What Season Should You Get Married In?

Stuck between your love for spring or the magic of winter? There are a whole host of benefits to having a wedding in each season. Here are our tips to help you make the right choice.

By Jennifer Prince

What Season Should You Get Married In
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We all have memories connected to our favorite season. Seize the opportunity to use those recollections to marry in the season that resonates with you both. Beyond the temperature, we have the scoop on the flavors, colors, and locations that work best with your wedding season. If you’ve been wondering what season should you get married in, this one's for you.

Getting Married in the Summer

This may be your ideal season if you and your SO love lingering outside on days with extended daylight, you don’t mind the heat, and you haven’t met a water-centric activity that you don’t like.

Best Locations for Summer Weddings

Summer is a perfect opportunity to head to the northern US or European countries, such as England or Scotland.

What to Wear for a Summer Wedding

Strapless or sleeveless dresses show off summer skin and shoulders. Suiting should consist of lightweight fabrics like linene, and if you adore seersucker, go for it.

Foods That Are in Season in Summer

Farm-to-table meals are perfect, especially if you have a long list of vegetarian or vegan attendees. Fresh produce is also at its peak during the summer months. Think fresh berries for your cake or other dessert table options.

Summer Color Palettes

Rock those jewel tones, pastels, or neutrals for a gorgeous warm-weather wedding.

Pros to Having a Summer Wedding

Sunny weather and a plethora of in-season flowers and foods make summer ideal. Guests are also more likely to score time off from work for vacation.

Cons to Having a Summer Wedding

Summertime is popular, so vendors tend to fill up early. Also, the heat can be stifling in some parts of the country, especially for an outdoor wedding.

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Getting Married in the Fall

This may be your ideal season if you’re the type of duo who loves picking apples with a PSL in hand, you adore pumpkins and fall scents, and the crispness in the air keeps your spirits high.

Best Locations for Fall Weddings

States that are not too far north or south, such as Virginia, Colorado, and New York, are ideal. If colorful leaves are a priority, be sure to check a fall foliage map. For destination weddings, head to Germany or Peru for your big day.

What to Wear for a Fall Wedding

Sheer long sleeves, blanket scarves, and beautiful wraps all add dimension to a gown. Menswear can include tweeds and heavier, textured fabrics.

Foods That Are in Season in Autumn

Incorporate locally grown apples and gourds, such as pumpkin and squash, into your menu. Trade out cake for pumpkin pie, or go for a more savory choice, such as carrot cake, for a fall event.

Fall Color Palettes

Tones of monochromatic brown or a palette of rust, gold, and deep orange are stunning.

Pros to Having a Fall Wedding

Many flowers, such as sunflowers and roses, are still in bloom. Outdoor autumn weddings are more bearable than during the heat of the summer.

Cons to Having a Fall Wedding

September and October are always the most popular months to get married. Peak foliage means more weddings, so dates are relatively competitive. Some guests may have to bow out due to time constraints, such as back to school and scheduling conflicts.

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Getting Married in the Winter

This may be your ideal season if the possibility of a little snow doesn’t scare you, and if you and your partner are dreaming about snow-capped trees or mountains in the background of your photos.

Best Locations for Winter Weddings

If you want to embrace winter, head to New England, Utah, or Michigan. Canada and the Alps are also suitable for snow-filled wedding photos.

What to Wear for a Winter Wedding

Long sleeves, wraps, and fur stoles—either vintage or faux—are beautiful against a wintry backdrop. Grooms can add layers—think vests—and heavier fabrics, such as wool.

Foods That Are in Season in Winter

Citrus fruits are in full swing, so use them in cocktails and desserts. Comfort foods, such as soups and heartier meals, are also in order.

Winter Color Palettes

Take advantage of a crisp palette of white, gray, and black. However, jewel tones and shiny metallics—think New Year’s Eve—also look striking.

Pros to Having a Winter Wedding

Many vendors offer discounts for weddings in January and February. Guests may have more travel flexibility if you choose to have a Christmas or New Year’s Eve wedding.

Cons to Having a Winter Wedding

December is a hectic month for everyone as we juggle the holidays and wrap up the year. Flower prices also tend to go up, as most blooms need to ship from more temperate climates.

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Getting Married in the Spring

This may be your ideal season if you and your partner enjoy the smell of fresh rain, and you also look forward to everything getting green and colorful as warmer temperatures arrive.

Best Locations for Spring Weddings

Choose mid-range states for more temperate, yet still spring-like weather. Consider getting married in a garden or at an arboretum in Dallas or Washington DC. If you adore tulips, head to the Netherlands to experience the height of the blooming season.

What to Wear for a Spring Wedding

Pastel gowns are perfect for spring, especially if they have short sleeves or a lace overlay. Lighten up a bit—both in color and fabric—for your menswear. Don’t be afraid to add bold bow ties and pocket squares into the mix.

Foods That Are in Season in Spring

Take full advantage of farm-to-table produce and meats in the last weeks of the season. Asparagus, beets, and radishes are also fabulous additions to salads and side dishes.

Spring Color Palettes

Pastels are always in vogue, but don’t discount other color schemes. Muted monochromatic tones add minimalistic flair, or combine a rainbow of hues for a colorful event.

Pros to Having a Spring Wedding

Guests will be ready to get out and mingle as the weather starts to warm. Also, take advantage of the fact that local flower farms begin selling their blooms during spring.

Cons to Having a Spring Wedding

June is a super popular month for weddings every year so venues and vendors will book quickly. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you’ll need to come up with a rain plan. Travel costs can also spike as things warm up.

Whether you adore spring or crave the crispness of winter, there are a whole host of benefits to each season. You almost can’t go wrong with any month, as long as you carefully plan your big day with the weather in mind. Still aren't sure what season is best for your wedding? Take our quiz below!

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