify the planning process is going to save you a lot of stress.

Designing a Website That Works for You

Start by picking a template or theme that reflects your style and has the capabilities you’re looking for. Zola has nearly 400 designs to choose from, whether you’re looking for something bold, culturally relevant, or more traditional. From colors to fonts, they’re also completely customizable and easy to coordinate with other stationery, such as wedding invitations, and save the dates.

When creating your wedding website, it’s also worth considering what information you want front-and-center. For example, if you’re having a destination wedding, you might want this clearly displayed on your site’s homepage. Big storytellers? Maybe you’d prefer the retelling of how you met to be the first thing that your guests see, instead. Just make sure that whatever you choose is easy for your guests to navigate and is reflective of you as a couple.

Information to Include

Having your date, time, and wedding venue in an easy place to find is most important. However, there are many other elements that you can (and probably should) include on your website, including transportation details, nearby accommodations, and a link to your wedding registry. You can also add more personal pieces, such as bios of your wedding party, photos from your engagement shoot, and the story of how you and your fiance met.

How the Bach Party Comes into Play

When it comes to additional events such as the rehearsal dinner and bach parties, every couple does it differently. However, including these details on your website can make the process more streamlined, remove some to-dos off of your plate, and simplify the process for your invitees. It also saves you the headache of managing additional RSVPs!

Part 2: Incorporating Your Bach Party Details on Your Website

Now that you know that including your bach party details on your website is a possibility, it’s time to break down the “why” and “how.” Is it for you? What’s worth including and what should you leave out? Are your guests likely to be confused? These are just a few of the questions we’re tackling.

First Thing’s First: Is It a Good Idea?

In short, yes… as long as it’s done right. As noted above, the more information you can provide on your website, the better. Not only does it help you by taking some stress out of the wedding planning process, but it makes the information easier for your guests to digest too. There’s always some room for error (we’ll get to that in a bit!), but we’re firm believers that the pros outweigh the cons.

Key Details to Share

If you’re listing your bach details on your website, you’ll want to start with the essentials: date and place. You might not have the exact timing or transportation sorted out yet, but don’t sweat it. List as much (or as little) as you’re comfortable with. You can even include the contact info of whoever is responsible for planning the event, whether it be the maid of honor, best man, or another loved one.

Who Should Be Invited?

In most cases, this is a deeply personal decision. However, we can still provide some guidance on who is “traditionally” invited to bachelor and bachelorette parties. This usually includes your close friends from the wedding party, whether they be bridesmaids, bridesmen, groomsmen, or family members. If you have a small wedding party of a handful of folks that you know can’t make it to the wedding, then inviting a few additional close friends is fairly standard too.

When it comes to your bach party guest list, it’s most important to think about the type of experience you want to have… and who you want to have it with! For example, if you’re craving something intimate and low-key, maybe renting a lakeside Airbnb with a couple of close friends is right up your alley. If you’re going for more of a wild, bach party bash, then inviting 20 people to celebrate with you in a lavish destination might be more your vibe. Just make sure that the people you choose are whom you’re most comfortable with and will help you have a great time.

Managing RSVPs

One of the best parts of including your bach party details on your website is that you can consolidate all of your RSVPs in one place. At Zola, all you have to do is add a separate event under the RSVP section for your bach party and select the attendees you’d like to invite. Note that this information is private, so even if you decide to forgo putting the dirty details on your website, you can still utilize the RSVP tool.

Mistakes to Avoid

Let’s face it, at some point during the wedding planning process, we all mess up. When it comes to bach parties, one mistake to avoid is accidental RSVPs. For example, if you have a list of 12 people who are invited to the bachelorette, you don’t want to have other wedding guest attendees thinking that they’re invited as well. This issue can be averted by making sure that you’ve created a separate event for your bach party and hand-selecting each guest that you’d like to attend. It’s also best to keep the event description simple and to-the-point, in case of details shift and to avoid potential jealousy from wedding guests who weren’t invited.

Part 3: Creative Bach Party Website Ideas

When it comes to bach parties and wedding websites, the creativity is endless. Whether you’re looking for guidance or simply hoping for some extra inspiration, we’re full of ideas.

Create a Fun Theme

If your wedding has a theme, your bachelor or bachelorette party is the perfect opportunity to start building hype. Getting married on the beach? Consider having your bach party crew don nautical attire. Going with a sports theme on your big day? Incorporate tournament brackets into your invites, decorations, or party games.

Even if your wedding doesn’t have an established theme, you can always pull elements from your website and stationery to serve as inspiration. If you and your fiance are big travelers, maybe you decide to create passports and document each bar you visit with a “stamp.” Or maybe your classic, upscale stationery suggests kicking things off with a 1920s-themed, Gatsby-style bash. Host a brainstorm with your closest friends and have fun with it.

Make It Interactive

If you want to get your wedding guests involved before the big day, consider incorporating interactive elements on your website. For example, include a survey for guests to vote on the music that they’d like played during the reception. You can even host a virtual cocktail-making competition to help decide which libations you’ll serve on the big day. Anything that will engage your guests and make them feel more involved is sure to be a big hit.

Create a Photo Album

Another fun way to build hype for your big day is to create a bach party photo album on your wedding website. Then, after the bachelor/bachelorette weekend shenanigans are over, and you’re sorted through all your photos (this step is key… ), consider posting a few of your favorites to your wedding website. At Zola, you can create a page specifically for all of your photos and sort them by album, making it easy for your guests to share in your excitement.

Have a Separate Site for Your Bach Party

If you love the idea of having your bach party details on your website but aren’t in love with the possibility of confusion or jealousy, then creating a website specifically for your bach party might be the route for you to go. This way, you’ll not only be able to include as many details as you choose, but you’ll also be able to shift the vibe of the site to fit your bach party. After all, a weekend in Vegas might call for a slightly different look than the romantic rendezvous you’ve got planned.

Pulling It All Together

No matter what route you decide to go, it’s hard to go wrong. Zola’s many tools and features can not only help you organize separate events, but they can manage RSVPs and share only the most important details with your loved ones. With an abundance of beautiful website designs, easy-to-use tools, and a dashboard that keeps all of your ideas and to-dos all in one place, think of us as the low-profile planner you didn’t know you had (or needed).

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