35 Unique 35th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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By Taylor Bryant

35 Wedding Anniversary Ideas
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Ah, the 35th wedding anniversary. At this point, you’ve probably cycled through all of the “typical” milestone gifts such as jewelry (gold and sterling silver!), headphones, or framed pictures of each other. After three and a half decades of present exchanges, picking up with special anniversary gift ideas l might be a bit more difficult. Well, one easy way of avoiding the obvious is sticking to the traditional themes.

Jade: A Modern 35th Anniversary Wedding Gift

If traditional isn’t your style and you want to go with a more modern gift, try green jade, a gemstone known for its distinct and stunning green color. Jade represents good luck, good fortune, wealth, and wisdom, and is revered in many cultures around the world—and jade anniversary gifts are thought to bring that same luck, fortune, wealth, and wisdom to the couple celebrating 35 years of marriage.

Coral: A Traditional 35th Anniversary Wedding Gift

The thirty-five year anniversary is known as the coral gift year. The actual material, known as “the garden of the sea,” is found on the ocean floor and comes in a range of colors, the most noted being a salmon pink shade. It’s regarded as being an item of peace and transformation, and, back in the day, was believed to hold magical powers. If we’re looking for a symbolic link, coral often takes a long time to form and fully develop, much like a successful union—which is why this traditional gift is the perfect way to commemorate a long, happy marriage.

Jade: A Modern 35th Anniversary Wedding Gift

If traditional isn’t your style and you want to go with a more modern gift, try green jade, a gemstone known for its distinct and stunning green color. Jade represents good luck, good fortune, wealth, and wisdom, and is revered in many cultures around the world—and jade anniversary gifts are thought to bring that same luck, fortune, wealth, and wisdom to the couple celebrating 35 years of marriage.

35th Anniversary Gift Ideas

You can, and should, use these two themes as jumping-off points, and we’ve also gathered up some 35th wedding anniversary ideas below. If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for your 35th anniversary, we can help. From romantic dinner cruises to elegant jade golf tees, discover our top 35th wedding anniversary ideas (including coral anniversary gifts and jade anniversary gifts!) with this informative gift guide.

1. Plant Subscription The Sill, Various Prices

Plants are a great way of livening up any space, and jade ones, in particular, are of the succulent variety, which means that they hold water in their leaves. So, green thumb or not, they should be fairly easy to take care of. If you’re looking for unique 35th anniversary ideas, a plant subscription can be the best call. Start by presenting your partner with the initial jade plant, but make sure to mention that there will be a new one arriving every month to care for and cherish. Your collection of plants will grow just as your love has over the years.

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2. Coral Makeup Set, Charlotte Tilbury, $128

The color coral is one of the more universally flattering shades out there. It pairs nicely with almost every skin tone and gives wearers a nice, authentic glow. A makeup set that includes a blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick is a perfect triple whammy if you’re looking for a coral anniversary gift.

3. Trip to an Aquarium, Various Prices

For a chance to see some coral up close and personal without having to get wet, plan a fun trip to the aquarium (you’re never too old to watch penguins and otters socialize, trust us). Honestly, the coral will probably be the least exciting part of the day, and, if you don’t feel too guilty afterward, end with a romantic seafood dinner to celebrate your 35 year wedding anniversary.

4. Dinner Cruise, Zola, $389 per couple

If you live in New York—and you’re looking to get a little more intimate with the water (home of the coral!)—a dinner cruise with views of the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge is guaranteed to be a good time.

5. Wood and Jade Ring, Etsy, $175

A nostalgic nod to your fifth wedding anniversary, this handmade wooden band comes with a stunning jade inlay that’s both timeless and durable.

6. Coral Rose Box, SAAYA ROSE, $179

Flowers are always a safe bet for an anniversary gift, but the problem lies in the fact that they start dying after a week or two. Eco-friendly, preserved roses (including coral shades!) last 365 days and will keep your house smelling fresh into your 36th year of matrimony.

7. Jade Golf Tees, Amazon, $23.98

Tee-off in style with a jade golf tee. Your partner’s golf buddies will be hiding their regular white tees in shame. Just like your partnership, the gemstone itself is one of the toughest.

8. Topgolf Gift Card, Topgolf, Various Prices

Looking for 35th anniversary ideas that involve your spouse’s favorite hobby? For a chance to really show off your new regal tees, book a couple of outings—either with your spouse, a group of friends, or another couple—to Topgolf for some friendly competition. (Bonus points if you wear coral and/or jade golf shirts!)

9. Rosette Jewelry Tray, Etsy, $65

If your partner needs a place to put their jewelry at the end of the day (perhaps a previous anniversary ring or other jewelry gift?), this unique jewelry tray—complete with coral rosettes—would make for a fantastic 35th anniversary gift (and provide your vanity with a little pop of color in the process!)

10. Reel Viewer, Uncommon Goods, $29.95

You probably have enough photo albums, portraits, and personalized gifts to last you another 35 years, but what’s one more? At least this one is guaranteed to be unlike the others. Gather snapshots of your favorite memories and add them to a reel viewer (in the perfect coral shade!) to immortalize your time together. It’ll be nostalgia like you’ve never experienced before.

11. Jade Earrings in 12K Gold Filled, Vintage Style Green Jade Drop Earrings, Etsy, $127.92

These drop-style earrings, complete with jade stones, would make the perfect anniversary gift for anyone who loves all things vintage.

12. "Tree of Love" Art Print, Etsy, $27.75

Love is, in many ways, like a tree; you plant roots, you give the tree attention, and, over time, it grows. So why not commemorate your tree growing for 35 years with this “Tree of Love” print? Customize with your name and wedding date—and order the jade shade to honor your 35th.

13. Green Jade Bangle Bracelet, Etsy, $183.92

If you want to gift your partners something simple—but fashionable—consider this piece of jade jewelry. The simple gold bangle is offset by two jade gemstones, creating a minimalist (but elegant!) look.

14. Holzkern Watch in Tropical Forest, Holzkern, $199

This walnut watch features a jade green marble watch face. It feels timeless, elegant, and truly unique—making it a great way to commemorate your 35th wedding anniversary.

15. Jade Anniversary Journal, Etsy, $80.95

Marriage is all about making memories—and if you want to give your partner a way to record those memories, this jade anniversary journal would make the perfect gift. Gold emboss your names and wedding date on the front cover to make the gift even more personal.

16. Bean Shaped Acrylic Clutch Purse In Emerald Green, Etsy, $64

If you think your partner would like a unique gift, this clutch purse—which comes complete with vintage details and in a striking shade of jade green—is definitely one to consider.

17. Coral Red Drip Coffee Mug, Etsy, $22

The best anniversary gifts are the ones you actually use. And what gift is your partner sure to use just about every day? A coffee mug, of course! This handmade ceramic option—in the perfect shade of coral for your 35th!—can easily hold 10oz of coffee to help your loved one start their day off right.

18. Natural Jade Wine Glasses, Etsy, $8.50

Do you and your partner love to end the day with a glass of Cabernet or Pinot Grigio? If so, you’ll want to toast 35 years together with these natural jade wine glasses.

19. Primalush Textured Robe, Berkshire Blanket, $55

After 35 years together, chances are, you and your partner are pretty comfortable around each other. But if you want them to feel even more comfortable, this textured robe from Berkshire Blanket (which comes in a soft jade shade) would make for a great gift.

20. Jade Guitar Pick, Etsy, $15.98

If your partner spends their free time strumming on their guitar, this jade guitar pick would make a great gift.

21. Custom Personalized Engraving Jade Green Leaf Marble Single Pen Stand, Etsy, $71.76

If your partner likes to write (or just likes to decorate their desk!), this personalized marble pen stand would make a great gift. Engrave the jade base with their name—and, if you want it to remind them of your anniversary, your wedding date.

22. Jade Green Jug Vase, Saban Glassware, $123.75

If you’re planning to bring your partner flowers for your anniversary, you’ll need something to put them in. And not only does this jade green vase make for the perfect flower receptacle, but it can also double as your anniversary gift!

23. Song Soundwave, Etsy, $49

Your first dance may have been 35 years ago—but we bet it’s still one of your favorite songs. Capture that moment and gift it to your partner with this art print, which turns your song into a soundwave. You can customize the color, but the jade option is perfect for the modern 35th wedding anniversary gift.

24. Jade & Coral Tree, Copper Wire Bonsai, Etsy, $57.39

If your partner’s idea of the perfect anniversary gift is a unique, memorable decorative item, this jade and coral wire bonsai tree is sure to be a hit.

25. Couples T-Shirts, ‘MARRIED SINCE’ set of 2 Matching Tees, Etsy, $25

If you and your partner have a sense of humor, these couples’ t-shirts could be a cute (and funny!) way to celebrate your 35th anniversary.

26. Coral Sun Catcher, Etsy, $19.77

Capture the sun and commemorate 35 amazing years together with this coral sun catcher. It’s a great gift—and would make a great addition to a sunny window!

27. 35th Coral anniversary necklace | Two peas In a pod, Etsy, $106.34

After 35 years, you and your partner are definitely two peas in a pod. So why not use your gift to celebrate that? This “two peas in a pod” anniversary necklace features two stones of your choice in a silver pod. Your partner will be reminded of your bond every time they wear it!

28. 35th Wedding Anniversary Sundial, Etsy, $85.32

A sundial can be a great addition to your backyard and an interesting, unexpected gift. And with this version, you can personalize the sundial to include your anniversary date—and commemorate your 35 wonderful years together.

29. RCA Retro Portable Home Theater Projector, Coral, Beach Camera, $64.95

Is a move you and your partner’s idea of the perfect date night? If so, this home theater projector (in the perfect shade of coral!) can be a great gift—and a great way to recreate the move theater experience in your own home.

30. Turkish Blanket, Etsy, $23

Is there any better way to spend your 35th anniversary than snuggled up with your loved one? We don’t think so—which is why this coral Turkish blanket would make such a great anniversary gift.

31. KitchenAid Artisan® Series 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, KitchenAid, $429.90

If your partner loves to bake, the KitchenAid Stand Mixer is the ultimate gift. (Seriously—ask any baker!) Commemorate your 35th anniversary by gifting your partner the stand mixer in the coral shade.

32. Coral Pink Bunny Rabbit Handmade Ceramic Ring Holder, Etsy, $25.49

If you and your partner need a safe (and adorable!) place to store your wedding rings while you sleep, this ceramic ring holder, which allows you to place your rings on the ears of two coral bunnies, would make the perfect gift for your anniversary.

33. Coral Flowers Gallery Wall, 8x10 Set of 4, Etsy, $49.95

If you want to give a 35th anniversary gift that can double as home decor, you should definitely consider this gallery set of four watercolor coral flower prints. (Just keep in mind that frames aren’t included—so if you want to deliver your gift ready to hang, you’ll have to purchase the frames separately.)

34. Omnia Coral By Bvlgari Eau De Toilette Spray For Women, Amazon, $87.93

Does your partner love perfume? If so, why not capture coral in a bottle? The Ombia Coral by Bvlgari comes in attractive coral packaging and has hints of goji berries, bergamot, berries, hibiscus flower, water lily, pomegranate and cedar wood. It’s perfect for a special occasion—like your 35th wedding anniversary!

35. 24k Gold Forever Rose, The Forever Rose, $79.95

A rose always makes for a great gift. But for your 35th anniversary, you want a special rose—like the Forever Rose, a real rose that’s dipped in 24K gold. Go with the Sunrise Rose, which is the perfect shade of coral—and the perfect option to celebrate your 35th.

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