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Rustic Save the Dates

Rustic chic weddings have become a popular trend among today’s couples. Unlike traditional, formal events, rustic themes inspire a sense of warmth and comfort. With simple, natural decor and soft color palettes, this wedding style reflects the intimacy of romance.

If you’re hosting a rustic wedding, choose rustic save the dates that reflect that warmth and love to your closest friends and family as you invite them to share in your special day.

A rustic look can add a down-to-earth touch to any wedding, but this style particularly complements:

  • Country Weddings – The epitome of country charm, a barn venue naturally lends itself to this wedding style. To further your rustic feel, adorn wooden ceiling rafters with fairy lights, natural greenery, and white drapery. Consider coupling this look with rustic country save the dates for a truly cohesive wedding theme.
  • Backyard Weddings – Transform your backyard into an enchanting wedding venue with rustic chic decor such as mason jars, antique barrels, and simple wooden benches. Hang string lights up and watch your rustic wedding theme come to life as you celebrate your love story!
  • Vintage Weddings – Rustic vintage weddings transport your guests back in time with simple decor that inspires nostalgia. The delicate lace and copper touches in your decor will beautifully match the simple white detailing, foil accents, and wooden backgrounds of Zola’s rustic chic save the dates.

Search Zola’s broad selection of rustic wedding save the dates to find the style that’s right for you, then customize your selection with details that elevate your invite from pretty to perfect. As you browse and redesign, consider these important design elements:

  • Color – Search for colors that match the vibe of your upcoming event. You can reflect the natural greens, browns, and whites of your rustic decor with an earthy color palette, or design country save the dates using vibrant warm tones, like a sunset over rolling hills.
  • Paper Type – Your rustic chic save the dates will look great on either rugged natural paper or recycled paper made of organic materials.
  • Custom Photo – You can always personalize your invitations with timeless, woodsy, and enchanting engagement photos of you and your spouse-to-be.

With a rustic theme, invitation, and decor style, you can capture the simple elegance of your love and carry it through every aspect of your wedding. With Zola, you can even incorporate it into your invitations, your choice of wedding vendors, and your free wedding website.

And that’s not the only thing that’s free. When you order your wedding invitations through Zola, you’ll receive free shipping, guest addressing, and envelopes, as well as optional free samples before making your final decision. Rustic weddings may seem effortlessly stunning, but they require some real forethought and planning—luckily, you can do it all with Zola.

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