10 Ideas For Vow Renewal Invitations

Wondering if you should send wedding renewal invitations? Our experts explain the answer in this comprehensive guide.

By Monica Mercuri

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Your wedding ceremony may have been years ago, but you and your partner are still as in love and committed to each other as you were when you said your wedding vows on your big day. And while there are plenty of ways to celebrate that continued love and commitment (for example, an anniversary party to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary), it you want to do something really special, you may want to consider a vow renewal ceremony.

Vow renewal ceremonies offer a great opportunity to renew vows in front of your family, close friends, and other loved ones. But once you've figured out the details of your ceremony (like where to host and how to word your renewal vows), the question is—do you need to send out invitations for your renewal of vows in the same way you did for your original wedding?

In order to decide whether or not you should send vow renewal invitations, there are a few things you need to consider, including:

When Was Your Wedding?

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If you’re celebrating your 50th anniversary, the inclination to invest some money in the experience is well warranted and you’ll likely want that to be demonstrated through beautiful, personalized invitations. However, if your wedding was less than five years ago, it might make more sense to just go digital or skip the invitations altogether to avoid any unnecessary expenses.

Who Are the Attendees?

If tradition is important in your group of family and friends—or you simply think your loved ones would appreciate a formal invite—then it might be worth it to invest in vow renewal invitations. Additionally, if your wedding was years ago and you’re inviting a whole new group of individuals to witness the reaffirmation of your marriage vows, then official invitations might be a nice acknowledgment. Just be sure to keep your loved ones in mind and go with what feels right.

What Kind of Event Is It?

Is it intimate or large? Formal or casual? Just as with a wedding, these are important questions to ask before you send out a set of invites, as they often play a role in setting the “tone” for the whole event. For example, a backyard barbecue with a brief ceremony might feel too relaxed for custom wedding invitations, but a 100-person event that’s reminiscent of a wedding may warrant a more official declaration.

Keeping guest count in mind, the number of invitees is another determining factor. If you plan on inviting only 10 of your best friends and closest loved ones, then invitations may be overkill. However, for a ceremony and party of more than 50 people, professional invitations are a nice touch and make the event feel more “official.” (Formal invitations with information on how to RSVP can also make it easier for you and your partner to keep track of who will be attending—which is important when you're hosting a larger event.)

Where Is the Vow Renewal Taking Place?

This is another important consideration for multiple reasons. Number one being that providing print invitations for a destination vow renewal or one at a wedding venue is a great way to convey all the event information in a simple, concise way. You’ll be less likely to get inundated with questions about routes to take, where to park, and places to stay. If you’re hosting the vow renewal in your backyard, however, feel free to skip the official invites altogether.

Did You Think Invitations Were Worth the Expense the First Time Around?

This is arguably one of the most important questions to ask yourself as a couple. If your wedding bills made you sick for weeks or you felt like the professional stationery was ultimately a miniscule detail, then maybe it’s in your best interest to follow your gut. However, if you had a budget wedding and made your invitations by hand, maybe you’re looking forward to splurging this time around. Either way, thinking through this decision will make sure it’s something you’re less likely to regret.

So You’ve Decided Invitations Are a Good Idea. What’s Next?

Once you’ve made your decision and are ready to send out vow renewal invitations, there are a few (likely familiar!) steps to keep in mind.

Make a Budget

This means researching wedding vendors and coming up with realistic expectations of what invitations are going to cost. If you’re working with a tighter budget, consider pre-designed options (like the loads of invite options on Zola) or opt to make them yourself.

Consider Digital Over Print

Depending on the audience (and how many of them actually check their email), digital invitations are often a more cost-effective and eco-friendly option when it comes to sending custom wedding invitations for your special day. They’re also a lot less likely to get lost in the mail. Today, with the diversity of options available online, you’ll likely be able to find something both personal and beautiful that you can distribute via the web.

Try Designing Them Yourself.

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Put your DIY skills to the test and either fix up an existing design or start from scratch and design something yourself. (Just make sure you’re realistic about how much time you have before taking on a project of this magnitude.)

If you’d rather start with a template in place, it’s easy to rework many of Zola’s pre-existing invitations or save the dates for a vow renewal ceremony. “We still do!” or “Celebrate with us!” are some simple wording choices you can use to create your custom wedding invitation design.

10 Ideas Of Vow Renewal Invitations To Get Inspired

Want to send invitation cards for your wedding vow renewal—but aren't sure what kind of invite is the right fit for you, your partner, and your upcoming event? Let's take a look at 10 wedding vow renewal invitations to help you get inspired:

1. Black and white floral vow renewal invitation

This vow renewal invitation keeps things simple—but elegant—with a black and white color palette, mix of cursive and serif text, and floral design accent.

2. Colorful floral vow renewal invitation

Like the floral look—but want a bit more color? This invitation template is just as simple and elegant as the first example—but adds a splash of fall-inspired color in the floral design.

3. We do (again!) vow renewal invitation

This bold invitation template was originally designed for weddings. Nut changing the wording can easily shift the message from "we do!" to "we do—again!," making it a solid option for a vow renewal ceremony.

4. Minimalist vow renewal invitation

When it comes to vow renewal invitations, sometimes, less is more. And if the "less is more" mantra rings true for you, you're sure to love this minimalist vow renewal invite template.

5. Beach vow renewal invitation

Renewing your wedding vows next to the ocean? Then this beach-themed invitation template may be just the invite you're looking for.

6. Modern photo vow renewal invitation

Photos are a great way to make your vow renewal invitations more personal. If you want a more modern look for your invites, try this template—and to make it extra relevant for your marriage vow renewal, consider including a photo from your original wedding!

7. Botanical photo vow renewal invitation

If you want to include a photo on your vow renewal invite—but want to do something different and eye-catching—consider this botanical design.

8. Travel vow renewal invitation

Have you and your partner spent a good portion of your marriage exploring the world together? Then this map-themed invitation would be the perfect fit for your vow renewal ceremony.

9. Winter vow renewal invitation

Renewing your vows during the winter months? If so, definitely consider this winter-inspired template; the snowy invitation template definitely captures the season!

10. Vintage vow renewal invitation

If you've been married for a long time, you could call your marriage "vintage." And if "vintage" feels like a solid description for your partnership, then this vintage invitation template could be the perfect design for your vow renewal.

Tips For Writing Your Vow Renewal Invitations

Choosing the perfect invite for your vow renewal party is one part of the equation. But once you've chosen which invite is the perfect fit for your event, you'll need to actually write the invitations.

Need help with the writing process? Here are a few tips on nailing your invitation wording—and writing the perfect invitations for your vow renewal:

  • Keep it simple. You don't need to write a novel on your vow renewal invitation. Keep things short and simple—and just include the necessary information about the event (like the date, time, location, and RSVP information) and your marriage (for example, how many years you've been married and if you're celebrating an anniversary with your vow renewal).
  • Match your invitation wording to the event. The way you write your vow renewal invitations should reflect the kind of event you're hosting. For example, is your vow renewal a casual affair? If so, you should use casual wording on your invites. On the flip side, if you're hosting a more elegant cocktail party, more formal wording would be appropriate.

Send The Perfect Invites For Your Wedding Vow Renewal

Renewing your vows is a great way to celebrate you and your spouse's ongoing love, commitment, and partnership with your nearest and dearest—and now that you know how to choose, design, and write the perfect invitations for your vow renewal ceremony, all that's left to do? Get started on those invites!

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