9 Wedding Readings for Children

If your little ones are part of the wedding ceremony, consider some age-appropriate texts. Check out our suggestions for wedding readings for children today.

By Ruksana Hussain

Wedding Readings for Children
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If you’ve decided to have little ones be part of your wedding ceremony, then finding a few apt wedding readings for children is a decision you’ll need to make as a couple. There are a few factors to consider, like selecting age-appropriate text and the comfort level of the child in reading what’s provided. Of course, you also want to be sure that any text is aligned with your wedding theme for maximum enjoyment. Don’t limit yourself, though. These readings can be fun, creative, formal, cultural—there are options aplenty. To help guide you, let’s look at what might work best for your big day.

Children's Stories

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Winnie The Pooh and The Velveteen Rabbit are two that children will relate to right away and might find fun to read. Choose just enough of a portion that they will enjoy the reading, but not find it cumbersome to perform aloud in front of an audience.

Sweet Poems

Rhyming words with a cute message are perfect wedding readings for children. It’s easy for them to read and understand. Make it as much fun for them to participate and bring you happiness as it is for you to receive on your wedding day. Words by Dr. Seuss always provide a solution when you want something simple yet meaningful. And you can rest assured most everyone attending will know a little something attributed to Dr. Seuss, too.

Animated Movies

This is a great source, as you can choose scenes from Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty, Up, and many more. There’s a fair chance your wedding readers will know these lines already, providing instant relatability for all the children at your wedding. Plus, it’s a sweet way to bring in some child-like sentimentality to the event.

Religious Readings

If your wedding ceremony is set on a more religious tone, then ensure children and their parents are comfortable reading the text you’ve settled on. Seek guidance from your place of worship in choosing something wedding-centric yet suitable for children. This may also require a little bit more attention from your end to practice enunciation and stress on certain words and phrases, especially if it involves learning to read in a different language.

Cultural Notes

9 Wedding Readings for Children Photo Credit // Shutterstock

Infusing more of your cultural backgrounds into the day’s proceedings is an avenue to include some traditional wedding readings for children. These can be stories passed on from generation to generation or familial words of wisdom—just ensure they are child-appropriate at all times.

Head to the Movies

Bring back memories of all those romantic date nights to the movies and include lines from some of your favorite silver screen flicks as wedding readings for children. You’ll have fun compiling it and your guests will enjoy it, too. This can be a really fun twist if some of the movies are blockbuster hits and your guests can easily identify the lines you picked.

On a Musical Note

Surely the two of you have tunes you listen to that are special and hold significance to this day. Don’t keep your special song only for your first dance as a couple. You can select unique wedding readings for children from some of those lyrics—and maybe even play the song in the background later.

Poetry and Prose

Older children might be just the right age group for more poetic or prose-like verses from Khalil Gibran or Pablo Neruda that have a deeper meaning or significance to the day. Again, keep in mind that you want the reading to be equally enjoyable for yourself, your guests, and the children involved, so choose with that consideration in mind. Have a few options available to see what works best for the children involved.

Create Your

If you’d like to make your special day your own, then wedding readings for children penned by the two of you will make this day all the more special. Whether cheesy or funny, sentimental or traditional, you have the freedom to add your signature to this part of your ceremony in addition to everything else you’ve planned.

Choosing wedding readings for children can be a lot of fun to work on and a great experience for your family as a whole—including the kids you enlist to participate in your wedding ceremony. As with everything else in your wedding, remember that this will hold a special place in the day’s proceedings. Curate with care, so it will always remain a loving memory of your wedding day.

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