Winter Wedding Favors

If you’re having a winter wedding and want favors to reflect the season, there are countless options to consider. We’ve pulled together some of the most loved winter wedding favors your guest will be thrilled to receive.

By Rachel Varina

Winter Wedding Favors
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The First Look ✨

Winter weddings have long been the definition of romantic. Whether you’re celebrating on a beach with clear skies and serene weather or you’re up in the mountains, bundled up as the snow falls, a wedding in the cold season is always a popular choice. If you’re searching for the perfect “thank you” gifts for your guests, we have a few all-time favorites everyone will adore. From blankets to flasks, here are some of our favorite winter wedding favorites your family and friends will cherish.

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Customized Candles

Few favors are more romantic than personalized candles for the big day. Select a scent that compliments your theme or wedding venue (think pine tree or apple), and have the jar or tin customized with your names, wedding date, venue/location, or your favorite love quote. Whenever your friends light the candle afterwards, they’ll remember the wonderful time they had celebrating with you.

Fire Starters

Help your guests warm up on a cold night with fire starters. Put together cute baggies with pinecones, pine sprigs, and potpourri for your guests to take home after the reception. The next time they’re feeling chilly, they’ll pop the scented starter in the fire and have warm and fuzzy thoughts about your wedding.


If you’re having an outdoor celebration in the winter, blankets aren’t just a cute favor your guests will cherish after the wedding, but they’re functional as well. Select simple fleece or weaved blankets in your wedding colors and place them on each ceremony seat or in a basket when guests walk in. Be sure to include a note to let them know they’re allowed to hang on to their blankets post ceremony and beyond.

Gourmet Coffee

This winter wedding favor is especially great for coffee lovers, but all of your guests will appreciate the pick-me-up. Select your favorite coffee flavor or special blend (like beans from your hometown or ceremony city) and put them in little baggies for your guests to enjoy the morning after the celebration. Consider including a note with the coffee details so guests can order their own if they end up loving it as well or just show the local company love on social media.

Winter Essentials

Oftentimes winter weddings take place outside because the sky is blue, the air is crisp, and the pine trees are covered in snow. Unless your ceremony is taking place somewhere warmer, there’s a good chance your guests will feel chilly in an outdoor space. Consider providing baggies with cute winter essentials like customized lip balm, hand warmers, and a scarf for them to weather the elements as they watch the celebration.


If you’re having a holiday or winter wonderland wedding, few party favors would be more quintessential than an ornament. Since many guests travel for holiday weddings, some special to help them remember their trip around the holdiauda is an ideal choice. Opt for an ordname with the location and date so your friends can look back fondly and remember the special occasion every holiday season.

Personalized Mugs

Help your guests prepare for the cold weather season by gifting them personalized mugs. Have your wedding date and venue added so loved ones will remember the celebration everytime they reach for it. Additionally, consider filling each with a baggie of coffee or cocoa so your guests have something special to sip in their new mugs.


If you and your SO are fans of something stronger, flasks as winter wedding favors are a great way to showcase your fun-loving personalities. Have them etched with your wedding date and location and select them in a classic style like silver, wood, or black so they’ll fit everyone’s taste. If you want to take it a step further, have “flask fill” stations where guests can fill their flasks with drinks to enjoy all night long.

Maple Syrup

Gifting your guests something edible is sweet, especially if it's honey or jam! These popular summer wedding favors are a delicious way to help your guests remember your special day and thank them for attending. You can buy the condiments in bulk and put them in small jars of your choosing or go with a company who does it all for you. Either way, your guests will appreciate the delicious gesture.

Hot Chocolate

Winter Wedding Favors Photo Credit // Diybarnwedding

Whether you select popular hot chocolate bombs or package kits with cocoa mix and marshmallows, few favors are more deliciously winter than hot chocolate. Package the hot chocolate in cute baggies and if your budget permits, put them in mugs with some peppermint bark to make preparation super easy. Whichever you choose, be sure to add instructions to guide your guests in creating the perfect cup.

Selecting the most fitting winter wedding favor takes a little bit of creativity, but there are plenty of options that’ll help your guests remember the celebration. Say thanks with something sweet like syrup or hot chocolate or keep the party going with a flask or gourmet coffee. Whatever you choose, your guests will appreciate the “thank you” and enjoy celebrating your love story post “I do.”

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