Most Popular Wedding Invitation Themes

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By Monica Mercuri

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Invitations are a wonderful and beautiful tool that every couple can utilize for their wedding day. In addition to the save the date cards, wedding invitations give your wedding guests a brief insight into the ceremony and celebration to come (and we don’t just mean the logistics). Particularly, the invitation design can speak to wedding details, such as location, venue, colors, and even your wedding flowers.

Looking for new wedding invitation card ideas? Our Zola experts can help. At Zola, we offer a number of unique wedding invitation templates so that you can create your perfect invitation suite with ease. Whether you have a themed wedding or are looking for the perfect invite that highlights a fall color palette, our selection of stationery offers something for everyone. Below are some of our favorite wedding invitation styles for any special occasion.

1. Beach

Most Popular Wedding Invitation Themes Photo Credit // Unsplash

If you’re having a destination wedding, getting married at sea, or tying the knot at a local beach, there’s something calming and symbolic about taking beachy elements and incorporating them into your invitations. Whether you feature iconic anchor imagery or use fanned palm tree leaves, guests will immediately drift their minds into a state of paradise upon opening your destination wedding save the date and invite.

2. Bohemian

Between beloved plant parents or die-hard Wes Anderson fans, boho-chic and bohemian vibes have made their way into the wedding scene—including boho wedding invitations—over the last several years. Inspire guests to add elements of quirk into their party ensemble by alluding to a bohemian occasion, whether through boho save the dates designed with paint strokes, or invitations layered with succulents—it will surely be an iconic piece of stationery that stands apart.

3. Botanical

Speaking of proud plant parents, if you and your partner can be found patio planting on the weekends, an invitation fitting a botanical theme is perfect for you. Many couples choose to decorate their ceremony or reception venues by incorporating many elements of greenery, making it both cost effective and charming. Thankfully, wedding invitation designs took note. Between traditional leaf prints or eucalyptus branches, there are many fun and whimsical designs to choose from when crafting your greenery save the dates and invitation suite.

4. Classic

For those couples who have dreamt about a classical wedding day, it’s only fitting to have invitations to match. From script lettering and monograms, to clean lines and crisp font, there’s no shortage of lovely, classic save the date and invitation designs to choose from for your wedding day.

5. Cultural

Elements of a couple’s particular family history or culture are huge components when it comes to wedding planning, and the invitation themes are no different. Whether you’re embracing Mexican culture with a nod to Dia de los Muertos, or having a multi-day iconic Indian wedding, creating a wedding invitation with familiar themes will inform guests of the cultural celebration beforehand.

6. Destination

With family and friends scattered all throughout the country (and the world), it seems like a large percentage of couples are opting for a destination wedding. Helping to set the stage for the fantastic, location-themed event ahead, embrace a destination-inspired invitation. From a particular city skyline, to a romantic beach setting with palm tree fronds, there’s a matching invitation that will reflect your destination perfectly.

7. Elegant

Just like classic, but with elements of pizzaz, embracing a timeless theme for an elegant save the date and wedding invitation will inform guests of the wedding celebration’s fancy ambiance. Whether showcasing light strings or signature cursive font, the theme of black-tie optional will not be forgotten.

8. Floral

Whether they’re lining the aisle, stationed as beautiful table centerpieces, or held in the bride’s arms in the form of a gorgeous bouquet, flowers play a very important part in most wedding celebrations. Whether the couple prefers roses, sunflowers, or a field of wildflowers, there’s a matching invitation for every floral fan.

9. Illustrated

Elements of graphic design have sparked creativity when it comes to wedding invitation themes and designs. Incorporating illustrations into your stationery can create nods to many different outlets. Whether you’re looking to incorporate earthy elements, such as ivy wreaths or drawn landscapes, to personalized touches, such as your wedding venue or house pet, utilizing illustrations can broaden your wish list when crafting your invitation.

10. Minimalist

The minimalist movement has not only made its way into our homes, but our weddings, too. Incorporating the theme of ‘less is more’ speaks wonders on wedding invitations, as it allows elements like typography or geometry to do all the talking. Well, those design elements and the logistics, of course.

11. Modern

Modern movement is a strong theme on the wedding front. Incorporating styling from areas such as modern art, design, and architecture, this particular wedding theme has been popular throughout the last decade. Details such as gold foil and paint splatter give an artistic twist to modern save the dates and wedding invitations.

12. Romantic

What could be more romantic than a wedding day? (Well, maybe the honeymoon!) Remind guests of your undying love by adding romantic notions to your wedding day invitation. Designs such as a perfect night sky or an old Hollywood backdrop are just two examples of using romantic displays to set the stage for your wonderful evening.

13. Rustic

Outdoor and iconic barnyard weddings have become a traditional staple in the selection of wedding themes. As venues such as national parks and vineyards are rising in popularity for wedding bookings, the theme has escalated. It’s only fitting that when you’re having such a specialized niche wedding, that a perfecting invitation follows suits. Rustic save the dates and invitation designs such as forests or detailed tree prints are wonderful ways to stay on theme.

14. Seasonal

Having a springtime wedding? Or, maybe you’re exchanging ‘I dos’ during the winter holidays? Either way, these moments and memories are signature times of year that can be capitalized on in the best way. As your save the dates may have given guests the date to block off their calendars, invitations speaking to this particular time of year will help bring the celebration alive for each and every one of your guests. Whether fall foliage or spring wreaths are featured, you can’t go wrong by pairing your wedding day with it’s particular season.

15. Vintage

Most Popular Wedding Invitation Themes Photo Credit // Unsplash

As opposed to incorporating a small token of ‘something borrowed’ into your wedding day, make it the entire event. Like the bohemian theme, vintage themes are a hit in the modern wedding world. Saving on elements of costs, and incorporating unique creativity, this theme has so many invitation designs to help bring the idea of vintage to life, between vintage looking posters and nods to days at summer camp, couples have so much fun deciding on which direction to go when choosing their vintage wedding invitations and stationery.

16. Watercolor

From tattoos to branding, and now weddings, the watercolor theme has made quite the splash (a colorful splash). Couples can embrace watercolor wedding invitations designs through patterns or individualized strokes. Colors can also add unique elements to the overall themes, as personalized wedding colors can create an invitation unique to you and your partner.

17. Whimsical

If there’s ever a time to have fun, it’s your wedding day. Send guests gold foil polka dot invitations, because why not?! If you and your partner are the life of the party, embrace the whimsy in your wedding invitation theme by opting for fun stationery pieces.

While wedding themes and invitations are extremely personal, it’s important to incorporate your own elements into the mix. While popular themes can inspire and help you and your partner navigate the stationery world, it’s important to shop around and pick a theme or invitation design that is meaningful and special to you.

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