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The Second Look: Ashley and Malori Look Back on Their Wedding Day

Ashley and Malori take a "second look" at their wedding and share what they may or may not have done differently.

By Alexis Ferguson

The Second Look: 5 Tips from Ashley and Malori’s Look Back on Their Wedding Day
Photo by Suzy Goodrick

Welcome to The Second Look, where we ask married couples to take a look back at what they may (or may not) have changed about their wedding day.

We’re sharing couples’ biggest wedding day regrets and highlights as tips for others still planning their own.

Today: A couple from Mesa, AZ, look back on their 10.1.22 wedding.

The Second Look Ashley and Malory Lead Suzy Goodrick Photo Credit // Suzy Goodrick

Couple: Malori (she/her) & Ashley Anthony (she/her)
Wedding Date: 10.1.22
Location: Mesa, AZ

1. Don’t forget to budget for the little things.

“Little things we needed popped up like cake-cutting knives or transportation instead of things we didn't need like emergency kits.” – Ashley & Malori

Amidst the whirlwind wedding planning, from touring venues to sorting RSVPs and everything in between, there are often a few essential details you could forget to pick up. For Ashley and Malori it was something as simple as forgetting to add cake-cutting knives to the list, but of course, what each couple sees as necessary can vary.

It’s easy to get caught up in the details of bigger ticket items such as table settings and backdrops and forget to sort out things like ways to get from your ceremony to the reception or to get lots of containers to share those wedding leftovers. Our tip? Read through a few lists of commonly overlooked essentials, and find out from other couples what they wish they remembered to budget for when planning. You may end up saving yourself lots of time and money by getting ahead of last-minute spending.

2. Make sure to enjoy yourselves.

“We should have taken more time to dance with friends or even enjoy our dessert bar!” – Ashley & Malori

No matter the type of wedding day – small and intimate or large and lively – one thing is true for them all: it goes by so quickly. Especially when you compare it to the months you’ve spent planning every detail. But what Ashley and Malori’s shared is that it’s so important to zoom out from focusing on the details of the day and remember what you’re there for.

Getting married for you might mean having a big party with all your loved ones, or making a private commitment at your city hall. Either way, remember it’s a big milestone, so celebrate it in ways that’ll make it most memorable for you.

The Second Look Ashley and Malori 3 - Suzy Goodrick Photo Credit // Suzy Goodrick

3. Preserve your flowers!

“We definitely regret not booking someone to take [our flowers] right after the big day.” – Ashley & Malori

This tip is for those on the fence about getting real flowers for thier bouquets, centerpieces, or any other part of your decor. The idea of having to toss them after may have you on the fence, but know that doesn't have to be the only option.

Your flowers may not live forever, but they can live on as a beautiful keepsakes for you and your loved ones if you get them preserved. This option however is only possible if you have a plan in place ahead of time, which is one of the few things Ashley and Malori regretted.

4. Focus on the moments that matter, not the tiny mishaps.

“Like [remembering] our private dance instead of the failed cake cutting and the guest book everyone missed.” – Ashley & Malori

If there’s one bit of advice that couples share time and time again, it’s this one. No matter how beautiful the day was, it can be easy to look back and hyper-focus on what all went “wrong” based on what was originally planned. For Ashley and Malori it was their less-than-perfect cake cutting but for others, things like a sudden shower or a missing guest can cloud their otherwise great memories.

The reason this is a tip for those couples still planning is that it’s important to understand from the beginning that everything may not go as planned. But there are bound to be moments that turn into pleasant surprises and unforgettable memories. Allowing yourself to focus on those above all else is key to cherishing your wedding day.

The Second Look Ashley and Malori 2 - Suzy Goodrick Photo Credit // Suzy Goodrick

5. Look forward to creating new memories together.

“We can be brave together by taking this new step. We also want to travel more & work on creating a warm space to come home to.” – Ashley & Malori

Remember, your wedding day may signify the end of your planning journey, but it marks the beginning of your future together. Being able to declare that commitment to the world for some is the biggest reason they want to get married. Whether that’s the case for you, keeping the days beyond your wedding day into perspective can help you make it past the finish line (or down the aisle) and set you up for a successful newlywed life.

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