Wedding Hair Trends to Watch

Whether you’re a feminine bride or a minimalist, there’s something for everyone to love. These are the best wedding hair trends of 2020.

By The Zola Team

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Wedding hairstyles have morphed over the decades and even just over recent years to reflect the personality of the bride and the essence of her wedding. They have gone from prom-like updos to natural everyday styles, and from featuring voluminous veils (we see you Rachel Green) to softer wedding hair accessories. As we reflect on early 2020 wedding hair trends and look forward to watching how brides will continue to style their hair for summer, fall, and winter weddings, we’ve compiled the bridal hair trends we expect to see a lot more of this year. Whether you’re a feminine bride, a minimalist, or the Blaire Waldorf of brides and want the most fashionable new accessory on your head, you’ll find the trending hairstyle that’s right for you, right here.

For the Feminine Bride

The feminine bride has quite a few gorgeous wedding day hairstyles to choose from this year. Ribbons, bows, and floral blooms dotted the runways at Bridal Fashion Week and have quickly been adopted by brides everywhere.


Ribbons are no longer reserved for pigtails and French braids; no, they have a simple, yet pretty way of tying off a number of wedding hairstyles. We’ve seen them tied around low ponytails and weaved into braids. This affordable accessory is also easy to incorporate into your wedding ’do as it comes in a variety of styles, such as velvet, tulle, silk, and lace, and shades to suit your wedding attire and colors.


Like ribbons, bows can be tied around a ponytail or bun, but they have also been seen on barrettes, headbands, and pins as of late. There are countless ways to utilize this trend, all of which add a soft, feminine flair to any bridal ’do. Embellished bows tucked into buns or pinned behind the ears take a subtle approach to the trend, while big, bouncy bows on a top knot or ponytail really make a statement.

Big Blooms

Ribbons and bows aren’t the only accessories adorning the hairstyles of 2020 brides. Big, beautiful blooms are making waves, too. Small flower crowns are still pretty, but using bigger flowers, such as roses, peonies, hibiscus, and the like, are becoming more popular for their bold color and size. Have your florist create a flower crown for you that matches your bouquet, or ask her to save a bloom or two to tuck behind your ear for a more subtle rendition of this trend.

For the Boho Bride

Maybe you’re a free spirit by nature, or maybe your wedding site has inspired you to tap into your bohemian side. Either way, you’ll want a style that speaks to your laid-back personality and/or earthy venue. These 2020 bohemian wedding hairstyles are as cool and carefree as you are.

Natural Waves

There’s nothing more free-spirited than wearing your hair natural on your wedding day. No style is easier than “woke up like this” waves. And, thankfully, it’s on-trend. Enhance your natural texture with a bit of styling product, and let your locks go their own way. Whether you’re blessed with bouncy curls or beachy waves, you won’t have to worry about styling your hair on your wedding day.

Hair Vines

Hair vines are one of the most ingenious bridal accessories, and, quite possibly, one of the prettiest. They allow you to weave sparkle throughout your hairstyle for a subtle, yet all-over, shine that mimics the look of a natural vine. Wear them woven through a braided style to combine two trends in one beautiful, bohemian look.

Crown Braid

A crown braid looks just as pretty as it sounds. This whimsical style is perfect for a beach wedding hairstyle or for a celebration in the woods. It’ll give you all the benefits of an updo— elegance, while keeping your hair out of your face, in a way that doesn’t feel stiff or forced. A crown braid is beautiful as is, but you can always add a hair vine, ribbon, or headband to dress it up a bit.

Floating Accessories

For curly hair or a pixie cut that’s naturally beautiful, consider adding a bit of embellishment or sparkle with clip-in accessories. Floating accessories are the newest wedding hair trend and come in a variety of styles, such as gems, pearls, medallions, and rhinestones. These pretty additions will achieve the special look your wedding day hair deserves without cramping its already great style.

Wedding Hair Trends to WatchPhoto Credit // Unsplash


If you’re getting married in the desert, eloping in a national park, or having a destination wedding, you may consider adding a hat to your wedding day beauty routine. This hip accessory can be bridal white, or a fun color that shows off your personality. You can even add a veil or flowers to the brim to make it extra special for the occasion. A hat will show off your indie style and will make a cute photo accessory to boot.

For the Minimalist Bride

Sometimes, less is more. If you want a low-maintenance style for your wedding day, or want your makeup to do most of the talking, consider one of these chic hairstyles fit for the minimalist bride.

Top Knots

Take your hair and tie it up in a slicked-back topknot that will give you supermodel status. This style has become popular because it shows off your pretty face, and highlights any special features of your dress, such as a high neck or low back, and any fun jewelry you’re wearing. There are a dozen ways to wear a topknot, from messy to pristine and even braided. Play around with the style that suits your hair’s texture and the rest of your wedding day look to get it just right.

Low Chignons

We can often thank celebs for wedding hair trends, whether they wore them for their own nuptials, or on the red carpet. In this case, it’s the former. When Hailey (now) Bieber wore a chic, low chignon for her star-studded celebration, it caught the attention of many brides. Now, low chignon buns are trending on brides everywhere, and it makes sense as they work well on a variety of hair textures and lengths, and with a variety of accessories and veils. They can also be worn in multiple ways, with a center part or a deep side part, and with wispy pieces or without.


Headbands are the best friend of the minimalist bride who still wants something special. Simply push your hair back and out of your face with a headband. The modern, trending styles are bigger than you would normally picture, bright white in color, and come in embellished, floral, or velvet form, but you can always opt for a simpler style.

For the Glam Bride

When it comes to bridal accessories, there are endless styles and kinds to choose from, which is good news for the glam bride who believes the more sparkle the better. If you fall into this category, here are a few accessory trends and wedding day hairstyles that speak your language.


For classic, timeless glam, you can’t go wrong with pearls. Pearl accessories come in all shapes and sizes, such as pins that you can tuck into your updo, barrettes you can use to hold your bangs back, headbands, veils, and more. They also come in varying colors—brighter, whiter pearls will give you a more classic look, while softer, more yellow pearls will come off more modern. Choose the accessory and hue that matches the vibe of your gown or the shade of your veil for a cohesive look.

Wedding Hair Trends to WatchPhoto Credit // Unsplash


Rhinestones are another accessory that come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your wedding day style. If you’re going for sparkle and shine, don’t shy away from any or all of the options, including floating rhinestones, rhinestone headbands, rhinestone floral barrettes, the list goes on.

Birdcage Veil

For glam that will give you a vintage glow, try a birdcage veil. These beauties have come a long way, and, although you can still find classic netted versions, the modern styles feature lace or jewel embellishments that reflect the styles of modern gowns.

Your style is unique, as is your hair, which is why we love that none of these wedding hair trends are one-size-fits-all. You can tailor each trending hairdo to you. Save your favorites and be sure to give more than one style a trial run to test what looks best on you. Also, try on more than one accessory so that you can see what pairs best with your dress, too. Thankfully, there are plenty of stunning options to choose from, and if you’re hiring a hairstylist, he or she can help mold each trend to suit you.

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