White Wedding Jumpsuit Options for Brides

Discover our top ideas for rocking this non-traditional look on your big day.

By Maggy Lehmicke

White Wedding Jumpsuit
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The First Look ✨

  • Wedding jumpsuits are trendier than ever and a great non-traditional option for brides who still want the elegant, tailored look of a wedding gown.
  • In addition to jumpsuits, bridal rompers, pantsuits, and tailored separates are a few other great options.
  • While jumpsuits are harder to find than traditional gowns, they’re quickly growing in popularity. The Zola Bridal Boutique is a great place to start for inspiration.

The “non-traditional” wedding is quickly rising in popularity. And with it comes a surge in modern attire. If you find yourself feeling out of place or underwhelmed by endless images of princess dresses or a traditional wedding gown, you’re not alone.

Luckily, the wedding industry has growing options, and the wedding jumpsuit just happens to be one of the trendiest of them all. However, if you love the idea of rocking pants on your wedding day, it’s important to know that jumpsuits aren’t your only option. Below is a selection of non-traditional bridal alternatives to consider.

White Wedding Jumpsuit Options for Brides Photo Credit // Shutterstock


The bridal jumpsuit is quickly gaining traction. With the flexibility to cater to many different styles, tastes, and shapes while still being elegant and feminine, the sleek look of the white jumpsuit is hard to beat. For a formal look, consider something minimalist or architectural in a luxe, crepe-like fabric. More casual gatherings may call for something more billowy or with a fun texture, like eyelet lace or beaded fringe.

The white bridal jumpsuit’s relatively simple silhouette also gives you the freedom to let your accessories take center stage. Maybe you’ve been eyeing a pretty gold hairpiece or are hoping to rock some sparkly statement heels. Drop earrings, bangles, clutches, and shawls are all likely adornments that give your bridal attire that extra dose of character. The very essence of jumpsuits is “fun,” so be bold and play around with possibilities.


If you’re looking for something classy, tailored, and effortlessly chic, then a simple wedding pantsuit might do the trick. Clean lines and a fitted silhouette make this outfit a great choice for more formal gatherings, whether you’ll be celebrating at a church, country club, or banquet hall. If your venue is a little bit more relaxed, like a brewery or distillery, you can always dress it down with some casual accessories or pick a breezy fabric like linen.

With pantsuits, don’t be afraid to get creative. One of the best parts of this look is that you can experiment with colors, textures, fabrics, and silhouettes to achieve a style that fits your personality. For example, maybe you decide to stick with a simple ivory suit, but incorporate a pop of color with a silk shirt and floral pocket square. Or maybe you decide to scrap white and pick a rich navy or burgundy that complements the rest of your wedding colors.


The most daring of the three, rompers have become more popular for non-traditional brides who want to show off a little skin without sacrificing comfort. Great for festival-style events and casual affairs in warmer climates, like a beach wedding, the romper is both a really fun and extremely versatile choice. Whether you’re looking for something laid-back and flirty or slightly more glamorous, there are plenty of options on the market. You can even find a two-piece set with a removable overskirt if you want to rock two different looks for your ceremony and reception.

White Wedding Jumpsuit Options for Brides Photo Credit // Shutterstock

Other Options

If your creativity is endless, then so are your options. Maybe you’re picturing a tailored jumpsuit with a dramatic cape or a pair of flowy culottes with a pretty lace top. Some jumpsuits and rompers even have a train or skirt-like overlay that gives you the feminine feel of a wedding dress with the comfort and class of a suit. Just like with dresses, there are jumpsuits, pantsuits, and separates for almost every style, so really take the time to get to know your options and familiarize yourself with what you like.

Where Can I Find a Wedding Jumpsuit or Pantsuit?

If you’re not sure where to start, head to the Zola Wedding Boutique for inspiration. You’ll find quite a few elegant bridal jumpsuits, as well as rompers and unique separates. And as you begin to do more in-depth research and talk to bridal salons, don’t be shy about asking them what non-traditional attire options they carry. If you’re looking for something more bold, like a burgundy velvet jumpsuit, you might even decide to veer off the traditional course and look outside of bridal stores. Just remember: Shopping for bridal attire can be overwhelming for anyone, so take a deep breath and try to enjoy the process.