Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas

In need of winter wedding decoration ideas? Our Zola experts are here to help. Read on for more inspiration!

By Amanda Mitchell

winter wedding decorations
Photo by Unsplash

A winter wedding is basically a personalized version of a winter wonderland. There’s something so peaceful and familiar about winter, something that makes people want to celebrate with their loved ones, which is why a winter wedding is always a welcome and celebrated concept. The festivities of winter don’t need to be reserved for just Christmas or New Years’ Eve—it’s always a great time to celebrate, and an especially romantic time to celebrate a wedding with you and your loved ones. Looking for some winter wedding decoration ideas? We’ve gathered some beautiful decor ideas to make the biggest day of your life a truly festive moment.

Natural Elements

The most beautiful part of winter is that a dusting of snow only amplifies the beautiful shades of nature. Wrapping evergreen branches around large candles in vases can make a simple, yet stunning wedding tablescape, and the gentle scent of pine will become a natural fragrance for the day. Even the color green can be a gorgeous part of your wedding colors—going with deep, forest-y greens, gentle grays, and creams can make any wedding color palette.

If you’re looking to feature snowflakes without coming across as too kitschy or childish, incorporating a lace backdrop or tablecloth with a snowflake design can infuse a snow-like element without you having to go out in below-freezing weather.

Making wreaths out of vines, or having vines wrapped around large candelabras and mantles will make any event feel more rustic; and using wintery flowers such as heather, pansies, jasmine, and camellias are perfectly on-theme.

If it's in your budget, large, over-the-top trees can be a great wedding decoration. Whether they're large pine trees decorated with fake snow for the reception area, or a group of small, sparse trees without leaves decorated in hanging bulbs for the ceremony, trees are an important part of any winter wedding. (Just ask before you go digging up someone's tree, okay?) For a more budget-friendly option, branches and twigs can be spray-painted and turned into glorious and magical place card holders and table decor.

And, of course, you can't have a winter wedding without including a few pine cones here or there. They can be used as place card holders, or can be spray-painted gold, white, or silver and used as a decoration around a cake holder, or hung from a ribbon as for chair decor.

Playing With Fire

There’s a famous song that says something about “chestnuts roasting over an open fire,” and getting cozy by a fire is probably the most wintery activity ever—so, of course, why not incorporate flames, fire, and warmth into your cool, wintery wedding? If your wedding venue has a fireplace, you can absolutely use it for its practical use on the big day (if allowed). Otherwise, wrap it in greenery with winter wedding flowers, and then place candles along the mantle as a stand-out decoration or photo wall. Using candles at your wedding is a no-brainer, but for a winter wedding, a candlelit ceremony can bring visions of adventure and romance. Use candles to decorate the aisle that leads to a stunning floral-covered arch, or have large groups of differing sized candles placed in the cocktail waiting room to bring about a gentle ambiance.

Fabrics Are Important

Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas Photo Credit // Unsplash

When it comes to a winter wedding, the fabrics you use can reflect your theme just as much as a color palette or lighting. There’s nothing quite as wintery as velvet and satin fabrics—velvet screams holiday, while satin feels like gifts and holiday decor. Yes, you can use velvet as a fabric in your bridal party’s outfit, but why not consider a crushed velvet table runner or tablecloth in a deep burgundy or green for a truly dramatic moment on your wedding day? Satin or velvet ribbons can be wrapped around an invitation or used as a border for a place setting. Velvet isn't the most practical of fabrics, which is why it's great to be used for a special occasion, such as a wedding, when practicality gets thrown out the window.

Speaking of satin, ribbons are an essential part of any winter wedding decor, just as much as a decorative wreath can be. You can wrap ribbons around a candle holder, a vase, the pine of a wreath, and the chairs for your ceremony, or simply hang them from a makeshift arch. There's nothing quite as charming as a dainty ribbon looped into a bow and expertly placed.

Incorporating fur (real or fake, that's up to you) into your wedding day can also be a beautiful way to bring the cold indoors. Whether it's forgoing bridal party bouquets for furry muffs, having furry rugs in your cocktail party space, or just wearing a furry wrap for bridal photos, it's sure to be a success (and a warm one, at that).

Twinkle, Sparkle, Shine

Winter wedding decor always needs a little shimmer. A great, no-brainer decor tip for a winter-white wedding is to use metallics such as gold, silver, and copper in the wedding decorations. Copper carafes full of hot chocolate for a hot chocolate bar, gold candlestick holders surrounded by gold-painted pine cones, and silver ornaments hung from an elaborately decorated arch or fireplace mantle all add a whimsical touch to your winter wonderland.

You've got an abundance of ideas and concepts for the day, especially if you're keeping other colors in your big day far more neutral. Oversized feathers can also give some festive flair to your wedding decor that isn't necessarily winter-themed. Large white (fake) ostrich feathers can be a chair decoration or used in a large decorative photo backdrop.