March Wedding? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Love is in full bloom! Here's your complete guide to weddings in the first month of the spring season.

By Alexis Ferguson

March Wedding? Here’s Everything You Need to Know
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The cold winds are settling and spring is finally rolling in. Yes, it's March, a beautiful month known for new blooms, crisp air, and the beginning of the spring wedding season! This month marks a time of new beginnings, the welcoming of brighter, warmer options for your wedding themes, decor, food, and more.

If you’ve chosen March as your wedding month, you're in luck! This resource has everything you need to plan all the details of your day.

The Basics

History & Culture

  • March gets its name from the Roman god of war, Mars. It’s no wonder then that, according to popular wedding superstitions, couples that are wed this month will overcome sorrows and experience great joys.
  • “Spring break” also has Roman origins, being traced back to Greek and Roman celebrations of spring as a time of fertility and new beginnings. Today it’s more than just a time for parties. It’s a time known for travel and relaxation for students across the country.

Ideas And Inspiration

What's In Season?

Spring brings with it its bounties, making it easier to source locally grown, in-season food and florals.

  • Goodbye heavy dishes, hello finger foods! Serve mini quiches, seafood skewers, and seasonal salads. You can even create a grazing table with a unique assortment of berries and cheese.
  • Scoop up refreshing treats like sorbet or fresh-fruit ice cream at your dessert table. Popsicles are also a fun way to cool off.
  • Spring blooms are some of the best you’ll see all year. Consider peonies, poppies, daisies, and ranunculus for colorful arrangements.


March weather tends to be unpredictable. You can look forward to sunnier days, but keep an eye out for spring showers.

  • Southern regions are no stranger to temperatures in the 70s this time of year. Northern regions may still experience some chilly days and even snowstorms.
  • Weather also varies from coast to coast. States like Seattle and Portland experience more rainy spring days whereas Florida and the Carolinas tend to be drier.
  • Keep a close eye on weather forecasts near your ceremony. Having a plan B for weather changes is always a great idea, and you can keep your guests updated via your wedding website.


Despite there being fewer holidays in March, this month is a popular time for travel for guests young and old. Be sure to keep these dates in mind to avoid schedule conflicts.

  • March 8: Holi and International Women’s Day
  • March 15: The Ides of March
  • March 17: St. Patrick's Day
  • March 22: Beginning of Ramadan

Notify your guests 8-12 months of your destination wedding date or four months in advance for a local wedding. This ensures that most of your loved ones make it to your special day.

Theme Ideas

Spring brings with it fresh energy, so here are a few themes that will help you inject those vibes into your ceremony.

  • Host a full bloom garden-themed wedding, incorporating your favorite flowers into everything from your invites to centerpieces and decor.
  • Celebrate your wanderlust as you embark on the greatest journey of all. Throw a vintage travel-themed ceremony featuring antique globes, postcards, and more creative decor.
  • Opt for classic glam for an affair that dazzles. Monochromatic color palettes are popular, with metallics mixed in to add glitz and glamour.

Clothing Ideas

Finally, you can leave the layers behind and embrace lighter fabrics and styles this month.

  • Break out the short hems and floral patterns. Spring wedding attire is known for its fun and flexibility. Rolled sleeves, suspenders, and sneakers make for the ultimate laid-back looks.
  • Slippers and sandals are great but always be prepared for a rainy day with matching boots. Transparent umbrellas also make for really cute photos.

Quick color tip: It’s pastel season. Take your favorite colors and opt for lighter tones for the perfect spring color palette.

Zola Facts

Want to know how other couples are planning their March weddings? Here are some fun facts from Zola about weddings this season.

Couples’ Favorite March Wedding Invites + Paper Designs

March’s most popular Invites + Paper designs on Zola are couples’ top picks.

  • Riverside Suite. This classic, timeless design features a whimsical handwritten script and a wash of painterly watercolor that frames your wedding details.
  • Galata Suite. This botanical design features leafy eucalyptus garlands that frame your wedding details gorgeously.
  • Blake Suite. This classic, formal design features a solid contrasting border with a clean, minimalist monogram.

Average Guest Count for March Weddings

The average number of wedding guests on the guestlist for a March wedding is 127.

Popular Registry Adds for March Weddings

Couples getting married in March have these top three must-adds on their wedding registries:

Things To Consider


March weddings are just ahead of the popular summer wedding season, but there are still a few things you need to consider when scheduling your events.

  • March is lined with spring breaks for students across the country. Ensure your beach or destination wedding is not a hot spot during this time of year.
  • Spring break falls in March so it’s a great month for couples hoping to have college-aged family members or younger kids at their weddings.


Lower demand during this wedding month can mean greater deals from your venue and vendors!

  • March is among the less popular months to get married, so you may be able to book vendors and venues that are busier during the rest of the year
  • With blooms in abundance, an outdoor wedding is a great way to save on florals and splurge on memorable favors like picture frames and potted plants for your guests.

Choosing your wedding month is indeed a tough decision. But if you're considering a March wedding, move forward with confidence. Don’t forget to take care of guest availability well in advance, keep an eye on the weather, and get creative with your theme.

A wedding is a celebration of a lifetime, and we are sure that with this guide you’ll be able to pull yours off perfectly!

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