12 Travel Themed Wedding Favors to Spark Wanderlust

Travel-themed wedding favors are perfect for a destination wedding. These gifts also work well for couples who love to travel.

By Jennifer Prince

Travel Themed Wedding Favors
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The First Look ✨

  • Travel themed wedding favors such as personalized tote bags, luggage tags, and travel-themed cookies are a great option.
  • Couples can also incorporate a specific destination by using tea towels, handicrafts, and experiences as travel-themed favors.
  • Give thoughtful, practical items at your travel-themed wedding that guests can use on an upcoming trip.

It’s no wonder that series like “Emily in Paris” and “The Crown” continue to grow in popularity. These shows portray life beyond the everyday in exciting locations, which feeds our growing wanderlust. If you’re a couple who thrives on planning your next trip, incorporate this globe-trotting love into your wedding day with a travel theme. Whether you commit to a destination wedding or want to integrate thoughtful thank you gifts for your guests, here are our 12 favorite travel-themed wedding favors.

Packable Wedding Favors

When you and your SO adore travel, but don’t want to commit to a specific place, these ideas are perfect. All of these travel-themed goodies showcase your love for the journey. Additionally, they’re practical, so your guests can incorporate your thank you gifts into an upcoming trip.

Best Travel Themed Wedding Favors Photo Credit // Unsplash

Luxe Travel-Sized Items

Favor bags with various travel-sized items make the perfect wedding favor for a travel wedding theme. Yes, the hotel will have mini toiletries, but kick it up a notch and go for something a bit more unique. Guys would enjoy travel-sized beard oil—it doubles as hair oil—and mini shave kits. Ladies would swoon over single-use face masks or mini makeup kits in neutral colors. Our advice? Go with trusted brands that use natural ingredients to avoid allergic reactions. For an extra touch, you could even add personalized labels that match the decor.

Leather Luggage Tags

First, please don’t have luggage tag wedding favors embossed with your names and wedding date on them. These are gifts for your guests, so have them personalized with their first initial. Another option would be to have them printed with a travel-centric saying, such as “Bon Voyage” or “In Airplane Mode.” Luggage tag favors are one of the best, and most useful, thank you gifts for your wedding guests.

Upscale Compass

Many companies offer compasses in bulk. However, select a wayfinder that performs more than one function, such as having a flashlight or mini storage compartment for medication. Doing so ensures that your guests will actually use them. Quality and durability are essential, so look for heavy-duty compasses made of metal.

Plane Cocktail Kits

Admittedly, if you give your guests a thank you gift meant for the plane, they may consume it earlier, but that’s ok when it comes to cocktails, of course! Curate mini collections containing a small bottle of liquor and the accompaniments to make a complete cocktail. Ready-made kits are also available, if you don’t want to make DIY travel-themed wedding favors.

Travel-Themed Gift Bags

Get creative and give your guests a bag to fill on their next trip. Family and friends will use sturdy totes, makeup cases, and Dopp kits well into the future. Choose pieces with a map pattern, airplane, or cute travel-centric saying. Again, avoid having them personalized with your names and wedding date to ensure that they have longevity.

Travel Journals

Journals are useful in everyday life as we jot down our thoughts or never-ending to-do lists. A blank journal—either lined or unlined—can serve multiple purposes. Another option is to give your guests a proper travel journal. These books contain prompts, such as writing down memories, sites, and wish lists while you are on your journey.

Royal Icing Cookies

We’re big fans of decorative cookies around here, and we think that your guests will be, too. A single, large cookie or a collection of miniature ones are tasty and lovely. Chat with your baker about incorporating decorations, such as maps, planes, and compasses into the mix. Additionally, you could also include some of your favorite destinations.

Destination-Based, Travel-Themed Wedding Favors

When friends and family gather for a destination wedding, it will be the memory of a lifetime for everyone. Memorialize the trip with a travel-themed wedding favor specific to where you are getting married. Conversely, if you aren’t heading to a destination, pay homage to a particular location with these ideas.

Linen Tea Towel

It seems as though just about every destination has its own tea towel. Some focus on maps of the city, and others highlight famous sites or what makes the area unique. No matter what type you choose, a city-themed tea towel is a practical and lovely thank you gift. Your guests can either display these in their kitchen or use them daily to dry hands and dishes.

Framed Vintage Postcards

Scour antique shops and flea markets for vintage postcards. Many sellers have vast collections from all over the globe. Choose cards in good condition, and purchase ready-made frames to hold them. Postcards are relatively inexpensive, therefore, invest in a quality frame so that your travel wedding favors present well.

Unique Experiences

Get creative with this one—have hula dancers perform a show or treat your guests to a class on making authentic guacamole from scratch. Depending on where you are, you can give them a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you’re staying at home, you can consider cultural events and eateries at home to mimic a faraway experience.

Professional Portrait

Many folks hire photographers while they are on vacation to document their trip. Have a photo station set up at your wedding, and have families and couples photographed professionally. Of course, this requires a beautiful backdrop of the beach or another aspect of your destination. Surprise your guests by having the images printed, framed, and ready to take home at the end of the reception.

Locally-Produced Items

12 of the Best Travel Themed Wedding Favors Photo Credit // Nikknguyen Photo

The list of travel themed wedding favors is seemingly endless when you consider handmade items. Gifts such as craft beverages, handicrafts, coffee, spices, and travel-themed chocolates are great options. Other ideas include a miniature watercolor on an easel or bulbs and seeds from the area. If you are considering those options, be sure that any travel-themed candy or plants will pass through customs.

From airplane-themed wedding favors to globe candy, think thoughtfully about what you give your guests. Going with well-made, practical items will enable attendees to remember your travel-themed wedding long after the day fades. You may not meet the queen or explore Paris in person; however, using travel themed wedding favors can mimic experiences around the globe for both you and your guests.

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