35th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas That Put New Spins on Coral and Jade

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By Taylor Bryant

35 Wedding Anniversary Ideas
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Ah, the 35th wedding anniversary. At this point, you’ve probably cycled through all of the “typical” milestone gifts such as jewelry, headphones, or framed pictures of each other. After three and a half decades of present exchanges, picking out something special might be a bit more difficult. Well, one easy way of avoiding the obvious is sticking to the traditional themes.

Thirty-five years is known as the coral gift year. The actual material, known as “the garden of the sea,” is found on the ocean floor and comes in a range of colors, the most noted being a salmon pink shade. It’s regarded as being an item of peace and transformation, and, back in the day, was believed to hold magical powers. If we’re looking for a symbolic link, coral often takes a long time to form and fully develop, much like a successful union.

Alternatively, the modern 35 year anniversary theme is jade, a gemstone known for its distinct and stunning green color. It represents luck, wealth, and wisdom, and is revered in many cultures around the world.

You can, and should, use these two themes as jumping off points, and we’ve also gathered up some 35th wedding anniversary ideas below. If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for your 35th anniversary, we can help. From romantic dinner cruises to elegant jade golf tees, discover our top 35th wedding anniversary ideas with this informative guide.

Plant Subscription

Plants are a great way of livening up any space, and jade ones ,in particular, are of the succulent variety, which means that they hold water in their leaves. So, green thumb or not, they should be fairly easy to take care of. If you’re looking for unique 35th anniversary ideas, a plant subscription can be the best call. Start by presenting your partner with the initial jade plant, but make sure to mention that there will be a new one arriving every month to care for and cherish. Your collection of plants will grow just as your love has over the years.

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Coral Makeup Set

The color coral is one of the more universally flattering shades out there. It pairs nicely with almost every skin tone and gives wearers a nice, authentic glow. A makeup set that includes a blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick is a perfect triple whammy if you’re looking for a coral anniversary gift.

Trip to an Aquarium

For a chance to see some coral up close and personal without having to get wet, plan a fun trip to the aquarium (you’re never too old to watch penguins and otters socialize, trust us). Honestly, the coral will probably be the least exciting part of the day, and, if you don’t feel too guilty afterward, end with a romantic seafood dinner to celebrate your 35 year wedding anniversary.

Dinner Cruise

If you’re looking to get a little more intimate with the water, a dinner cruise with views of the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge is guaranteed to be a good time.

Wood and Jade Ring

A nostalgic nod to your fifth wedding anniversary, this handmade wooden band comes with a stunning jade inlay that’s both timeless and durable.

Coral Rose Box

Flowers are always a safe bet for an anniversary gift, but the problem lies in the fact that they start dying after a week or two. Eco-friendly, preserved roses last 365 days and will keep your house smelling fresh into your 36th year of matrimony.

Jade Golf Tees

Tee-off in style with a jade golf tee box set. Your partner’s golf buddies will be hiding their regular white tees in shame. Just like your partnership, the gemstone itself is one of the toughest.

Topgolf Gift Card

Looking for 35th anniversary ideas that involve your spouse’s favorite hobby? For a chance to really show off your new regal tees, book a couple of outings—either with your spouse, a group of friends, or another couple—to Topgolf for some friendly competition.

Coral Jewelry Dish

Given the rise in coral depletion, many jewelers don’t make or buy coral jewelry anymore. Of course, buying your partner coral-colored jewelry is always an eco-friendly alternative. But, let’s face it, they probably have enough earrings and necklaces already, so, instead, give them an on-theme dish to place their trinkets in. It will provide your vanity with a little pop of color in the process.

Reel Viewer

You probably have enough photo albums, portraits, and personalized gifts to last you another 35 years, but what’s one more? At least this one is guaranteed to be unlike the others. Gather snapshots of your favorite memories and add them to a reel viewer to immortalize your time together. It’ll be nostalgia like you’ve never experienced before.

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