Natural Hair Styles Perfect For Your Wedding

Looking to embrace your natural hair for your wedding? Here’s how to do it. Read on for more tips.

By Amanda Mitchell

Natural Hair Styles Perfect For Your Wedding
Photo by Cortiella Photography

On your wedding day, it’s incredibly important to look and feel like your best self—and that most certainly includes your hair. How you style and wear your hair should reflect all of you. Going natural is no longer the big trend it was a decade ago—it now seems more people are wearing the texture that grows out of their scalp, as opposed to trying to manipulate it with heat and chemicals.

Getting married is already overwhelming enough, deciding how you want your hair to look is just another stressor on your checklist. We here at Zola know you're here to find ways to make your day a little easier and a little more stress-free, so we've gathered 10 of our favorite natural wedding hairstyles to inspire any naturalista's big day.

Natural Hair Styles Perfect For Your Wedding Photo Credit // Alakija Studios

Bridal Afro

Is there a better natural wedding hairstyle to show off your kinks and curls than the afro? There’s a particular level of elegance that comes with rocking an afro on your regular days, but adding flowers or clips to your afro can show off how big and beautiful your wedding hair is. The key to afro maintenance on your wedding day? A good gel to set the entire crown, making sure frizz RSVPs no to your wedding.

Buns and Ponytails

Buns make for great protective styles and can be perfect for your wedding day. Low-maintenance and easy to do, you can pull your natural hair back into a low bun for your big day, pinning a veil underneath the bun.

Twist and Shout Isn’t Just for the Dance Floor

Every experienced naturalist has a deep familiarity with the twist-out, and twist-outs can be a chameleon bridal hairstyle on your wedding day. You can opt to loosen the twists to wear your twist-out natural curls loud and proud or opt to leave them in the twists and create a gorgeous updo with them. Looking to wear a fashionable mohawk as a bold bride? Pull your twists up on top of your head to create a modern style, or you can also take the spiral curls created from your twist-out and turn that into a gentle half-up, half-down style. Your options are endless.

Embrace Hair Accoutrements

Even if you choose not to wear a veil, there are endless ways to decorate your natural texture without tulle and lace. Flowers make for a gorgeous hair accessory or decoration, both for your wedding location, as well as for your hair. Gentle stems of baby’s breath or large carnations and roses in a corsage pinned into an updo are a gorgeous way of celebrating your style. If you're having a garden party or a more bohemian-style wedding, a decorated flower crown can reflect both the nature of the day and the nature of your wedding. The size and color of the flowers should correlate with the rest of your decor, as well as reflect the dress—and you, of course.

And don't be afraid to embrace some sparkle. Hairpins, crowns, and headpieces are great non-veil alternatives for a wedding. Some people want to look and feel like royalty on their big day, and others love a headpiece that gives them a throwback vibe to the flappers of the 1920s. Sweep your hair to the side and pin the hair in place with a floral hairpin covered in gold and jewels.

Braids, Braids, Braids

Box braids, braided ponytails, braided up-dos, bubble braids—braids are truly some of the most versatile hairstyles for naturals to rock on their wedding day. You can even do a braid-out and create a halo braid to show off your texture while creating a refreshing, unexpected style. A goddess crown braid—one that circles the entire head—can be a sophisticated and regal way to wear your hair and is great for wearing a low veil. Even a big, sleek textured braided ponytail, whether long or short, can show both your texture and your natural beauty.

Pump Up the Pompadour

We've touched on buns already, but the bouffant and pompadour deserve their own personal moment of reflection. Janelle Monáe has proven that natural hair is designed for the pompadour, or even the large, golden retro-style updos rocked by Ryan Michelle Bathe are great hairspiration. For those who are having weddings that aren't traditional and want to feel modern, yet sophisticated, consider a pompadour.

Loc It Up

Natural Hair Styles Perfect For Your Wedding Photo Credit // Hewitt Photography

If you've got a head of natural hair that you've taken the time and patience to dedicate to creating locs, you deserve a medal. And if you haven't, but you love the look of faux locs, we're here to celebrate you too. Pull them up on top of your head in an updo, sweep them all to the side and pin them in place, or twist them into a low, graphic ponytail—truly, the locs alone will shine.

Whatever you choose, let your straight or curly hair celebrate your natural beauty on your wedding day—braids, curls, coils… it’s all gorgeous.

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