August Wedding? Here's Everything You Need to Know

We’re gathering all the details you need to pull off your August wedding.

By Alexis Ferguson

August Wedding? Here's Everything You Need to Know
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The First Look ✨

No month embodies “going out with a bang” quite like August. As the last month of summer, August ushers in some of the most exciting changes and events of the season. It’s no wonder this month of transitioning seasons and schedules is one of the top picks for couples entering into married life.

If you’re looking forward to an August wedding, this guide is for you.

The Basics

History and Culture

Here’s a bit of background on August for those getting married this month:

  • August was given its name in honor of the first emperor of Rome, Caesar Augustus (a grandnephew of Julius Caesar).
  • This is known as a month of harvest in many cultures. Festivals celebrating the summer crop are held around the globe, from the Gaelic festival Lammas to the Caribbean festival Crop Over.
  • The August Perseids is one of the most well known meteor showers of the year, with the showers reaching its peak visibility in the Northern Hemisphere.

Ideas and Inspiration

What’s in Season

With summertime harvest in full swing, take advantage of the season’s food and flowers.

  • Cooler summer days allow a range of colors, textures, and temperatures in your wedding menu. Corn, peppers, tomatoes, and squash are popular additions to any soup, salad, or entré.
  • Celebrate a sweet summer with ice cream, gelato, or even fresh fruit smoothies.
  • Fill your bouquets with magnolias, lilies, orchids, and even snapdragons for arrangements bursting with character.


The summer sun is still out strong in August, but the month is no stranger to stormy days.

  • August is the third month of hurricane season for places in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific. Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, and even New York are subject to tropical storms during this time.
  • August is also a peak month for wildfires along the West Coast, especially states like California, Texas, and Arizona. Be mindful of the possibility of evacuations around your wedding date.
  • Southern and Southwestern regions face milder summer temperatures, hovering around the high 70s and low 90s.

Your local weather forecasts should keep you up to date on any possible weather changes around your wedding date. Use your wedding website as a hub to keep your guests in the loop about any weather changes that may affect your wedding.


August is a busy month for more than just weddings. It’s home to a number of observances, religious holidays, and celebrations. Keep these days in mind when scheduling your wedding events.

  • August 1: Lammas/ Lughnasadh (Gaelic festival)
  • August 2: British Columbia Day (Canadian holiday)
  • August 9-10: Hijri New Year (Islamic holiday)
  • August 18-19: Ashura (Islamic holiday)
  • August 22: Raksha Bandhan(Hindu holiday) , Obon (Buddhist festival)
  • August 29-30: Krishna Janmashtami (Hindu celebration)

This month tends to mark the beginning of loved ones transiting back into their regular work or school schedules. Be sure to get your wedding on their calendars early.

Theme Ideas

Take advantage of the flexibility of having an August wedding with your choice of venues and themes.

Clothing Ideas

Merge summer fabrics with fall colors for the ideal August wedding attire.

  • Chiffon or silk dresses keep things free and flowing during the warm summer days. They’re also great for a spaghetti strap or sleeveless look.
  • If you’re facing cooler weather, opt for a velvet or corduroy ensemble. Nothing spruces up a suit like a bold color-texture combo.

Quick color tip: The theme for the month is contrasting colors. Match your neutrals and deep earthy tones with pops of reds, greens, and yellows.

Zola Facts

Interested in how couples are celebrating their August weddings? Check out these Zola fun facts.

Couples’ Favorite August Wedding Invites + Paper Designs

  • Riverside Suite- This timeless design features a whimsical handwritten script that accents your custom photo.
  • Violin Suite- This classic design features dramatic script calligraphy over your own custom photo.
  • Galata Suite - This botanical design features leafy eucalyptus garlands that frame your wedding details gorgeously.

Average Guest Count for August Weddings

The average number of wedding guests on the guestlist for an August wedding is 146.

Popular Registry Adds for August Weddings

Things to Consider


August is one of the top five most popular wedding months of the year. Keep this in mind when checking for venue and vendor availability.

  • Weddings won't be the only things filling up calendars. Venues and vendors could still be busy with other end-of-summer events, so be sure to book your vendors well in advance.
  • Be mindful that your loved ones may be returning to their regular work and school schedules toward the end of the month. Give enough time (four to six months out) for guests to save your wedding date.


Here are some key factors that may affect your wedding budget.

  • You’re in luck this month. August wedding prices tend to beat the popular fall wedding season.
  • Much like other summer months, favorable weather makes Augusts’ wedding budgets super flexible. Plan anything from a rustic backyard wedding to an extravagant ballroom event.
  • Unexpected storms may impact your plans, so set aside a portion of your budget for your day-of backup plan.

August is really the perfect time to enjoy the fruits of your love with a wedding celebration you’ll never forget. Breezy summer days bring in a beautiful wedding season, but take care not to get overwhelmed by changing schedules and weather forecast this month. Remember: Zola is here to keep your wedding planning stress free all 365 days of the year!

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