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20th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

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By Ruksana Hussain

20th Wedding Anniversary Ideas
Photo by Unsplash

How does one celebrate 20 grand years of marriage? Seems like a distant feat when you first wed, but then it comes along and you wonder where the years went. Your 20th wedding anniversary is the time to celebrate all the love and dedication to each other that has seen you both through the ebbs and flows of life together.

Traditionally this anniversary is symbolized by gifts of porcelain or china, which signifies beauty and strength, but the modern marker for two decades of marriage is platinum—equally elegant and enduring. The associated colors for the occasion are emerald green and white, making the recommended gemstone—what else?—an emerald.

There are so many great ideas for presents and experiences related to these themes, so let’s take a look at a few 20th wedding anniversary ideas to make this a memorable moment.

Keep It Traditional

Go totally traditional with a themed tea set for those late afternoon teas you’ll both enjoy in each other’s company or even a full-fledged dinner set for formal family dinners and other grand parties at home.

Speaking of home, china vases and picture frames, antique porcelain gift boxes, or sculptures and figurines to commemorate the occasion are all great 20th anniversary ideas.

That romantic picnic basket with all porcelain dinnerware for two is a great gift for the couple who already has everything for the home.

If you have a Chinatown neighborhood in your city, then the occasion calls for a date night out revisiting cherished spots you’ve been frequenting as a couple or new ones on your list you’ve always been planning to explore.

Of course, if travel is on your mind, then that trip to China might be the perfect grand gift to celebrate your 20th anniversary. Use a china doll holding the tickets to announce the surprise getaway or some of the surprise experiences you’ve booked for your getaway.

20th Wedding Anniversary Ideas Photo Credit // Unsplash

Go Modern

Platinum jewelry is a subtle and sophisticated style alternative to other metal jewelry, so a sleek custom piece from a celebrated local designer will please your spouse.

For music lovers, an album from the year you were married or when your kids were born is a coveted gift that your special someone will absolutely adore. Other options include music from a favorite artist, orchestra, or a special performance that holds fond memories for them.

If your spouse has an affinity for a certain brand, get them to platinum status with that company’s loyalty program or credit card. Every time they’re able to use the perks and benefits, they’ll remember your thoughtfulness for their preferences.

Platinum watches from a brand known for its luxury watchmaking is a great addition to your wardrobe and a statement piece to wear to events. Plus, it’s a 20-year anniversary idea that your husband or wife will always remember. If you’ve been eyeing one that’s tailor-made for couples, then your 20th wedding anniversary presents a timely reason to invest in one.

Platinum accessories and decor, especially arranged as a surprise in personal spaces such as the family room, bedroom, otr private study area, are grand ways to show your significant other you’ve indulged in some thought in choosing their presents for the day.

Bring It Together With Green and White

If you’re celebrating with friends and family, emerald green and white table and home decorations make a lovely combination for party decor. Carry it through with balloons and streamers, and also for the special celebration cake.

Pack an at-home spa retreat gift basket filled with self-care products like bath bombs, comfort food, fragrant candles, and even a special cocktail kit for an anniversary celebration.

Or, you could head out for a spa getaway to a destination with emerald in the name, such as Emerald Lakes in California, the Emerald Coast of Florida, or Emerald Isle in North Carolina.

For tech enthusiasts, accessories, whether wireless speakers or watch straps, in these colors make for an outstanding—and very useful—gift.

Head down memory lane with a hardcover photo album or memory book in emerald green with white inserts filled with photos, show tickets, and other little events in your life you’re nostalgic for. Remember to leave plenty of space for the future you will spend together as a married couple.

No matter the manner you choose to mark your 20th wedding anniversary, it is a precious moment to behold as you plan for the next 20 years ahead. Make it a memorable one.

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