Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband

Wanting to think out the box for your upcoming wedding anniversary gifts? Read this guide for some inspiration on choosing an anniversary gift for your husband.

By Shira Telushkin

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband
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Your wedding anniversary is coming up, and you want to get your husband something he will love. While certain gifts are timeless, such as a watch or a tie, we know that it can be hard to find the right gift year after year. Fortunately, there are many gifts your husband will appreciate as a celebration of your wedding anniversary, and the Zola team is here to help. Here are some great wedding anniversary gift ideas for your husband.

Framed Photograph

A particularly romantic, thoughtful gift would be a framed photograph of the two of you. This can be a large photograph to hang in your home or a smaller one he can display at the office or on a home desk.

Inscribed Book

For the literary husband, the perfect gift could be a novel, book of poetry, biography, or dramatic coffee table book inscribed with a note detailing why you think he would love the book. You can also highlight a particular poem, passage, or photograph within the book that made you think of him. The more you can personalize the gift, the more it will demonstrate how well you know him.

For this personalized gift, just be sure to choose a book that matches his interests. Now is not the time to choose a book that you love and hope he enjoys.

Bottle of Spirits

For the right husband, few gifts will beat a choice bottle of one of his favorite drinks. Whether he’s a whiskey, scotch, or a unique liqueur kind of guy, look for a bottle you know he would enjoy, but might not buy for himself. Feel free to browse his liquor cabinet or, a month or so in advance, ask him directly what bottles of alcohol he would be most excited to buy. As a bonus, this anniversary present is one that will be enjoyed over the course of many months, serving as an ongoing reminder of your celebration.

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Lessons Package

If you’re looking for a big deal anniversary present, perhaps for a milestone like the 25th anniversary, then consider a package of lessons for a skill your husband has expressed an interest in learning. This might mean tennis lessons, scuba diving lessons (if applicable to your area), sculpture classes, or even yoga or strength training. Whatever his passion, a package of lessons is a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving, and a fantastic way to demonstrate your support.

Travel Accessories

For your wedding anniversary gift, consider a gift for your husband that will upgrade his travel game. This could mean a new suitcase, an elegant travel bag with a slew of accessories (such as a scale for his luggage and a luxe eye mask), or even a personalized leather dopp kit embroidered with his initials. Just remember: For this gift, it’s best to think practically. A beautiful duffel bag without wheels might have that perfect vintage look you crave, but will probably gert limited use when compared to his compact, wheeled carry-on.

Equipment for Hobbies

Whether it’s a chess set, a beer brewing kit, or a starter home garden, consider a wedding anniversary present that will support your husband in his hobbies. For a gift that really shines, pay attention to any new hobbies. Once you’re sure these are sustained interests, not a passing whim, get him the right gift to start his new passion. Think creatively: A new camera lens for his camera or upgraded sports equipment, for example, are likely to show how much you care about his interests. The key to selecting a meaningful gift is choosing one he will use and cherish, so try to really listen to how he talks about his hobbies and interests.

Framed Map

A unique gift can be a framed map of a place to which your husband has a special connection. This could be the subway map of a city where he once lived, a medieval city map of one of his favorite travel destinations, or an artistically drawn map of his favorite country. If your husband really loves his hometown or has always loved ancient ruins, for example, a framed map of the area would be a unique and loving gift idea.


For any wedding anniversary present, the gift of beautiful flowers is always a winner. For something that really shines, think out of the box, and don’t be afraid to choose arrangements with striking designs and off-beat colors. For example, you might consider black and white colors, dramatic designs with varied heights, or eye-catching flowers like birds of paradise or tiger lillies. Flowers are ultimately a gift of beauty, and this would be a lovely wedding anniversary gift for your husband.

Finding the perfect wedding anniversary gift for your husband isn’t an easy task, but if you check out the Zola-approved suggestions above, you’ll find yourself with just the right gift idea. And if you’re searching for someone else, we’ve got you covered with plenty of ideas for wedding anniversary gifts for your wife or wedding anniversary gifts for parents, too.

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