15 Practical Wedding Favors

Looking to give your guests practical wedding favors on your big day? Check out our top recommendations with this complete guide.

By Maggie Mahoney

Practical Wedding Favors
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The First Look ✨

  • Edible wedding favors, including honey, olive oil, and ground coffee, will be kitchen staples that your guests are bound to enjoy.
  • Some useful household wedding favors include bottle openers, luggage tags, tote bags, and matches, to name just a few.
  • Some of our favorite home decor favors are tea towels, coasters, soap, picture frames, and plantable seed packets.

Wedding favors are wonderful keepsakes to remind your guests of your special day and to thank them for celebrating with you. In the months leading up to your wedding, you will want to begin browsing wedding favor ideas so that you have small gifts for your guests come the big day. From personalized candles and soaps, to food and alcohol goodies, to masks and hand sanitizer for a COVID-19 conscious wedding, there are endless, adorable options to choose from.

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Decide on Your Budget

The first step in selecting wedding favors is deciding on a budget that you and your partner are comfortable with. Based on a survey conducted in 2019 by The Knot, the average cost of wedding gifts and favors is $400. After you have set a budget, you can decide what type of party favors to give out, whether they be edible, decor, and home essentials, or anything in between. If you have a wedding theme, you may also want to consider tailoring your favors to correspond with the aesthetic that you’re going for, whether it be classic, rustic, glitzy, or beachy.

To DIY or Buy?

If you’re looking to save money, DIYing favors can be a good option. However, the process of hand-making or personalizing party favors can be both time and energy-consuming, so you should be prepared, if you go that route. Often, buying favors in bulk can be more affordable than in small batches. Many retailers offer customized gifts that give an item a special touch.

Looking for useful wedding favors that your guests will be sure to love? We have you covered. Explore the practical recommendations below to give you inspiration.

Edible Favors

Providing your guests with a staple food item for their pantry can be a great thoughtful and practical wedding favor. Check out some of our favorite edible gifts below.

  1. Infused olive oil. Olive oil is a kitchen staple because it can be used in cooking so many dishes. Infused olive oil can add an extra special and unique touch. A gift like this can be easy to customize by simply adding a personalized label or tag. However, personalized olive oils are also available for purchase on Etsy.
  2. Ground coffee. Coffee lovers will be overjoyed with the gift of a special, new brew. These coffee favor bags can be personalized with text, ribbon colors, and sayings, and then filled with the blend of your choice.
  3. Honey. For an extra sweet gift to add to tea or baked goods, honey is a sensible way to go. You can either source the honey for your favors locally or try out these customizable honey jars.

Functional, Everyday Items

15 Practical Wedding Favors Photo Credit // shutterstock
  1. Bottle opener. Credit card bottle openers will be appreciated in any household. Not to mention, if you buy them in bulk you can save a ton!

  2. Custom luggage tags. Especially if you and your spouse love to travel or are planning on a destination wedding, a luggage tag is the ideal personalized favor for your guests. Leather tags add a luxe feel while remaining durable.

  3. Bottle stopper. In the same vein as bottle openers, decorative bottle stoppers are a classy party favor for alcohol lovers. These heart bottle stoppers are a great way to subtly commemorate your wedding day.

  4. Reusable cup and metal straws. If you want to be environmentally conscious, reusable and collapsible cups and metal straws are wonderful sustainable gifts. Plus, these items are perfect for everyday use.

  5. Monogrammed notepad. You can’t go wrong with a personalized notepad, which is perfect for work and everyday to-do lists.

  6. Cotton tote bag. Reusable bagsare great to carry groceries or even serve as an everyday purse. Canvas or cotton versions tend to last a long time. Just add a design, monogram, or saying of your choice, and you have a thoughtful wedding favor.

  7. Matches. Personalized wedding matches are a cheap, but cute favor that can be put to good use in your guests’ homes.

Home Decor

  1. Tea towels. These kitchen and bathroom essentials are great for not only wiping up spills or holding hot trays, but also adding color into your guests’ homes. This gingham tea towel is particularly whimsical and inexpensive.
  2. Customized coasters. Coasters are both decorative and useful favor choices. Choose from either personalized cork or photo coasters.
  3. Hand soap. Soap is the perfect wedding favor for a COVID-19 conscious wedding. This perfect pair of scented, decorative soaps is the ideal intersection between functional and fun.
  4. Metallic picture frame. A unique, metallic picture frame is a great decor piece for your guests to personalize as they see fit and adorn their home.
  5. Seed packets. If you want a green gift, seed packets for your guests’ gardens fit the bill. These petunia seeds will leave a lasting reminder of your special day and give your guests a fun, at-home activity to do.

Whether you go for an edible party favor or a household decor item, you are sure to find something that suits your fancy among these practical wedding favors, regardless of your budget or wedding theme. Small gifts are a great way to express your and your partner’s love for the important people in your lives. Keeping wedding favors utilitarian shows respect for your guests and ensures that they are likely to use your favors for years to come.

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