Affordable Wedding Favors For Any Wedding

Send your guests off with something to remember your big day. There are plenty of affordable and unique wedding favor ideas to explore that won’t stretch your budget.

By Deanna deBara

Affordable Wedding Favors
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The First Look ✨

  • If you’re having a candy bar as part of your wedding dessert offerings, personalized candy boxes can make for a delicious edible.
  • Personalized bubble wands make for a fun and affordable wedding favor—and, as an added bonus, your guests can use them at the wedding for a fun bubble send off.
  • Custom wedding matches can make for a sophisticated wedding favor—but still fall under the affordable umbrella.

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are a lot of details that need to be ironed out, from writing your vows, to designing your wedding ceremony programs and creating your seating chart.

If you decide you want to send your guests off with something to remember your nuptials, another detail that you need to figure out before your big day is wedding favors.

Luckily, you don’t have to stretch your wedding budget too much to send your guests off with a fun, personalized wedding favor. There are plenty of affordable wedding favor options out there. The question is—what, exactly, are those options?

Let’s take a look at some ideas for affordable wedding favors that won’t break the bank.

Candy Boxes

Affordable Wedding Favors For Any Wedding Photo Credit // Tsegallery Photography

Wedding cakes are, obviously, a classic wedding dessert. But many couples prefer to offer wedding dessert alternatives, either instead of, or in addition to, cake, and one of the most popular alternatives is candy bars.

But candy bars can do more than give your guests a fun snack to nibble on at your wedding reception, they can also double as an affordable wedding favor. Snag some personalized candy boxes (you can find plenty of options on Etsy, such as these clear two-inch boxes with personalized labels, which will run you $19.99 for a set of 12, or these personalized paper boxes, which are just $1.25 each) and have your guests fill them up with candy and other sweet treats on their way out of the reception.

Custom Candy Kisses

Candy boxes are a great wedding favor. But, if you don’t have the budget to create personalized candy boxes, you can still get the same vibe—and save on your wedding favors—by just personalizing the candy.

These personalized Hershey Kisses make for a bite-sized wedding favor that your guests are sure to remember—and you can get them for as little as $.33 per kiss. So, if you want a wedding favor that’s affordable and delicious, why not send your guests off with a personalized chocolate kiss?

Personalized Bubbles

Sometimes, the best wedding favors are the ones that your guests can use at the wedding. And, if you want to add a touch of whimsy and give your guests something that they can enjoy during your big day, one of the best—and most affordable—wedding favors out there are bubbles.

Bubble wands are incredibly affordable (for example, you can score a pack of 48 bubble wands for just $16.99 on Etsy)—and from there, all you need to do is purchase personalized labels to make them feel more festive and wedding appropriate. And, lucky for you, the labels are also extremely affordable; you can get 48 personalized labels to go with your bubble wands for $7.95—bringing your total per DIY wedding favor to just $.52 per bubble wand.

On your wedding day, just place a personalized bubble wand on each seat—and then let your guests go wild blowing bubbles when you walk down the aisle after the ceremony or during your big wedding send-off.

Wedding Matches

If you want to give your guests a wedding favor that’s both classy and affordable, you can’t go wrong with personalized matches.

A well-designed matchbox has a kind of old Hollywood glamour that feels more upscale and luxurious than the price tag would suggest. You can get a set of 100 custom matchboxes designed to go with your wedding style, whether that’s a traditional monogram or a more modern design with your wedding date, initials, and fun (or pun!) saying such as “Sparks Flew” or “Let’s Get Lit” for $69 (or $.69 per matchbox).

If you’re working with a tight budget and want to save even more on your wedding favors, you can score these personalized matchbooks (complete with a very wedding-appropriate interlocking heart graphic) for even less—$24.29 for a set of 50, or just $.49 per matchbook.

Glass Coasters

Candy, bubbles, and matches are some of the best wedding favors, but they also have a pretty short shelf life. So, if you want to give your guests custom wedding favors that they can use long after your big day, you’ll need to invest in something a little more substantial—but you don’t have to break the bank in the process.

Personalized wedding coasters are a great (and surprisingly affordable) wedding favor idea if you want to give your guests a practical item that they can use. These custom glass coasters—which you can personalize with your wedding-themed message—are just $2.41 apiece and are available in a variety of colors to match any wedding color palette.

This wedding favor is perfect if you want your guests to bring a piece of your special day back home with them—plus, it’ll be fun for them to display the coasters when you visit their home and have a drink.

Find the Affordable Wedding Favor That’s Right for You

Affordable Wedding Favors For Any Wedding Photo Credit // Craigobrist Photography

These affordable wedding favors can be a great choice for any wedding, but if they don’t feel like quite the right fit for your special day, no worries. These are just meant to spark your creativity and get your wheels turning. There are a huge variety of affordable wedding favor options, so get out there and find the wedding favor that feels like the perfect fit for your big day (and at the perfect price).

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