Wedding Hall Decor Ideas

Wedding hall decor tips to transform your reception space.

By Deanna deBara

Wedding Hall Decor
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In many ways, a wedding hall is like a blank canvas. All of that wide open space is just begging to be transformed into your dream wedding reception.

But, while all of that wide open space does open up a lot of possibilities, it is a lot of space to decorate. So, the question is—how, exactly, do you make that transformation from a somewhat plain banquet hall into an unforgettable space to hold your wedding reception? What kind of decor can you use to bring your wedding hall to life, add a personal touch to the room that matches your wedding style, and design a reception space that you, your partner, and your wedding guests will never forget?

Let’s take a look at some of the must-know wedding hall decoration ideas you can use to transform your wedding hall into the perfect reception space:


Wedding Hall Decor Ideas Photo Credit // Unsplash

Most wedding halls have high ceilings—and if you don’t do anything with those ceilings, it could make the room feel empty and cavernous for your wedding ceremony.

Draping fabric from the ceiling not only solves that problem, but it also lends an elegant, romantic look to the entire room—perfect for a wedding reception. If you want to keep things classic, stick to white or off-white fabric—or, if you want to go bold, opt for fabrics in brighter hues that match your wedding color palette.

A Single, Eye-catching Light Fixture

A single, eye-catching light fixture can act as a focal point for the center of the room, lending a sense of drama (not to mention lighting).

If you want to go for a more romantic look, consider hanging a large chandelier. Or, if you want to go for something more modern, an industrial or art deco-inspired light fixture could be a good option. Just make sure that whatever you choose is big, bold, and attention-grabbing; that way, it will work as a focal point in a large space.

Hanging Lanterns

If going for a single eye-catching light fixture doesn’t feel like the right fit for you, another great lighting option that works double-duty as decor is hanging lanterns.

Hanging lanterns from the ceiling of the wedding hall—and strategically hanging different sized lanterns at different points in the room—not only adds visual interest, but will add soft, warm lighting to the space, which, depending on your other wedding decor, can lend a romantic, whimsical feel to the space.

Fairy Lights

Speaking of whimsical, another decor item that can lend a sense of whimsy to your wedding hall is fairy lights.

You can use fairy lights in a variety of ways in a wedding hall. You can add them to the fabric draping from the ceiling to recreate the look of stars in a night sky, to add some shimmer to a photo booth, or to add some sparkle to centerpieces (putting fairy lights in a mason jar adds just the right amount of whimsy and rustic charm to a table at your venue).

Tall Centerpieces

Wedding Hall Decor Ideas Photo Credit // Unsplash

Again, wedding halls typically have a lot of space to fill. And one wedding hall decor idea that can help fill up some of that space—and add a serious WOW factor to your tables is incorporating tall centerpieces.

Instead of having centerpieces that sit directly on the table, having large centerpieces that are elevated above the table can fill some of the white space between the tables and the (generally tall) ceilings in your wedding hall. So, for example, instead of putting tea lights on your table, add tall candelabras to elevate the candlelight and add visual interest. Or, instead of placing a vase of flowers directly on the table, buy a tall stand for the table—and place the vase on top of the stand to bring the flowers up a few inches.

One safety tip to keep in mind with this wedding hall decoration idea is to make sure that your elevated centerpieces are secure—the last thing you want is a centerpiece to come crashing down onto the table in the middle of dinner.

Head Table Arch

Generally, wedding hall receptions are on the larger side—and that means plenty of tables. And while you want all your tables to look great, it’s especially important to make sure your head table stands out on your wedding day.

And a great way to do that is to feature a decorative floral wedding arch.

Framing your head table with a decorative arch not only distinguishes you and your partner’s (and, potentially, your wedding party’s) table from the guest tables, but it also adds visual interest (and makes for great photos). Arches that complement your wedding theme are also one of the most versatile decoration ideas; you can make an arch out of flowers, fabric, greenery, balloons, fairy lights, or any combination of those decor items—the possibilities are essentially endless.

Like we said at the beginning, in many ways, a wedding hall is like a blank canvas. And now that you have these wedding hall decor ideas for your venue, you have everything you need to transform your wedding hall into the perfect reception space. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get transforming.

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