Wedding Anniversary Invite Ideas

So it’s your wedding anniversary and you want to throw a get-together to celebrate? Read our step-by-step guide for inspiration.

By McCall Minnor

Wedding Anniversary Invite Ideas
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Wedding anniversary celebrations can be a lot of fun, but many couples are unsure how to go about announcing the plans. If you fall into this camp, we’re happy to help. Here, the ultimate guide to the first step in the process: picking your wedding anniversary invitations.

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Step One: Settle on Your Vision for the Event

Of course, you’re inviting friends and family because you want to celebrate a big milestone anniversary with them. But what sort of atmosphere do you want your wedding anniversary invitation to evoke? A romantic, intimate evening devoted to toasts of love should have one sort of invitation, while a family barbeque or pool party with a focus on fun times in a homey environment should have a different sort of anniversary invite.

Think about what’s motivating you to throw a public celebration, decide on your vision, and then you’ll have a much clearer idea of how to choose the perfect stationery.

Step Two: Select a Wedding Invitation Design

Now that you have your vision, the next step is the invitation card design. Here are some fun ideas for wedding anniversary invitations:

Go Simple

Nothing says elegance like black and white, or any two-tone design. Prepare a simple cream, ivory, or off-white invitation card with a minimalist black design or border, or any beautiful contrasting color (like maroon or navy).

Go Cursive

If you really want your wedding anniversary invitation to stand out, consider using calligraphy to address the envelopes.

Go Green

In this day and age, there are many beautiful options for digital anniversary party invitations. In many cases, digital cards are just as attractive, plus make it easier to track down people’s contact information and allow you to monitor RSVPs.

Go Nostalgic

The wedding anniversary is the perfect time to dig up some wonderful photographs of you both together. Whether recent photographs or pictures from your wedding day or honeymoon, these special touches add personality. Choose up to three photos (any more may be too busy) to accentuate the text. Justnote: For the most formal level of invitations, pictures might not be appropriate, so consider adding a meaningful quote instead.

Go Creative

Send invitations in little candy packages, or printed on chocolate bars, or with bags of personalized candy. Alternatively, you can send invitations rolled up and tied with ribbons or even scented cards. For smaller events, try to find a picture of the invited guest with the happy couple, and include that in the invitation.

This is a time to celebrate the two of you as a couple. Consider it a good excuse to get a bit fanciful and over the top when it comes to the invitations. Your guests will be delighted.

Go Postal

For invitations being sent through the mail, go the extra mile and get postage stamps that reflect the theme of love and marriage, such as hearts, snuggling birds, or ones that say love. For a milestone anniversary, vintage stamps lend a special touch.

Step Three: Craft the Wording

Once you have a vision for the anniversary party, it’s time to send out the perfect invitation, complete with wording that imparts your vision.

For Formal Events

For formal events, the wedding anniversary invitation wording should be elegant and sophisticated. Here are some examples:

James Madison and Martin Van Buren request the pleasure of your company at their wedding anniversary celebration.

James Madison and Martin Van Buren cordially invite you to their wedding anniversary celebration.

You are warmly invited to be our guest at a cocktail reception in celebration of our upcoming wedding anniversary.

In honor of our upcoming wedding anniversary, we request the pleasure of your company. Please join us in celebrating so many years of love, joy, and happiness.

Your presence is cordially requested at our upcoming wedding anniversary party.

For Less Formal Events

For events that don’t require suits, ties, and fancy dresses, more casual wedding anniversary invitation wording is more appropriate. Here are some examples:

*Please join us on the evening of October 20th, 2020 to celebrate our upcoming wedding anniversary. We invite you to share in our joy with food, drinks, and dancing. *

We would love to have you celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary with us. Help us create new memories with old friends.

*It’s a party, and we want you there! After 20 years of marriage, Susie and Daniel invite you to celebrate their wedding anniversary at an upcoming house reception. *

We are so excited to celebrate our upcoming wedding anniversary, and we would love to include you in our celebration.

Step Four: The Details

With every wedding anniversary invitation, make sure you include all necessary information, including the date of the party, the time guests should arrive, the dress code, and the method by which they should RSVP.

You should also make sure there is an easy way for guests to confirm their presence, as nobody wants to chase after RSVPs when prepping for a special wedding anniversary.

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