How to Make and Wear A Flower Crown

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Here at Zola we love flower crowns. They are beautiful, elegant, and seriously make you feel like a goddess. But if you’re looking to get that chic, whimsical look, you cannot do it with fake flowers and pre-made crowns. Stumped on where to begin? Follow our quick tutorial on how to make the perfect headdress.

When to Wear it 
When it comes to your wedding, there’s no occasion that’s wrong for a flower crown. Wear it instead of a veil on your big day, or have your bridesmaids rock them at your bachelorette party. Here’s some inspiration for  incorporating this magical look in all of your events.

bride and bridesmaids standing outside by a fence all wearing floral crowns and holding bouquets wearing long pink dresses

Photo Credit || Garone Photography

bride and bridesmaids standing on a porch wearing floral crowns holding bouquets and wearing long pastel dresses

Photo Credit || Eileen K Photography 

How To Make It 
You will need floral wire, floral tape, floral wire cutters, scissors, flowers, and greenery.

1| Measure the Wire
Make sure the flower crown fits perfectly to your head. Cut a two-foot piece of floral wire and hold it up to your head. Cut off any excess wire if the piece is too long.

2| Add the Greenery
Cover the wire with greenery as the base layer of the crown.

3| Mix in Small Flowers 
Gather flowers together and secure stems with floral tape onto the crown. The type of flower is entirely up to you, so get creative!

4| Complete with Larger Flowers 
Bunch together clusters of larger flowers and use wires to tie each of these to the crown. Tie these side by side until you reach the end.

5| Tie Off Ends 
Tie off the ends with a small string or rope. This will not only keep the flowers in place, but it will connect the two sides of the crown for a complete halo.

6| Wear it 
Now enjoy it! Trust us, you will look stunning in this flower crown and feel like a princess whenever you have it on.


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