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All about elegant & formal save the dates

Sometimes, the most beautiful option is the simplest. If your refined taste is both sophisticated and straightforward, then an elegant wedding invitation will perfectly set the mood for your celebration.

With dozens of luxurious and tasteful card designs, Zola can help you find your perfect shade of elegance. Enjoy beautiful save the dates without all the extra fuss.

Frequently asked questions

How will elegant save the dates fit into my wedding?

When planning a wedding, there’s always a period of design indecision. Between luxe glamor, rustic bohemian barn, fairytale romance, and everything in between, the options can be overwhelming. Choosing traditional elegance can be a wonderful way to cut through the noise and make your celebration shine:

Season – Naturally, there’s elegance in every season. However, winter weddings more easily embody the minimalist, breathtaking feel of true refinement. If planning your wedding during late fall or winter, elegant wedding save the dates will fit the season.

Location Wedding venues often set the tone. While breweries and beaches are relaxed and joyous locales, true elegance shines through in formal venues. Ballrooms, museums, historic estates, and religious halls best fit this graceful aesthetic.

Style & Theme - Does your dream wedding resemble Cinderella’s ball more than Snow White’s cottage? If your wedding style is streamlined and polished, Zola can help you create formal, elegant wedding invitations to match.

What else should I consider for elegant save the date cards?

Elegance isn’t one-size-fits-all. But with Zola’s custom filters, you can add elegant luxury to your personal style. Mix and match these flourishes to create the perfect card:

Color – Elegance shines in sophisticated or muted tones—think deep greens, romantic blushes, and sleek neutral tones. You can start by browsing all of Zola’s classic and elegant styles, or search for specific color palettes.

Foil – There’s a way to encapsulate both refined simplicity and modern sparkle. Touches of gold, silver, or rose gold foil can elevate invitations from plain to polished.

Custom Photo – Feel free to show off your real-life elegance with a sophisticated couple’s photo to match. To stay in line with your desired aesthetic, you’ll want to use a simple and romantic picture, surrounded by sparse text in a monochromatic palette. A center alignment helps maintain a clean look.

Save the Date in Elegant Style with Zola

With Zola, you can elevate both your wedding invitations and your planning process with a refined simplicity. Create your perfect save the dates with our easy-to-use design filters and customizations, as well as a matching wedding website to share with friends and family.

Still in the early stages of the wedding planning process? Zola has expert advice for all things wedding, from your guest list to wedding registry and venue search. With us, planning your wedding can be as simple and straightforward as your elegant invitation designs.

Save the dates of all shapes & sizes

From traditional square save the dates to fancy arches, Zola has a variety of card shapes to choose from.

Square save the datesRounded save the datesScalloped save the datesArch save the datesTicket save the datesDiamond save the dates

Mix and match options

With so many features and finishes available, choosing save the dates can seem daunting. Narrow your search by combining your favorite design options.

Foil save the datesLetterpress save the datesSave the dates magnetsReception-only save the datesPhoto save the datesSave the dates without photosPortrait save the datesLandscape save the dates