5 Year Anniversary Ideas

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By Ruksana Hussain

5 Year Anniversary Ideas
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Congratulations on making it to the five-year mark and the first of the milestone anniversaries you’ll celebrate in a big way. The traditional gift for the five-year wedding anniversary is wood, symbolizing your enduring relationship as a couple. The modern version includes flatware as an ideal gift for the home. And, if you’d like to go the floral route, then daisies are the recommended choice. Anything in a sapphire blue hue is also perfect for the momentous occasion. Below, our top five year anniversary ideas, so you can find the perfect gift for your special someone.

Begin With Blue

5 Year Anniversary Ideas Photo Credit // Unsplash

For the five-year anniversary, any jewelry featuring a priceless sapphire is a lovely gift to give. Make it even more special with a coordinated set or a special message etched on the back or on the inside.

Other precious blue stones in sapphire tones include topaz, turquoise, and tanzanite. A statement pendant, ring, or bracelet starring these gems can also turn into family heirlooms to pass on with love to the next generation.

Whether blue skies or blue seas, pick a spot and make a dash for it. A weekend getaway, especially a surprise event, is a fun way to commemorate the special day with loved ones. Make it memorable with the original bridal party sharing in the activities.

A celebratory wreath with dark blue blooms, blue jade ornaments for festivals your family celebrates, or meditation stones placed around the home spreads the loving sentiment of comfort and belonging within your personal space.

About That Flatware

One of the most popular fifth anniversary ideas out there is flatware. Dinnertime together is a special moment shared every day, so why not choose themed flatware to adorn your table in celebration of your five-year wedding anniversary? Shop from a local designer you’ve been following or some custom designed offerings from local boutique stores. This gift idea is both practical and memorable, serving as the perfect token to celebrate the married couple.

Go fancy with silver, gold, rose gold, or other metallic hues that will accentuate your existing dinnerware collections. For the hosts with the most fun parties, a cheese knife set truly stands out and is a great conversation starter at every celebration you throw from here on out.

If flatware doesn’t make the cut, then put a spin on it with a new set of bar tools to cherish signature cocktails with friends and loved ones when entertaining at home. Add a few recipes or even a subscription to a cocktail club to up the fun a notch.

Wood is Good

If you’re looking to give a traditional wood anniversary gift, there are many different directions you can go in. A wooden frame holding a special piece of artwork or one you created just for your spouse, a prized moment from your wedding day, or the lyrics of the first song you danced to as a couple is a great memento to add to the family frames in your home.

Oenophiles will enjoy the utility value of a well-crafted wooden wine serving tray to hold wine glasses, as well as some cheese, fruit, chocolate or other bites to indulge in during those cozy evening happy hours together.

Also, consider board games. Invest in wooden versions of much-loved games to play together with friends and family. So many fun moments are in store around this signature piece from your five-year anniversary celebration.

Finally, mark the day with a barrel of wine. Support your favorite winemaker by purchasing a barrel of a varietal you both enjoy. Have bottles shipped or enjoy onsite when you visit the winery next for a sip of the special libation.

Daisies Speak Love

5 Year Anniversary Ideas Photo Credit // Unsplash

A simple, yet gorgeous five-year wedding anniversary idea is a bouquet of beautiful blooms, and there’s nothing like a beautiful focal vase with a brilliant bouquet of daisies to announce the day. Get a little extra with multiple vases in different rooms as a surprise. If you have a backyard or even a small garden, then growing daisies in your personal space is a beautiful reminder of the day.

Daisy print linen sheets in high-quality thread counts for your master bedroom is one five-year wedding anniversary gift you will both take comfort in over the years. Or extend the theme to other parts of your home with daisy patterned tablecloths, bath towels, and garden chair cushions.

Scented candles and perfumed oils are great stress busters, so add that daisy aroma to the list and revel in the calming effects of it all around your home. Many perfume brands include daisies in their fragrances. Choose one to match your spouse’s taste and preference.

For the health conscious, wild daisy tea from your local tea connoisseurs, complete with a themed gift basket is a symbolic way to show you care. Add a book, a daisy fragrance pillow, and some daisy-inspired confections to pair it with.

How you choose to symbolize your five-year wedding anniversary with your significant other or family and friends is a moment you will want to remember at other milestone anniversaries in the future. Make it unique in every way, in a manner that takes you back to your special day.

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