How to Find a Mexican Food Wedding Caterer

Looking for a Mexican food wedding catering service? Here’s how to find and hire them for your wedding day.

By Ruksana Hussain

How to Find a Mexican Food Wedding Caterer
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One of the major considerations for your wedding day is the catering service—the delicious food and drink choices for the grand event, whether that’s a formal dinner, casual picnic, or cocktail hour—which must be perfectly aligned with your overall theme, plus satisfy all the criteria that you have in mind for a flawless party. Your wedding caterer will help you with your budget, guest count, menu, service, and a few other details, but first, finding the right one is important.

If you’re looking for a Mexican food wedding catering service, depending on where you live, you may find that the options are plentiful or close to nonexistent. Here’s how to find a Mexican food wedding catering service, and hire them for your wedding day.

Start the Search Early

Mexican cuisine is easily a global favorite, especially when it comes to parties. If your wedding is during prime wedding season, then the Mexican food wedding caterers in your area will be booked quickly. Begin your search early for a caterer that will work with you given your venue, number of guests, budget, service requirements, and other considerations.

Aside from an online search using Zola’s vendor marketplace, other websites, and social media, also look at wedding catalogs and fairs, plus ask around within your social network and community groups for recommendations of professional caterers. Your favorite local Mexican restaurant may also possibly be available for catering, so it doesn’t hurt to ask. Of course, your other wedding vendors, including the venue itself, might have some referrals.

Look at Your Budget

Whether you’re looking for a five-course seated dinner, a family-style buffet, or a passed appetizers-filled evening, your caterer can quickly give you an idea of costs and headcounts for you to plan your invite list and menu. Mexican food runs the gamut, from tacos and flautas, to burritos and rice bowls, and chicken mole and seafood ceviche, so ensure that the Mexican food wedding caterer you decide to work with can offer options within your budget, while also addressing your event’s look and feel.

Plan for the Menu

Explore the dishes offered by the Mexican food wedding caterer—some might have a standard deal while others might be open to customization. What are the popular dishes offered and which are the bestsellers? Are there kids’ meals and vendor meal options? Will allergies and other dietary preferences be noted? These, and other, questions about where the food will be made/sourced, plus the amount of service provided, can be a deal maker or breaker for your party.

Secure a Tasting Date

Part of the planning process for choosing your wedding day food and drink menu involves tasting prospective dishes a few weeks or even one month ahead, as this aids in finalizing the dishes and the course of service for the event. The tasting helps ascertain the quality and presentation style of the caterer, plus it gives you an idea of their feel and flow to see if there is anything you’d like to change or customize further to your liking. Depending on your choices, the Mexican food wedding caterer can also provide some ideas on table settings or order of service that might help in your decision making process.

Attend a Catered Event

It’s possible to request to visit an event that your prospective wedding day Mexican food wedding caterer is catering, so that you can see them in action. While the food tasting is one aspect, seeing the service that your caterer provides and how his staff works the event are also integral to the success of your wedding meal. While the food you serve at your wedding will be talked about, the service will also play an important role. You want a caterer that you enjoy working with and think of as capable of working your wedding without you having to worry about everyone seated at different tables.

Communicate Your Wants and Needs

Before signing on the dotted line, be sure to clearly communicate with your caterer on the specifics of the services provided, your expectations, and the deliverables. Be sure to also understand their concerns or requests, if any. Though most Mexican food wedding caterers will have their own suppliers and vendors that they work with for ingredients, servingware, table décor, and other related items, there can always be many factors at play creating a crisis—maybe the right ingredients weren’t sourced sustainably for a certain dish, or the types of tableware you agreed upon didn’t make it in time. Ensure that you’ve both addressed and resolved what would happen in case of any unexpected surprises that could ruin your big day.

With all these factors in place, make sure that you have a catering contract finalized and it has all the details agreed upon, plus any contingencies, additional permits, fee details, and cancellation policies clearly specified. From thereon, your caterer will take over to make your wedding day deliciously special. And, you can enjoy the smile on your guests’ faces as they delight over the unique food and drink that you’ve organized for them.

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