6 Small Ways to Add Personal Touches to Your Reception

Make your wedding uniquely yours with meaningful touches that reflect you and your partner. Read on for all the ways to add a personal touch to your reception.

By McCall Minnor

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At its core, your wedding is a celebration of you and your partner. Yet, amid the chaos of wedding planning, you might forget that in lieu of location scouting, securing vendors, and watching your budget. Logistics aside, your wedding should be uniquely yours with meaningful touches that reflect you and your spouse. Read on for the small details you can add to your reception to showcase your personalities and interests.

Make your guest book a keepsake.

Your guest book is already one of the most personal items at your reception. The handwritten names and notes left by your guests are entirely unique to your wedding and relationships. In most cases, a guest book is, well, a book—but that doesn’t have to be the case.

If you beam at the idea of reading from one in the future, stick with the classic album. However, this is also an opportunity to make a personal impression with a unique alternative. Messages in a bottle and notes slipped into a frame are just a couple variations on the guest book. Signed items—like a model plane or globe, if you enjoy traveling—can also nod to your relationship. Imagine the kind of keepsake you’ll treasure long after your wedding and insert it here.

In fact, here are 52 unique wedding guestbook ideas to inspire you.

Put thought into collecting gifts.

Cardholders are another opportunity to infuse your personalities and style into your reception. Consider replacing your standard cardholder with a unique vessel. Think mailboxes, wine barrels, vintage suitcases, instrument cases, and rustic crates—whatever reflects you and your new spouse. You can also opt for a modern update by choosing a glass terrarium or box. Add an engraving and display it in your home thereafter as a momento.

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Serve a signature cocktail.

You’ve decided to go with a full-service open bar—or maybe you’ve curated a selection of beer and wine. Regardless, offering a signature cocktail can be a fun addition that reflects your relationship. Put a twist on your favorite cocktail or create something entirely new out of your favorite ingredients. You could choose a drink that’s native to one or both of your hometowns. Whatever you decide, craft a drink for each of you and then don’t forget to give them meaningful (and clever) names. Here’s some more advice on how to create your signature wedding cocktails.

Don’t forget dessert.

Your catering might be a set menu, but you have a bit more creative freedom when it comes to dessert. Whether you’re going with a classic cake or serving up something different, this is your chance to make a fun and memorable impression. Go all out with customizable toppers, florals, or edible decorations. Your dessert is quite literally a canvas for your theme or style. If you opt for cake, consider getting a personalized serving set to cut with. Then you can take it home and use it long after your reception comes to a close.

Write your name all over the place.

Literally. If you’re changing your last name, share your excitement for your new initial by printing and placing it in various places around your reception venue. Centerpieces, napkins, and the like could all benefit from this personal touch. You can also make a scene by placing stand-alone letters on tables or at the forefront of your venue. These bright marquee letters really set the tone for your celebration.

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Customize your wedding favors.

Wedding favors or welcome bags are great ways to show appreciation for your guests—many of whom likely traveled to celebrate with you. Make these gifts an extension of your new spouse. Are you major plant parents? Gift each guest a baby succulent to take home. Is your hometown known for a certain beverage? Give the gift of spirit—literally—with mini bottles of the local drink. If you’re both super into sports or met in college, harken back to those days with a team-associated accessory like a koozie or a luggage tag. Your guests will leave with a piece of you once the festivities are over.

Remember, your guests are coming to celebrate you and your partner. Present them with a wedding that’s got both of you written all over it (figuratively or literally).

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