10 Beach-Themed Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Beach-themed wedding favors are perfect if you’re having an ocean theme, or if you’re getting married by the sea. Here are our top beach-themed favors to sail off on.

By Jennifer Prince

Beach-Themed Wedding Favors
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The First Look ✨

When people want to relax and get away from it all, they head to the beach. After all, the ocean is such a connecting point for many. Some grew up going on oceanside family vacations, and others are lucky enough to live by the sea. No matter your experiences, the ocean seems to call to us all. If you want to capture this feeling for your wedding day, here are 10 beach-themed wedding favors that guests will love.

Considerations With Beach-Themed Wedding Favors

Yay! You’re getting married with an ocean view, and beach wedding favors are just the beginning. But, before you get too far into planning your guests’ thank you gifts, here are a few things to consider.

Choose Destination Wedding Favors Carefully

If you and your guests are traveling for a destination wedding, select favors that will travel well. Items that are too large, breakable, or cumbersome may get left behind, which isn’t the gift’s intention.

Be Mindful of the Weather

Imagine this—you’ve invested in the most beautiful, seashell-shaped beeswax candles to set at each outdoor place setting. But, by the time that you get to the reception, they are a melted mess—yikes! Candles and chocolate beach-themed wedding favors are best kept indoors.

Get Beachy With It

Whether you’re at the beach or just utilizing it as your theme, fully commit from start to finish. From your save-the-dates to the thank you gifts, tastefully incorporate the sea into your wedding. Beach-themed wedding favors can leave a lasting impression and remind your guests of days spent by the ocean.

Beach-Themed Wedding Favors Photo Credit // Corey Brandon Photography

10 of Our Favorite Beach-Themed Wedding Favors

Unique Beach Towels

Whether you choose luxe Turkish towels or terry cloth ones, consider giving your guests something to use at the beach. Find quality towels in your wedding colors or bold tones that are beach appropriate.

Royal Icing Cookies

Chat with a baker about making lovely, beach-themed wedding cookies. Giving your guests a bag filled with miniature cookies in the shapes of shells, sand dollars, and dolphins is a great beach wedding favor idea. Or, go all out and present attendees with a single, large sandcastle cookie.

Gourmet Sea Salt

Sea salt is an excellent ingredient for cooking, and most folks consume it daily. Guests can take gourmet sea salt and use it to cook or sprinkle on their food. What a practical, yet tasty treat for a classy beach theme. wedding.

Handmade Natural Candles

Contact a local candle maker who uses natural ingredients, such as beeswax or soy, to make personalized candle favors for your wedding guests. These small companies often create custom fragrances that will remind you of the sea. Just be sure that they are in jars, so that melting isn’t an issue.

Woven Fans

Many fair trade companies offer handmade, woven fans unique enough to double as beach-themed wedding favors. Your guests will appreciate the opportunity to create their own breeze on a sunny, hot day at the beach.

Beach-Themed Soap

Whether you find hand soaps in the shape of starfish or sand dollars, or bars that simulate waves, think about soap. Not only is soap a practical gift, but you can try to make them as DIY beach wedding favors beforehand.

Seashell Place Cards

If you love wedding favors that do double duty, this one’s for you. Hire a professional calligrapher to write each guest’s name on a seashell. Gold handwriting looks elegant on oyster shells, and a personalized wedding favors can be extra meaningful.

Custom Beach-Themed Candy

The options are seemingly endless when you’re working with food. Selections include sea glass candy, starfish wedding favors made out of chocolate, or rock candy in nautical colors. Sending your guests off with edible beach wedding favors is a delicious choice, and it's a great idea to add to your wedding theme. But, remember to save the chocolate favors for indoor receptions.

Quality Beach Bags

Are you having your wedding far from home? Opt for practical destination wedding favors, such as an upscale beach bag for each guest. You could go the extra mile and give everyone a tote with their name on it for a personal touch.

Natural Cooling Spritz

The web is filled with recipes for cooling sprays, otherwise known as “air conditioning in a bottle.” Provide your guests with a bit of relief in natural scents of peppermint, lavender, or cucumber. Cooling sprays also make excellent DIY beach wedding favors.

Beach-Themed Wedding Favors Photo Credit // Allison Hanson Photography

12 Beach Wedding Sayings for Favors

If you don’t necessarily want to get beachy with your wedding favors, go for something more traditional. Add one of our beach wedding sayings for favors to align just about anything with your oceanside theme.

  • Now there’s two less fish in the sea.
  • We anchored our love.
  • High tide. Low tide. I’ll be at your side.
  • Have a shell of a time at our wedding!
  • Catch of a lifetime.
  • Wedding cake by the ocean.
  • Stay salty.
  • When our vows are done, let’s enjoy the sun.
  • Everything’s better at the beach.
  • Hand in hand while on the sand.
  • We tied the knot.
  • We did it on the beach!

So, are you going to do it on the beach? If so, giving guests beach-themed wedding favors as a thank you gift is perfect. It’s as simple as using our suggested gifts or merely incorporating a cute saying on your gift tag. Either way, your guests will enjoy celebrating with you, while having a beachy memento to take home.

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