Whimsical Hairstyles for a Rustic Wedding

These rustic wedding hairstyles will enhance any bride’s natural beauty with face framing curls, loose braids, feminine accessories, and floral blooms.

By The Zola Team

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Rustic weddings are all about emphasizing the natural beauty of the Earth. They typically feature muted colors, soft florals, and natural elements, such as wood, greenery, and sand. Picture whimsical woodsy venues, lakeside vows, and dancing under starlight (or market lighting that looks like starlight). These especially ethereal settings call for an equally ethereal, romantic hairstyle. If you are saying “I do” under a canopy of trees, either in your backyard or at a venue where the natural elements are the highlight, consider one of these rustic wedding hairstyles.

Rustic Wedding Hairstyles

Similar to how the décor highlights the natural beauty of the venue, your wedding day hair should complement your natural beauty. Face framing curls, loose braids, feminine accessories, and floral blooms are a few ingredients that you can incorporate into your wedding day hairstyle to enhance your natural hair color and texture.


Braids are the first thing that comes to mind when we think of rustic wedding hairstyles. They can be bohemian, country, or trend-setting in style, and they always add a unique touch to a hairdo. Here are a few standout styles to try for your wedding day.

Halo Braid

This wrap-around [wedding braid hairstyle](https://www.zola.com/expert-advice/10-amazing-hairstyles-perfect-for-your-beach-wedding) is totally eye-catching. The unique hairdo will keep your strands in place if you’re saying “I do” on a windy bluff or waterfront, and keep you cool if you’re getting married in the heat of the summer. This isn’t the easiest style to do on yourself, so be sure to recruit a hairstylist who is a whiz at braiding to make sure that it comes out just right.
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A fishtail braid with face-framing curls, whether you have bangs or not, is an effortless way to tie your hair back. It works best on hair that has a lot of texture or is particularly thick. This look is understated, yet elegant and will match a rustic venue that is too.

Petite V-Shaped Braids

This cute style features two tiny braids that start at the front of your hair and are braided back forming a slight V along your part. This style requires a center part, but, beyond that, your hair can be short, long, or somewhere in between for the style to work. Add in a few curls to the rest of your hair for a soft style that is perfect for a woodsy wedding. In fact, we feel like a fantasy character would surely don this ’do.

Long and Loose With a Twist

This braided hairstyle has multiple parts. A voluminous twist leads into a chunky French braid and is finished with a loose strand wrapped-around the ponytail. The intricate style is whimsical and fun. With all its details, it will beautifully complement a simple gown.


You can never go wrong with florals in your hair for your wedding day, but they are an especially appropriate addition to rustic wedding hairstyles. Plus, you can choose the blooms that match the rest of your wedding florals so that your hairstyle will be even more in sync with your décor.

Soft Updo Hairstyle With Florals Tucked In

All that this romantic low updo needs is a few flowers tucked into the twist to make it truly whimsical. This style works well with flowers big or small, but the smaller the blooms the softer the overall look, and the more of them you can use. This bridal updo hairstyle also emphasizes the wedding dress, since none of your hair will be covering your dress.

Curly Ponytail With a Floral Comb

A long ponytail is a chic and modern way to style your hair on your wedding day, but throw in a bounty of bouncy, loose curls and a floral comb and it instantly feels softer and more classic. Curl your hair all over before gathering the ponytail at the nape of your neck and then let shorter strands fall out around your face. Add the floral comb right above the hair tie and voilá, you’ve got a wedding day ready pony.

Wispy Bun With Florals on the Side

A messy bun will complement any rustic wedding theme with its “woke up like this” essence. Give it an elegant touch by throwing in a few curls, and add a bit of whimsy with colorful blooms of all hair clip shapes and sizes. Go heavy on the texturizing spray with this one to really make you look like you’re a part of the garden.

A Hair Bouquet

There’s no need to choose just a couple of blooms when you can have a whole bouquet. This updo gets a wedding day touch that is rustic and chic with an assortment of blooms that blend together beautifully. Have your florist and hairstylist tag team this style to achieve the bouquet that matches both your wedding flowers and hairstyle.

Flower Crown

Embrace your inner boho flower-child with a tried and true flower crown hair accessory. This wedding day hair is youthful, fun, and never overdone. You can make your own crown alongside your bridesmaids for a fun pre-wedding activity, or leave it to a florist for a more uniform style. Additionally, carry extra bobby pins around just in case. Bonus: This hairstyle can be done for short hair or long hair.

Baby’s Breath

If whimsy was a flower it would be baby’s breath. Incorporate this floating flower into your hairstyle with a full, floral crown or with just a few branches tucked into your braid. For an extra dose of whimsy, get inspired by runway looks, which took it one step further by choosing colorful variations of baby’s breath instead of traditional white.


Simple, everyday styles, such as beachy waves and soft curls, or even wearing your hair natural, have become popular choices for wedding day hair. If you want an easy and effortless hairstyle (or one that at least looks that way) choose one of these relaxed styles for a rustic wedding.

Windswept Waves

Don’t be afraid to embrace your natural texture on your wedding day, especially if you’re having a relaxed, outdoor ceremony. Natural waves will blow in the wind and add a candid feel to your wedding photos that is fun and whimsical.

A Simple Twist

Sometimes all you need is a simple twist to take your hairstyle from everyday to wedding day. If long beachy waves are your go-to, don’t shy away from them now. Add a twist from your part and pin it back for a perfect, rustic [beach wedding hairstyle](https://zola.app.link/TKJHdCOxp9 "Best Hairstyles for a Beach Wedding: Part Bride, Part Mermaid, Completely Stunning!").

A Deep Side Part

Introduce a deep side part to shake up your hairstyle for your wedding day. This simple change turns your everyday waves into a romantic wedding-ready hairdo fit for a rustic celebration.

Soft and Romantic Waves

When your venue is full of stunning nature scenes and rustic decor, sometimes a simple wedding day style stands out best. Throw in some soft, loose waves for a no-fail hairstyle that will always look great in photos and will last all night long. Plus, you’ll feel like you, which is important in order to feel comfortable and relaxed.


The difference between a rustic wedding hairstyle and any other wedding hairstyle is, sometimes, simply the hair accessory. These accessories bring out the theme in the hairdos they adorn. From a headpiece to a hair clip, see how you will turn your dream rustic wedding style into a reality with just your look.

Simple Updo With a Soft Veil and Floral Comb

If you fall in love with an accessory that matches the style and theme of your day just right, go ahead and build your entire hairstyle around it. The floral comb is the star of this wedding hairstyle, all it needs is a simple low updo to truly shine.


A half-halo offers a delicate surprise when you turn your head. This one is dotted with beads and baby metal flowers that together create an ethereal piece that will add just the right amount of sparkle to your wedding day hairstyle.

Messy Bun With Floral Clips

Loose topknots have the ability to look both elegant and effortless. This particular style is fitting for a rustic wedding by the undone bun alone, but add in a few dainty floral clips and it practically begs to be on a bride saying “I do” in a rustic setting, such as a garden or meadow.

Voluminous Updo With a Comb

Achieve a glamorous rustic hairdo with a voluminous low updo that is a bit tousled. You will need a lot of hair to make this look picture-perfect, so consider adding a clip in extension just in the back that matches the hue of your hair. To help build the volume that this style requires, add big curls and a lot of texturizing spray, then form the updo in layers of hair on top of one another. Complete the look with a sparkly comb that will peek out from the updo.

Metallic Flower Crown

Short-haired brides can have just as much fun with accessories as the rest of them. Add a metallic flower crown to a pixie cut to make it sparkle. This dainty version is just the thing for a whimsical wedding—it’s delicate, yet glamorous, and small, yet it stands out.

These styles are meant to complement both your natural beauty and the setting of your wedding. Whether you add a whimsical accessory or throw in a beautiful braid, you’ll be ready to walk down the rustic aisle on your big day.

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