How to Throw a Boho Chic Wedding

Looking to plan the boho-chic wedding of your dreams? Look no further than our how-to guide.

By Shameika Rhymes

Throw a Boho Chic Wedding
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The First Look ✨

  • Bohemian-chic weddings range from adding in elements of nature to romance with your own personality as a couple.
  • Use nature to your advantage with the views, decor, and overall theme. Create table runners and arches for the ceremony.
  • Attire can include a variety of pops of color to patterns, sheer lace, silk, or even a hint of skin with a thigh-high split in the dress. Flower crowns and loose waves frame the face and add a hint of romance and lots of beauty.

A bohemian wedding is a proof that you can incorporate elements of nature with a certain romantic flair, and simplicity with a twist of individuality, and create a beautiful event. The bohemian style, also known as boho-chic, usually attracts free-spirited lovers, and it draws influences from hipsters or the hippie culture. Boho couples can go from embracing the concept fully, including everything from the fashion to the flower crowns, and baby’s breath to decor, which can include weeping willows as a landscape and colorful fabrics. On the other hand, they can just add a touch of boho-chic as warranted.

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Here are a few boho-chic inspired ideas to get you started.

#1 Find a Venue With a View

Outdoor venues immediately bring nature and romance together with scenic, yet expansive landscapes. Whether it’s your wedding venue is on a mountaintop or the beach, the green in the grass or the blue of the water is a perfect complement to a boho-chic wedding. Utilize the natural features of your ceremony site to incorporate details of your boho wedding decor. Utilize the trees by hanging fabrics or even gemstone curtains filled with rose quartz to draw in even more love.

If you want to take things inside and still use nature as a backdrop, look at greenhouses, or, rather, create a room outside with the help of a tent to still get the same nature-inspired boho aesthetic. Other ideas for boho wedding venues include a rural setting with a farm as the background.

#2 Incorporate Greenery

Bohemian weddings are generally centered around overflowing floral arrangements, light linens, and greenery installations to give an ethereal feel. Creating the boho-chic wedding of your dreams is all about using greenery to your advantage.

Use agates or geodes: Place them in your tablescape or use them to decorate your cake, because, when the light hits it just right, then you’ve got a dazzling display. Create ceremony arches: A boho wedding arch can serve as the perfect backdrop as you exchange your vows. Hang terrariums, succulents, and include a splash of color in rich tones to create a romantic doorway into the next step of your life. Make table runners: Save money and use an all-greenery table runner on the reception tables to add to the natural decor. Create a tripod altar: This minimal design can combine a variety of ferns and vines to give a romantic element to the ceremony. Plus, it’s such a unique design that your guests will be in awe.

#3 Petal Inspiration

How to Throw a Boho Chic Wedding-SR Photo Credit // Jp Photography

Finding the perfect florals for your boho wedding seems easy enough, but the difficulty comes from narrowing down exactly which ones to use, and how to incorporate them into your day. The important thing to remember is that bohemian flowers for weddings should be loose and whimsical, regardless of where they are going. From the ceremony chairs to the tables at the reception, the florals should showcase your boho look and should maintain the same feel throughout the entire wedding. Here are just a few of the flowers that we love:

  • Hydrangeas
  • Freesias
  • Garden roses
  • Larkspur
  • Peonies
  • Lilacs
  • Eucalyptus
  • Wildflowers

#4 Dining Options

Simple is the operative word here, and if you’re getting married in the great outdoors, add an element such as a food truck, or even a taco bar to save on costs. With a taco bar, you can include multiple types of meat, veggies, and sides. If elegant dining is more your vibe, then you can still embrace the alfresco reception. Cover the tables in a wooden, draped structure and incorporate greenery table runners to tie in the boho look. Consider creating a signature cocktail, or brew your beer to serve to your guests.

The cake is the centerpiece of the reception, so for a boho-inspired delicacy that considers gems, check out this paper gem topped wedding cake covered in crushed rock candy.

#5 Stylish Boho Seating Options

Rent chairs that are both comfortable and work within your wedding theme, and, don’t forget that you can make them your own with a little bit of decoration.

Bohemian: Instead of actual chairs, use scatter rugs, cushions, and seating mats in rows in your ceremony venue. This creates an unconventional and memorable seating display for your bohemian wedding theme. Just make sure that you have some seating for older guests that can’t sit that low.

Rustic: Go homestyle with a backyard or porch swing. Add some wooden benches with some extra pillows and adorn them with flowers.

#6 Boho Chic Attire

How to Throw a Boho Chic Wedding-SR Photo Credit // Redsphere Studios

All bohemian dresses are not the same, because they can be super chic or laid back casual. Many boho style wedding dresses have an ethereal quality, and an assortment of billowing, flowing skirts to more fitted shapes to highlight your figure. The dress is all about the details, just like with any wedding gown. You can go for one that has elegant fringe, intricate crochet patterning, or even sheer lace and beadwork. You can also go super sexy with a silky column dress with a thigh-high slit, or, rather, give all the drama with dramatic sleeves on an all lace gown. A simple slip wedding dress can also give a carefree, romantic look, especially with a plunging back.

As for the guys, suits of any color can work, fitted, or even just the vintage look of pants and a vest. Bright suspenders, colorful bow ties, neckties, or even socks add more of a boho look. The wedding party can be as matched or mismatched as you’d like. Patterns make a big statement, but it all boils down to your style as a couple and how you want the attire to fit into the wedding theme. You can’t get more boho-chic than donning a flower crown or adding baby’s breath to your hair and the groom’s boutonniere.

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