Funny Renewal Wedding Vows

Looking to get your guests laughing at your wedding renewal? Discover our top suggestions for funny renewal wedding vows here.

By Maggy Lehmicke

Funny Renewal Wedding Vows
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Vows are one of the original (and most meaningful) ways to highlight what you value most in your relationship. For many, having a husband or wife with a sense of humor is one of the secrets to an everlasting union. So why not embrace that the second time around at your wedding vow renewal ceremony?

Whether you’re a comedian at heart or simply looking to entertain your guests, writing funny renewal wedding vows is a great way to commemorate your marriage thus far. Below are a few tips to help you embrace your lighthearted side and generate some laughs along the way at your vow renewal ceremony.

Pull Ideas From Your Original Wedding Vows

Whether it’s a promise that one of you took a little too seriously (“cleaning more doesn’t mean vacuuming in the middle of the night”) or one that took on a whole new meaning (“who knew finding more shared hobbies would lead to entering an underwater hockey tournament?”), your original wedding vows are a great place to look for inspiration. This is especially effective if most of your guests are people who attended your wedding and heard your original wedding vows.

Reflect on Old Memories (Including the Wedding Day)

Funny stories from when you first started dating your husband or wife always make great stories, because they’re full of humor and authenticity. The same goes for your wedding day. Chances are not everything went exactly as planned, so cracking jokes about what went wrong is a great way to lighten the mood and demonstrate that what you value most is the relationship itself.

Make Sure You’re on the Same Page as Your Partner

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Funny vows are great, but if your partner is taking a more serious route, the unexpected humor can be a bit jarring at your renewal ceremony. If your partner is more of the sentimental or romantic type, make sure you let them know what route you’re going to take in advance of your vow renewal. If you’re both wannabe comedians and goofiness is your fallback, then you’re probably already on the right track. Just remember that your vows set the tone for the rest of the day, so you want them to feel authentic to you as a couple.

Mention Mistakes (and Make It Witty)

We’ve all failed in our relationships in one way or another. If addressed as a problem, it can be sad or frustrating, but if told in the form of a humorous recollection, it comes off more relatable. Maybe your initiative to cook more led to an adventure with the local fire station. Or, maybe your partner’s attempt to plan a surprise date failed when you wound up at the wrong restaurant. Even moments that may not have seemed funny at the time make some of the best memories and hilarious stories to share with your loved ones.

Be Self-Deprecating

If it’s in your repertoire, don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself. For example, maybe you vowed to make an effort to plan more vacations and your first attempt was a weekend camping trip that ended in disaster. It’s often easy to find lighthearted ways to pick on your partner, but highlighting your own mistakes is a great way to balance the humor and remind your SO that you know you’re not perfect either.

Include Something Serious or Sentimental

Funny Renewal Wedding Vows Photo Credit // Unsplash

Though it doesn’t need to be the primary focus, it’s always nice to circle back to why you’re both standing there and how far you’ve come from your initial wedding day. Maybe your partner’s lighthearted (and sometimes childish) nature is what you love most about them. Or, maybe you acknowledge that humor is one of the greatest bonds the two of you have. No matter the focus, a brief moment of sincerity can go a long way.

Remember: There Aren’t Any Rules.

Just like with your original wedding vows (and wedding planning in general), there really are no rules. If you want to write a funny interpretation of a Shakespeare sonnet or create your own poem, go right ahead. If you’d prefer to keep things sentimental with a touch of humor here and there, that works too. If you do what feels right to you, your partner is sure to appreciate the thought behind it.

Sample Wording to Consider for Your Funny Vows:

Ten years ago, I vowed to help you cook more dinners. That might have led to a lot of burnt pizza and the incessant sound of fire alarms, but here we are… and I’m still trying.”

To this day, our wedding remains one of the greatest days of my life. It was also the day I learned that seagulls like steak tartare as much as I do.”

After all these years, I’m so happy that we can still make each other laugh. Your humor has always been one of the greatest lights in my life and can make even the darkest days a little brighter.”

I vow to continue to plan more dates and fail miserably. To continue to pick up your dirty socks and not get upset when you vacuum between my toes while I’m trying to read.

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