July Wedding? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Your guide to celebrating a wedding in July.

By Alexis Ferguson

July Wedding? Here's Everything You Need to Know
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Summer is a season chalked full of celebrations of all shapes and sizes, and July’s certainly the month at the center of it all. For many, the beautiful “dog days” of July are booked with vacays, rest days, barbecues, and you guessed it, weddings! If you’re wanting to nail down a July wedding date, there are a few things you should take into account.

Here’s all you need to know to celebrate your July wedding to the fullest.

The Basics

History and Culture

Here are a few fun facts about July that add to the perks of getting married this month:

  • The month of July was originally called “Quintilis”, meaning “fifth month”, marking where it originally fell on the Roman 10-month calendar. It was then renamed in 45 BCE in honor of Julius Caesar, the Roman dictator who laid the groundwork for our 12-month calendar.
  • Numerous countries around the globe celebrate their independence days in July, including the United States, Argentina, Belarus, Venezuela, Belgium, the Bahamas, and the Maldives. The national days for France and Canada are also in July.
  • With July at the heart of the summer season, you can count on long days and beautiful weather to add to the joy of celebrating a wedding this month.

Ideas and Inspiration

What’s in Season

Some of the best and brightest food and flowers will be in season for your mid-summer wedding.

  • If the sun’s going to be out in full force on your big day, match that energy with colorful fresh fruit and veggie spreads. Nothing says “summer” like a bowl of garden greens followed by melons, peaches, and raspberries for dessert.
  • Flavors of the season are tart and refreshing. Lemon, mango, and coconut add a tropical flair to any sweet drinks.
  • Take advantage of what’s in bloom by letting sunflowers, orchids, dahlias, and lilies shine in your decor. These buds will fill your wedding bouquets with bold yellows, oranges, pinks, and purples.


The month of July is usually when the summer heat gets its hottest, but it could also bring with it some unexpected storms.

  • July marks the second month of hurricane season for the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific regions. States, including Florida, North Carolina, and Louisiana, and many popular Caribbean wedding destinations are prone to tropical storms.
  • Also on watch: States such as California and others on the West Coast where drought conditions can spark large-scale fires resulting in poor air quality and possibly evacuations.
  • Outside temperatures in the South and Southwest can get as hot as 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Stay tuned in to your local weather forecasts for updates around your wedding date. Your wedding website is one of the best ways to let your guests know your backup plans for unexpected weather changes on your big day.


July is perfect for filling your days with all kinds of wedding celebrations since it’s a month without many major holidays.

  • July 1: Canada Day
  • July 4: Independence Day (U.S.)
  • July 14: Bastille Day

Though the month is light on official holidays, it makes up for it by being the national month of some of our favorite things, i.e. National Ice Cream Month and National Picnic Month.

Theme Ideas

Enjoy the luxury to pick and choose from all kinds of wedding venues and locations for your July wedding.

This time of the year is really where outdoor venues sparkle and shine. From string lights and lanterns to candles and sparklers, don’t miss the chance to really have fun with your outdoor wedding decor.

Clothing Ideas

The cakes shouldn't be the only things getting a little “naked” this season.

  • Keep things lightweight and airy to match the warm weather. Your wedding party and guests should make the most of shorter hems and even shorter sleeves.
  • Cotten and linen are popular choices for this wedding season but don’t overlook the stylishness of a silk or chiffon look.

Quick color tip: With spring far behind us, July’s officially time to hang up the neutrals and pastels. Show up and show out in bold and colorful patterns, or opt for deep jewel tones for a more formal setting.

Zola Facts

Want to know how couples are celebrating their July weddings? Here are some fun facts from Zola.

Couples’ Favorite July Wedding Invites + Paper Designs

  • Riverside Suite- This timeless design features a whimsical handwritten script that accents your custom photo.
  • Violin Suite- This classic design features dramatic script calligraphy over your own custom photo.
  • DIY Portrait - Printed on luxe paper, this option is perfect for couples who want to upload a wedding invitation design from their own files.

Average Guest Count for July Weddings

The average number of wedding guests on the guestlist for a July wedding is 148.

Popular Registry Adds for July Weddings

Things to Consider


July holds a ton of perks when it comes to hosting weddings, and that means the month’s often in high demand.

  • The summer months are often some of the busiest wedding months of the year, so be prepared to book your vendors well in advance to lock in your date.
  • RSVPs roll in a lot faster as guests rush to fill their summer schedules. Along with having more flexibility, a little extra room in budgets for travel and gifts this season makes July a wedding month filled with opportunity.


Rising demand for July wedding dates brings with it higher prices and less availability.

  • Expect popular venues and vendors to be booked well in advance this month and for those unbooked to be sporting summer prices to match the demand.
  • July’s flexibility does open up options that can suit almost any wedding budget, from DIY backyard ceremonies to 5-star all-inclusive destination elopements.
  • Keep in mind unpredictable weather patterns can potentially drive up costs as you factor backup plans into your budget.

A month like July is hard to resist when deciding what time of the year is right for your wedding. Bright summer days are truly a beautiful backdrop for any celebration but do keep in mind the weather, seasonal popularity, and jam-packed schedules that tag along with this wedding month. But don’t sweat it! Zola can help you get ready for any and all things weddings all year round.

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