25 Gorgeous Wedding Invitation Fonts You’ll Want To Use

One of the best parts of creating your dream wedding invitation is choosing the perfect wedding invitation font. Read on for the top 25 fonts!

By Emily Forrest

wedding invitation fonts
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You’ve fine-tuned your vision of your wedding day. Maybe it will take place at an elegant winery in the hills of Napa, or at a funky resort on the shores of Cabo San Lucas. It may be a destination Hawaiian wedding, complete with a luau, or a modern affair held in an art gallery.

Whatever the celebration entails, you most likely have a vision of a wedding invitation to set the tone. But, what about your wedding invitation fonts?

There is a huge variety of beautiful wedding fonts to help enhance your beautifully designed invite. From brush scripts to italic styles, cursive fonts to block texts, serif fonts to sans serif fonts, let’s take a closer look at some of the best wedding invitation fonts (including free wedding fonts!) that will help you create the perfect typography for all of your wedding paper needs:

1. Alex Brush

Alex Brush is a lovely, flowing font that would look right at home on an invitation or piece of wedding stationery. It’s a brush script that evokes a feeling of romance and whimsy. If you’re searching for wedding invitation fonts that have an elegant touch, this is a wonderful choice, especially when paired with a classic wedding invitation style.

2. Aphrodite

Aphrodite is a classy, modern font. It was inspired by a basic serif typeface that the creator found in a vintage lettering book from the 1970s. With balanced curves and a bold look, this creative font is ideal for everything from wedding invites to magazines, and even company branding.

3. Baroque Script

With its sweeping swirls and daring letters, Baroque Script is one of those wedding invitation fonts that you daydream about. It’s a sophisticated style that also boasts a certain type of playfulness about it. For those weddings that have an elegant and classy vibe, this should definitely be at the top of your favorite fonts list.

4. Bralyn

Bralyn is considered a modern calligraphy script font. It combines a contemporary typeface with an elegant touch. With its bouncy, fun curves and extended loops, this font would pair beautifully with a floral or botanical invitation card.

 Wedding Invitation Fonts Photo Credit // Unsplash

5. Bromello

The modern Bromello features a script typeface and a handmade style, making it perfect for unique wedding invitations. Whether you’re throwing your celebration in an expansive church or on the sandy shores of your favorite beach, this is the perfect font for a sweeping, sunny invite.

6. Candlescript

An italic style with high details and a precise, smooth flow, Candlescript has been used for years for everything from custom logos and advertisements to elegant wedding invitations. Use this font with one of our elegant card styles for a memorable pairing.

7. Carried Away

As the name suggests, the Carried Away font will sweep you away. It’s an elegant script that features 160 different hand-drawn characters. The artist of this handwritten font actually created it on Valentine’s Day, so you know your love is in good hands.

8. Coneria Script

Coneria Script is subtle, yet impactful. It can be paired with a more simple, classic font, such as Times New Roman, to create a beautiful and one-of-a-kind design or font pairing. If you’re on the hunt for wedding invitation fonts that make a statement but don’t overdo it, this one is a great choice.

9. Didot

Whatever wedding invitation style you’re crafting, we can’t get enough of Didot. It’s a versatile font that can be used for a range of invitations—beachy, bohemian, modern, or classical. Referred to as a neoclassical font, this one has remained at the top of couples’ favorite fonts list for years.

10. Exmouth

A calligraphy font, Exmouth is both defined and free-flowing. It offers the popular script style that brides and grooms often search for, but with its own special twist. We imagine this one paired with some nature-inspired landscape design or simple greenery wedding invitation.

11. Hammersmith One

A unique typeface, Hammersmith One features wide lettering that can adapt to all font sizes. Whether your wedding invitation design has a simple background or something more detailed and colorful, this is one of the more flexible wedding invitation fonts to choose from.

12. Honeymoon

How can you go wrong with a font named Honeymoon? A handwritten script, this one looks good in both upper and lowercase letters. Pair it with an invite for a destination wedding to bring your guests into those quintessential vacation vibes.

13. Josefin Sans

Josefin Sans is geometric and elegant with a touch of vintage. It’s meant to reflect Swedish design and can be easily paired with a variety of wedding invitations. It looks stunning with minimalist designs, such as our Rue invite.

14. League Gothic

League Gothic is an old and classic choice. For brides and grooms who want to forgo the script and calligraphy style, this one packs a punch with its simplicity. Choosing the right wedding invitation fonts can be one of the most invigorating parts of designing your invite (though it’s sometimes forgotten). We say to bring your font front and center with this ode to all things classic.

15. Lato

Lato is a sans serif typeface that means “summer” in Polish. Using that tidbit of language knowledge as our inspiration, we’re dreaming of pairing this perfectly balanced, stylish font with a beach wedding invitation, such as our retro Westshore design.

16. Montserrat

Montserrat is a minimalist, geometric typeface. Created by Argentinian designer Julieta Ulanovsky, this design was inspired by her historical neighborhood in Buenos Aires (also called Montserrat). For invites, save-the-dates, or an RSVP card, this font is easy to customize, and it’s forever timeless.

 Wedding Invitation Fonts Photo Credit // Unsplash

17. Norwester

A playful, yet creative font, Norwester quickly grabs the attention of your guests. It’s considered a condensed, geometric font, which makes it ideal for everything from classic, bohemian designs—such as our Brisa invite—to playful destination wedding invites.

18. Palatino Linotype

No list of wedding invitation fonts is complete without Palatino Linotype. A widely used font, we’re fools for its flexibility and range. It’s also a highly legible font, so it’s easy to read, regardless of the invitation style that you choose.

19. Playfair Display

Playfair Display is considered a transitional design. It’s reminiscent of bits and pieces of other fonts, but it boasts its own unique style. This font looks great on its own, but is also the perfect choice to pair with a script font.

20. Quicksand

Quicksand features rounded edges, making it ideal for both small and large sizes. It’s perfectly suited for modern invitations and is also a beautiful way to list details such as location and time. Whether this font is black, white, or anything in between, Quicksand stands the test of time and is truly a beautiful font when it comes to wedding invitation fonts.

21. Simplifica

A slightly condensed typeface with thin line width, Simplifica is simple and clear. Perfect for no-fuss couples who want to get the point across easily and effectively with their simple wedding invitation, this font is a forever favorite. (We’re already imagining it paired with our Stevens design, the only issue is that we love all the colors—from navy to mustard to green.

22. Times New Roman

Times New Roman is one of those wedding invitation fonts that look good on any type of invite. As one of the most widely used fonts in the world, it’s recognizable in its timeless and traditional style. As a fun font fact, this font was first used in The Times newspaper in 1932.

23. Vast Shadow

For wedding invitations looking to make a bold, geometric statement, Vast Shadow is a uniquely powerful choice. We love the idea of using it for couples’ names, especially for dark-hued invitations with a strong and refined invitation design.

24. Vidaloka

Ideal for headlines and short blocks of tests, Vidaloka is a wonderful choice for listing invitation details such as location, date, and time. Pair it with something sweeping and elaborate to woo your guests, or keep it minimalistic for a more modern wedding invitation. Because the font is high contrast, the experts say that it works best in fonts that are 16px and above.

25. Wanderlust Letters

A hand painted script that will have you dreaming of far-off places, Wanderlust is perfectly suited for all of your favorite bohemian invitations. It looks lovely set among the backdrop of florals, watercolors, and portraits. Or, keep things classy, and pair it with a simple, pure white background. This font is perfect for DIY wedding invitations or even a bridal shower.

Use These Fonts As Font-Spiration For Your Wedding Typography

With visions of font styles now dancing in your head, we hope that this article has given you some font-spiration.

Remember, when it comes to fonts, they’re not meant to overwhelm you. Instead, think of them as your artistic expression—the thing that announces the details of your most special celebration.

Of course, if you need any help or you want us to choose your font for you, we’re more than happy to do that, too. Make sure to browse through our invitations and, should you choose to do so, customize your font accordingly, or reach out to our team for help.

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