6 Months Til Your Wedding? Here's Your To-Do List

Even when you still have six months to go until your wedding, it’s important to have a game plan. Here's our checklist of the main to-dos to focus on.

By Maggy Lehmicke

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The First Look ✨

  • In addition to attire, make sure you have your hair and makeup crew accounted for.
  • Send out save-the-dates and start adding gifts to your wedding registry.
  • Now is the time to lock in a florist, videographer, and deejay or musician.
  • Consider attending some premarital counseling sessions to make the transition to married life as smooth as possible.
  • Don’t overlook necessities, like purchasing ceremony rings and booking the honeymoon.

When you're six months out from your wedding, it might feel like you’ve got all the time in the world. Others might be feeling the pressure. No matter what emotional state you’re in, having a wedding checklist is important for staying organized and will give you the peace of mind that all of your bases are covered.

If you’ve got half the year to plan, here are our top 12 to-dos:

1. Research (and Book) Your Beauty Crew

It’s time to narrow down your search and secure your hair and makeup team. Don’t hesitate to book a few trials and play around with some styles if you’re still not sure exactly what you want.

2. Say Yes to the Dress (or Suit)

Or whatever you decide to wear, really. When it comes to attire, it’s time to let your personality shine.

3. Schedule Tastings

From macarons to cake varieties, you’ll want to make sure your dessert menu is finalized at least five months before your big day. Now is a great time to attend a few tastings and get a feel for exactly what you like.

4. Send Save the Dates

As soon as you’ve got a venue secured and a guest list in mind, it’s time to send out your save the dates. Be sure to include essential details like the venue, date, and link to your wedding website.

5. Book Your Florist

It’s time to graduate from fawning over Pinterest bouquets and finally take the big leap. Whether you’ve got a dream florist in mind or are still on the hunt, you’ll want to check this off your list as soon as you can.

6. Start Your Registry

From cooking utensils to a new couch, now is the time to start thinking about what might come in handy after the big day. Luckily, Zola’s registry is super straightforward and home to a wealth of inspiration to get you started.

7. Pick Out a Videographer

If video is on your radar, now is the time to consider booking a pro. Not only is it a great way to capture some additional footage on your big day, but it’s also something you can reflect on for years to come.

8. Research DJs and Musicians

Depending on how far along you are in the planning process, this is a good time to examine your entertainment options. Whether you’re looking to book a deejay or a musician, now is the time to narrow down your choices and start gathering some quotes.

9. Book a Rehearsal Dinner Venue

Assuming that you only have your wedding venue booked for a single day, you’ll need to secure an additional venue for the rehearsal dinner. Keep in mind that this can be somewhere low key and personal, like a family farm or childhood home.

10. Attend Premarital Counseling

Even if you’ve never done therapy together, don’t be intimidated—premarital counseling can be a great way to strengthen your bond as a couple, while simultaneously preparing you for married life.

11. Pick Out Ceremony Rings

This is a big one that’s easy to leave until the last minute. Make sure you pick out your rings far enough in advance to add engravings or make any other special customizations.

12. Book the Honeymoon

For most couples, the wedding isn’t the only big event they’ve got coming up. Be sure not to overlook any important honeymoon details, like booking flights and accommodations or renewing your passports.

Though everyone’s priorities may vary (as well as their sense of urgency), most couples benefit from having a structured timeline attached to their to-dos. And let’s be honest: It always feels good to check one more thing off the list.

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